FAM2 Game Thread 1 - Day 1

the “arctic because he’s talking like i’m already lock wolf” thing pings really hard like town entitlement, it seems silly because it’s a one-liner that’s never revisited but lmao

this kind of omgus feels like she’s not trying to omgus, but being locked wolf unfairly is getting to her anyway, and because of how toned down the reaction is and how easy it is to miss it it doesn’t feel like wolf performance

i have been townreading leafia for literally this line lmao

i tried to look for more examples of the “having thoughts without saying them” thing and found none

it’s just, there was clearly a more elaborate process blizer went through than just “word salad”, it was in their head before chloe poked them about it, but they didn’t say it at first, and that usually means they actually got pinged by zone’s post and didn’t feel the need to talk about exactly why in the moment, instead of making up a read and then retroactively supporting it with some oddly specific single-game meta

cape just feels really towny, i skimmed the start of the iso to come up with specific reasons and didn’t get a lot besides “solvey” “wim” “pure” etc

i guess he just feels like he’s trying to solve the entire game at once?


yeah this expresses my read on them well if I actually said whatever I thought whenever I read their posts instead of just asking why are people town reading them :wowee:

ok nice timing

that’s a hell of an xpost

Possibly. Not sure who I’ll try ITAing tomorrow yet.

maybe i’m just a monster at heart but AtE posts like this heighten my urge to kill


i am gunning for taffy

I don’t hate this wagon and if anything I would prefer they be the counter wagon to sulit over Blizer.

they do the opposite for me lmao

/vote sulit @Dark_Joycat

Lockscum you mean. They know who the scum are and aren’t telling us.

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you just said it did the opposite but then you vote

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dint say it made her town it just makes me feel bad about killing her


this is an okay post ig

has apprentice posted since blizer pulled out those quotes on him lol

This post sucks balls. I wouldn’t be surprised if this a wolf being salty that they’re about to be eliminated.


he hasnt

shes upsetti regardless of alignment tho tbh

position sux


be nice richard


Why are people scumreading Molly? Legit question this feels towny as fuck.