FAM 3 - Toast's Domain

You may speak in this chat at any time.

at any time

Well fuck huh

Hey nuto

So wanna share som thoughts :popcorn:.

I am think about sending apo or nutella to the void. Whats your reads on them

what you thinking, YBW, Apo or Zone

:/ welp.

sorry I was doing a schnooze

I’m getting weird vibes from nutella personally.

Got told by the Chloe/Litten gang to not go for nutella

My reads are usually garbo anyway lol

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So i chose apoc. Cause i thought it was between YBW and Apoc. Both are dying tomorrow most likely. So if one flips town i want the one who has been more active in here. You know

Nah your fine. We are equal now tho for you killing my best friend while we were both asleep XD

not a bad idea!

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Heyyyy okay I admit I was in the wrong, I didn’t expect to hit that shot lol

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Anyway i need to sleep enjoy the cats and the toast.

Btw the cat spam was cuz of me :supervillain:

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They arent mine. I stole them from some dead pigeon. But its fine

You dick

But balid as fuck