FAM3: REDEMPTION - [n1] [55 alive] Secondary Sighs

Day 1 will begin 2023-06-25T18:00:00Z. If your role has a night 0 action, it must be submitted by 2 hours before the action submission deadline.

@iamagummybear has been modkilled. They were a member of the Town, but will not flip further. Compensation has been given.


Alive Players

  1. @Achromatic
  2. @Amelia
  3. @an_gorta_slanktai (insomnia)
  4. @Apocryphal
  5. @Arctic
  6. @Ashlyn
  7. @Atlas
  8. @beancat
  9. @benguinedparbecue
  10. @BradLand
  11. @Cape90
  12. @catbae
  13. @cheesethatiscloned
  14. @Chloe
  15. @crazynuto
  16. @Daeron
  17. @Demisha
  18. @eevee
  19. @ElizaThePsycho
  20. @EV.0
  21. @Frostwolf103
  22. @Garfooled
  23. @Gorta
  24. @guavagudetama
  25. @Hazardwaste
  26. @Hippopablompoyeetus
  27. @Italy
  28. @Jaiden
  29. @JakeTheWolfie
  30. @Jane
  31. @Jarek
  32. @Kanave
  33. @Kiiruma
  34. @Kork
  35. @Leafia
  36. @Litten
  37. @lol
  38. @Magnus
  39. @Marluna
  40. @May
  41. @min
  42. @nutella
  43. @RaisinBranEnthusiast (GGhana)
  44. @row666
  45. @Sadbi
  46. @Silviu200530
  47. @sulit
  48. @Tyrone / @WindwardAway
  49. @Vulgard
  50. @Wazza
  51. @Yamikarp / @tutuu
  52. @YouButWorse
  53. @Zenon
  54. @Zone_Q11
  55. @Zorvo


  1. @iamagummybear- modkilled night 0 - Town
  2. @Marluxion - killed by a drone day 1 - DatBird, Mafia Big Brain JoaT
  3. @Creature - executed on day 1 - Min, Mafia KPOP Star
  4. @thepigeonnyc - modkilled night 1 - sulit, Town Cat Vigilante


Thread 1

Thread 2

Pregame Flavor

Several theories have been proposed to explain the fall of the so-called Fortress of Lies (henceforth “the Fortress”), which is typically dated to 2023, though some historians place it earlier due to a different interpretation of the Fortress’s founding myths.(1) Of those theories, the most common theory is the theory of internal strife and division, which proposes that increasingly fragmented coalitions within the Fortress sabotaged key infrastructure.(2)(3)(4)

Some historians have proposed a synthesis of this theory with the external attacks theory, arguing that failing infrastructure due to internal strife allowed for external attacks to ultimately take down the Fortress.(5) However, a digitalized catalogue of surviving photographs was rediscovered in 2699, which includes photographs inconsistent with attacks on the Fortress’s walls. Thus, this theory has fallen out of fashion in recent years…

- Luna Gray, “Fortification and Deception: Coalitions during the Fall of the ‘Fortress of Lies’” (dissertation, University of Excellence, 2518), page 37, doi.org/fam3.

What Historians Won’t Tell You About The Fortress of Lies

Historians: So we don’t know exactly how the Fortress of Lies Fell. Our sources are contradictory and fragmented. What we do know is that surviving records discuss beasts of the night, with thick fur and too many teeth, prowling the halls and sending people to their deaths. Of course, many think this is just a metaphor–

Literally Just Regular Cat Owners: Like this?

Historians: What? You’re just a cat owner. This is a complicated subject, and you wouldn’t understand–

Literally Just Regular Cat Owners: Like this?

- redkittykatze. Tumblr, “What Historians Won’t Tell You About The Fortress of Lies.” May 29, 2523, 1:53 PM. tumblr.com/redkittykatze/4993.

The tour guide stares at her holodisplay. Their bus is nearly twenty minutes late. She mutters something about the company under her breath; how does a bus even show up late? All it has to do is drive itself to the pickup spot. Worse, the estimated time until it arrives hasn’t budged in ten minutes.

She glances upwards at the clouds. The looming grey clouds are packed in tightly, and she can just feel the first drops of rain hitting her arms. She looks at her group, looks around the area, and makes a decision.

“We’re going to the abandoned castle thing,” she says, gesturing to the ruins of a building on the other side of a small hill. “I don’t know when the bus is going to get here, and I don’t want to get caught in the storm.”

She starts walking towards it, and the rest of her group trudges behind her.

Parts of the fortress’s walls are collapsed and overgrown with moss, and in a few places they’ve been nearly covered by dirt. The door to the main entrance has rotted away, as has the drawbridge, though with the moat having run dry that’s not too much of an impediment. The fortress is clearly in disrepair, but perhaps not so badly in disrepair that they can’t shelter from the storm.

As the tour guide steps into the room, the skies open and a deluge of water begins to pelt the stragglers of the group. They hurry in behind the group, packing the entry corridor at first before some of them manage to spread out into side rooms.

The moment the last person crosses the threshold, the sound of a flute echoes faintly throughout the room. There’s a flash of darkness, and when it subsides, the castle is different – the walls are standing, the corridor is less drafty, and there’s no moss anywhere.

The tour guide frowns. She’s pretty sure the person she’s standing next to wasn’t wearing cat ears before – and the person on her other side used to have a different hair color – and she definitely would have recognized the outfit the person in front of her is wearing–

She glances down at herself. She’s definitely not wearing the clothes she picked out this morning, and she’s pretty sure the ground is usually a couple inches closer. Now that she thinks about it, some of her skills feel different too – her balance is a little better than normal, and she can feel muscle memory for some things she’s sure she’s never done.

She taps her holodisplay, trying to pull up her messages. It’s unresponsive for a moment, but then with a fizzling sound it comes back, open to the clock function.

June 25, 2023

2:00 PM

She shakes her head, tapping it again. Maybe the water caused it to bug out, or something, and that’s why it’s bugging out?

The display remains stubbornly insistent on the time, until finally she hits it especially hard and it winks out entirely.

The tour guide bites her lip. She’s not an expert on the history of the fortress, but she’s pretty sure she remembers 2023 as the year it fell.

If they’re unlucky, that could happen to them as well.

Announcement: @cheesethatiscloned is an alt account. It may still be voted and targeted by ITAs or abilities.

Announcement: You all wake up in a mysterious room. There is piece of paper slipped under the door.

It says “each of you must draw me a pretty picture and share it with the class”.

The winner will be rewarded.

The SHEEP event will be ongoing all day until 2023-06-26T15:00:00Z! See details of the event in the next post.

Additional events will be posted throughout the day.

Day 1 begins and will end in 24 hours, at 2023-06-26T18:00:00Z.

Living Players



Players: Unlimited
Chance of Death: None
Mobile-Friendly: Yes
Duration: All day. Submissions are due 3 hours before EoD, to give us time to score them.
Other Notes: All answers, including who submitted them, will be revealed shortly after EoD.

How to Join:

Submit your answer privately on the forum in a PM to @Dark_Joycat .

Reminder: You may not talk or hint about any ongoing events in any non-event chat, public or private.

Welcome to the SHEEP event!

What is SHEEP?

  • You will see a list of ten questions.
  • Your goal is to come up with answers to the questions that other people will also choose. Your answers do NOT need to be correct. They JUST need to be answers that other players submit.
  • Sufficiently similar answers may be combined at host discretion. For example, we would typically count “FoL” and “Fortress of Lies” as the same answer.
  • Submit your guesses privately to the hosts by 3 hours before EoD.


  1. What alignment were you hoping to rand?
  2. What role were you hoping to rand?
  3. How many posts will there be on day 1?
  4. Which host will post the most over the whole game?
  5. Which host is the coolest?
  6. Apart from FoL, which mafia site is your favorite?
  7. What’s the best game that happened between last FAM and now?
  8. Which player is most likely to be town?
  9. Which player is most likely to be mafia?
  10. Which alignment is going to win the game?


Please send your answers as an unnumbered list, with your first answer first. For example, if the questions were:

  1. What is 1+1?
  2. What site is this?
  3. Rock, Paper, or Scissors?

You could send:



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you know they call me the greatest to ever do it

Let’s start this game now
With the iconic words of:
First, first, first and first.

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Look at my shoes. Look at the fucking belt. I wear it because I am a badass, not because I’m some kind of gay icon.


Maximal enemy count: Fourteen.
Expected enemy count: Ten à twelve.
Expected loss and suffering: Many.

Ability Declaration: “I have no active abilities.”
War Declaration: “Attacking me equals your death.”

RNG is not allowed, so… I will be targeting the first five people to talk, even if it includes myself.

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enable likes you hooligans

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can we kill this guy

hey did anyone notice nobody can vote for benguinedparbeque

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I think my tablet can’t handle this

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@Demisha lovely are you town

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