FAM4: Thread 3 - Day 2

FoL Annual Mash 4: Battle for the Cookie Thread

From the twisted minds of @Arete, @Chloe, @Geyde, @lilith, @Lumi, @notblackorwhite, and @Ruby

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Phases And Timing

  • The game will begin 2024-06-03T21:00:00Z. Rolecards will be sent out before then.
  • Day phases will last for 24 hours. Night phases will last for 24 hours.
  • All phase changes will happen at 9:00:00 PM
  • During the night, the deadline for action submission is 2 hours before SoD (7:00:00 PM). Any action submitted after that time will NOT be processed.
  • During the day, actions will open 1 hour after the start of the day (10:00:00 PM) and close 1 hour before the end of the day (8:00:00 PM). Day actions may be pre-queued for a specific time.
  • All players may use In-Thread Attacks during an allotted ITA session, which will begin on day 2. ITAs allow players to publicly attempt to kill other players. (See detailed explanation here.) ITAs may be disabled at some point during the game.
  • All ITA windows will last for 1 hour exactly.
               Window 1 lasts from 1:00 AM2:00 AM
               Window 2 lasts from 8:00 AM9:00 AM
               Window 3 lasts from 5:00 PM6:00 PM
  • Events may begin at any time, but will be scheduled mainly for times of high activity. Events are subgames where players may win prizes, or even death.


  • There is no majority, only a deadline elimination. Whoever has the most votes at the end of the day will be eliminated.
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  • You may self-vote. Along with this, no-elimination is a valid vote. In cases where no-elim and another vote are tied at the end of the day, no-elim will have priority in the rand.
  • Tied votes will result in a player being eliminated at random from among the tied players.
  • MyLo (mis-eliminate and lose) and LyLo (eliminate or lose) will not be announced, and votes will not be locked. This is not in place for a final 3 scenario.
  • Any votes made after 9:00:00 PM will not count.

The Setup & Rules for Claiming

All roles in this game are based off a user (Character) of FoL, and will feature Abilities & Flavor based on that person, their personality, and memorable moments from their time on the site. These Abilites will be summed up by a Role Name.

You MAY claim: You may NOT claim:
Your assigned Character and Guild, but doing so may carry mechanical risks. Your Flavor text, a short paragraph describing the person your role is based on, either directly or paraphrasing it.
Details about your Abilities, so long as they are paraphrased. The name or exact text of any of your Abilities.
Details about your Role Name, so long as it is paraphrased. Your exact Role Name.

This game is Closed. The exact set of abilities, win conditions, and factions in play is unknown. However, the following details are known:

  • The uninformed majority faction is called the Town, and its win condition is this:
         You win when the Mafia and all other threats to the Town have been eliminated.
  • The primary informed minority faction is called the Mafia, and its win condition is this:
         You win if no more threats to the Mafia exist or nothing can prevent that from happening.
  • Other factions, as well as Neutral roles with their own win conditions, may exist.
  • This game is Role Madness; every player has their own, unique ability.
  • No alignment conversion, false flips, game-ending jesters, or direct lies in your own rolecard. Everything else is fair game.

Example Rolecard

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@firinn (r. @Zone_Q11)



Day 1

Day 2


If Marluxion has votes from exactly 6 different players at the end of the Day, Marluxion will have their alignment revealed to a randomly chosen voter of theirs. (This is not an event. This ignores Vote Weight, and only counts players.)

Any Guild without the Advantage has the Disadvantage today. Members of Guilds with the Disadvantage have their ITA damage reduced by an additional -1.

The Throne of Boomers currently has the Advantage.

Apocryphal will DESTROY anyone who interacts with her today!

Creature and Leafia have been poisoned and will die at the end of the Day if not healed!


Night 1 Deaths

catbae has died! They were…

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Silviu200530 has died! They were…

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spf has died! They were…

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Living players



Day 2 has started and will end in 24 hours at 2024-06-06T21:00:00Z!

The window for day actions will begin at 2024-06-05T22:00:00Z and end at 2024-06-06T20:00:00Z.

Majority is disabled.



Players: Unlimited
Chance of Death: None
Mobile-Friendly: Maybe?
Duration: Submissions close 1 hour before the end of the day
Other Notes: N/A

How to Play:

  • Privately submit propaganda for your Guild!
  • If you are not part of a Guild, you may submit propaganda for any guild.
  • Spec chat will vote overnight on which guild’s propaganda was the best. The winning guild will receive three Cookies at the beginning of the next day.
  • Guild leaders may select up to three pieces of propaganda to be posted publicly.
  • All propaganda must be your own work. You may not have another person, or an image generator, create propaganda for you.

How to Join:

  • Propaganda should be submitted privately in your rolecard.
  • Each player may submit one piece of propaganda per day.
  • If you attempted to submit propaganda overnight, please re-submit it.

Reminder: You may not talk or hint about any ongoing events in any non-event chat, public or private, apart from your role PM.


FAM 4 Role Design Contest

Players: Unlimited
Chance of Death: None
Mobile-Friendly: Maybe
Duration: Submissions close approximately 12 hours after the start of the day (may be adjusted depending on host availability). Voting will take place in the second half of the day.
Other Notes: N/A

How to Play:

  • Submit a role inspired by a player associated with FoL!


  • You may not claim, soft, or imply which role was yours until after voting has concluded.
  • You may not design a role that shares your Character.
  • You may not design a role that has the same abilities as the role you actually have.
  • You may not copypaste anything from your actual rolecard.
  • Keep things basically light-hearted – this is not an excuse to bully other players.
  • Otherwise, go wild! Roles do not actually need to be balanced, although balance may affect how other players vote.

How to Join:

  • Roles should be submitted privately in your rolecard.

Reminder: You may not talk or hint about any ongoing events in any non-event chat, public or private, apart from your role PM.




didnt write anything super detailed overnight, expected to die. main takeaways from my bit of reading is

  2. may is probably town off spew/generally villageryness
  3. carrotyreaper is prob just town off of his posting (i isoed them while thinking about spf)
  4. conversely i think that makes spfs town equity go up a fair bit. and i already actually did feel better about spf
  5. achromatic should just be spewed town. “achro is a good wolf” i dont give a shit lol tutuu really wanted achro dead there.
  6. i think mannys EoD was fine and the pushes on him were ass lmao
  7. i kinda expect crazynuto to flip village, but i also expect them to be killed no matter what i do. @crazynuto im sorry you’re having a bad time, if we can talk some ill try to help you out. but the eod treatment of him was fucked up andi felt like there was a post like “stay the course but hes outed, kill him tomorrow” which… if nuto flips villa prob just policy the guy who said that.
  8. im… very unsure how to feel about catbae. on one hand, i think he’s villagery. i think he’s been mostly pushing a village agenda. on the other hand, his eod was NOT good. …on the other hand, though, the ONLY person that tutuus role could have shot last night is him, and i feel like that’s a pretty big point for him being town – if he’s a wolf i’d expect him to try to superlike spam someone else, and if he’s a villager
  9. i want to kill brad and probably gorta. both of them voted achro for terrible reasons and both of them have been underwhelming. there is a mechanical reason i want to kill gorta that has to do with my role but it IS NOT A PEEK IN ANY WAY. @gorta why are you [REDACTED]? you know what im talking about. if i die early today someone hold him to this.



#7 has aged badly.

Notes from after tutuu’s flip (I pre-wrote these before day start, not gonna edit them so don’t ask dumb questions like “why are you giving reads on dead players”):

FAM4: Thread 1 - Day 1 - #9735 by firinn

Ok so I didn’t see this in time to answer, but I didn’t want to risk voting myself anyway because I wasn’t sure, if the peek was legit, whether it would count me as “1 voter” or “2 votes” and since my double vote doesn’t seem to be publicly revealed, it would’ve been extremely easy to fuck up the wagon through negligence. That’s just a thing I did not want to have to deal with, regardless of whether I could receive a peek on myself or not. I mean, I see now that it did say “votes 6 different players” so it probably would’ve worked, but if I got sent my own alignment I think we’d never hear the end of it till I was dead, lol.

BTW I actually felt a visceral urge to kill Magnus for this:

FAM4: Thread 1 - Day 1 - #8411 by WindwardAway

Because every time they brought it up, they only tried to paint it like I must be mafia for whatever I say about it. I think it’s too consistent of a focus and too inconsistent of a reasoning to be real. Call it an OMGUS but something felt off.


FAM4: Thread 1 - Day 1 - #3855 by WindwardAway

FAM4: Thread 1 - Day 1 - #8043 by WindwardAway

FAM4: Thread 1 - Day 1 - #9503 by WindwardAway

I still stand by that reasoning, btw. I do believe Achro can make a better read on me than that, with pretty little effort.

FAM4: Thread 2 - Night 1 - #4870 by WindwardAway

And it’s on record somewhere that I said Atlas is almost definitely town but I was withholding saying it publicly for a while.

Ashlyn, Artemis, katze, Millium, firinn town
Likely SPF is town, and I have some other related reads to this

I think Manny looks better from it? Not sure
I think people who jumped on Manny after he moved his vote from me to tutuu are more likely to be wolves tbh, including Kanave, Frost, idk the timing of the rest

Daeron looks good from both their pushes and their consistent vote on me for the supposed peek

jail still looks bad but I’m not sure he’d try so hard to save his teammate at eod (the vote I believe could come from a teammate but his posts seem a bit too sincere or something, idk)

Kinda changed my mind on Cape, he looks less towny than earlier but could be recency bias and I need to ISO him for fair judgement. I think his last-ditch Achro vote stinks if mafia didn’t know what the vote count was, but if they knew then Cape just kinda looks silly and not necessarily wolfy for this. But guessing they couldn’t see the votes since thread was lagging like hell.
Insomnia looks bad because he seemed opposed to the tutuu wagon but didn’t actually townread tutuu
Kiiruma looks really bad

I still think Achro might be wolfing but we got a wolf flip in tutuu so I’m not gonna bitch in the thread about it
I did say highly likely one was a wolf but maybe not both
Still not sure if they both could be but I feel like the wagon movement was turbulent enough that it does look better for Achro. Ari wrote a very weird analysis of Achro, though?? I don’t even have an opinion on it because it feels like it came out of left field. Anyway, if Achro is a wolf then Achro is a less valuable role than tutuu was (and tutuu was wolf kp so tbh he was likely one of their most useful roles)

And hinging (once again) on Achro’s alignment is Leafia. I had her alignment as dependent on him before, then decided she was just town for her vote pattern and contrarian logic on Brad, but the way she went at Achro makes me think if Achro is town then Leafia is a wolf who leaked TMI that Brad is town. Also I agree with catbae’s(?) take that if Leafia is a wolf, Creature is a wolf.

I have to review Creature’s posts again, I was also reading him off Brad (and tbh very lazily assumed Creature would be frozen early in the game as a wolf because I’ve seen him be frozen on D1 plenty of times, even though I’ve also seen him post as a wolf with enough words and little meaning to them).

I don’t think crazynuto is a wolf for nearly fucking up my wagon. I don’t think it’s alignment indicative at all except that if they’re a wolf, they aren’t teamed with whoever put the peek/modpost on me because that was genuine confusion in their reaction.

I don’t know what Jinrou and Kelsier are doing but I’m inclined to ignore them for now. I think they’re gonna get themselves ITA’d regardless of alignment and I kinda don’t feel like their “wind is a wolf wagon bomb” thing was real.

Oh and also, tutuu voting me immediately after the announcement about the peek and then moving his vote later is noted. Take it as you will but I’m thinking the peek is more likely to be legit and from town, if scum was willing to waste votes to water down my wagon early on (unless wolves got this as a byproduct of activating some other, hidden ability). Orrrr it’s just a fake wolf modpost and was meant to distract and possibly mislead people into voting me for the heck of it, and give wolves an excuse not to be useful. Idk, that doesn’t seem so well-planned since they’d need votes to save their own team, and if they moved their votes at eod they’d just look bad. So probably it’s a legit town peek or just a reaction test.

Whatever happened to Brakuren and his poem posts? I saw zero mention of him after we moved threads, just wondering if we shelved solving him for the day or if he did something that cleared himself?

Other reads: kinda think carbo might be town, I remember they had early heat on them but I think they’re OK from what I saw. I think catbae might be town but I am not at all confident enough to make that call since I feel like he was a bit too focused on SPF for ages and I actually think SPF is townier than not.

FAM4: Thread 1 - Day 1 - #3925 by tutuu

This would be a weird post to make about a partner so Apo is probably town from it, I thought she was towny anyway so I’m comfortable in giving a full townread to her now.

I don’t have a night action hehe.
But yeah, before you ask where I went or whom I visited, I didn’t go anywhere.

Also, is mafia actually all just in a guild called The AGENDA?? lmao

I’m sure I could’ve written more but it’s not like you guys are gonna read this anyway so have a summary of my scumreads. You don’t really need to look at it until I’m dead, anyway.

tl;dr - I would ITA: Kiiruma, jail, Kanave, Frostwolf, Cape, Magnus and then the others on my suspect list are dependent on other flips/reads. That’s in no particular order.

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I lied about the cop check

Also anybody who already claimed to havr abilities post last night action

Anybody with a red ping post it


naturally the two people i thought about most both died and flipped town!

either way i declare myself lock clear :3

few things

  1. @spf i know what youre doing
  2. …marl didnt mention achro a single time before his vote on him. i checked.
  3. may why is your name orange
  4. i got a lot of things last night i didnt expect
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also tried to do things at night

When a read has (-) after it, it’s slightly lower than it would be otherwise
And (+) means it’s slightly higher

Firinn / Zone - townread - from what I’ve seen, Firinn was very open with their role, and thoughts like 7704, thread 1 are towny. Probably more things I’m forgetting, and the entire game townreads them

Achro - townlean(+) - Pushed tutuu, and was the CW, which is a good look. Though I’m unsure whether tutuu is actually effective mafia KP, because a third of the living players is a lot. That might depend on whether mafia have roles that can give a lot of super likes. It’s Achro so I can’t really read him beyond results and the way other people play around him.

Katze - townlean - T!Achro → T!Katze in 5039 considers Katze locktown

Gocj - townlean - Mainly because Achro is very confident Gocj was town. Also, I like 160_thread_2 which shows hidden thoughts, and the fact they don’t seem to be trying to be towny (at times I wonder if they’re jester but they’re probably a bit too blatant for that). Also, May townreads them.

Bionic - townlean(-) - Bionic’s town meta is being very aggressive as town, pushing people early, vs their wolf meta where they’re way more passive. They’re closer to their town meta here (easiest comparison is the Dethy turbo that just ended, where Bionic was wolf), but not quite to the amount I have normally seen from them so I’m a bit less convinced.

SilverKeith - light town(+) - 9422, thread 1 is a bit towny. They’ve also put in a decent amount of effort but their reads are frequently not explained much so it’s probably pretty fakeable

Beancat - light town - mainly that they’re not pingy, and I’ve been told they’re pingy as wolf

Luxy - light town - I haven’t read much from them but

caught my eye, and is pretty towny

Specifically, the emotion expressed there, plus the fact that [if Leafia’s town, then Luxy has TMI making them not see this as much] and [if Leafia’s wolf, this risks looking like TMI].

also yeah I for a while have been wondering about parenthesizing speech like this and might try it

Amelia - nullwolf

Mildly wolfy - above post makes sense as a sentiment from a wolf unsure what to post, vs a villager just jumping in. otherwise pretty null

Pandora - nullwolf(-) - their vibe feels good (esp 2651), and a bit closer to their towngames from what I remember. But she’s also given no reads, and May (who knows pandora better, tho May be wolf) feels their vibe / shitposts are closer to their wolfgame.