Feedback/Suggestions for 2023 Awards

We’re making some changes to the FoL awards in 2023 to better fit our site, but before we open up nominations we want to ask you guys for feedback and/or suggestions.

The changes we’ve implemented so far are:

1. Reorganization of categories
The award categories are now:

  • Performance
  • Hosting
  • Fun
  • Player Achievement
Player Achievement Awards

Best Mechanical/Strategical Player: For a player who consistently displays good knowledge of mechanics and uses them effectively, as either alignment.

Best Replacement Player: For a player who consistently replaces into games, and plays solidly after doing so.

Rookie-of-the-Year: For a player whose first forum mafia game was in 2023.

Most Improved Player: For a player whose first forum mafia game was PRIOR to 2023, but who improved significantly in 2023.

Most Dedicated Player: For a player who is dedicated, even when the game is going poorly.

Most Enjoyable Player: For a player who is enjoyable, even when the game is going poorly.

Best Team Player: For a player who does a good job at working with their teammates, regardless of their alignment.

Best Misc Player: For a player who consistently does well in Misc games.

Best Town Player: For the best overall town player.

Best Scum Player: For the best overall scum player.

Best All-Around Player: For a player who is “good at everything.”

2. People are ineligible to win Community MVP, Best Host, or the same Player Achievement Award twice in a row

3. Anyone involved with the FoL community, including anyone who has played or hosted at least one game on FoL, is eligible to receive an award.

4. Instead of Small/Large games, performance awards will now be grouped into Vanilla Queue & Special Queue

5. Addition of “Best Meme” and “Best Replacement Performance” awards

6. FAM cannot be nominated for Best Setup

7. Rookie-of-the-Year is for people whose first forum mafia game is in 2023

8. Best Flavor now says “creates” rather than "writes"

Please keep replies constructive and on topic


can you still nom people for community mvp even if they win an award

I know they can’t win an award but the rules say nothing about nominating them again


can we have I voted awards

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I mean I can’t stop you but speaking as the person sorta vaguely in charge of making sure all nominations actually make it into the nominations list, I would prefer you didn’t :joy_cat:

Silly: Create a category for “Worst Game”. BotF is the only eligible nomination for this category.

Serious: Have awards come with a title option (ex. “Best Misc. Player 2023”) at the request of the user. Users who have multiple awards can request up to one of their awards to be displayed. Have some cooldown for title switching as needed.


I like this idea

I’m down to make Community MVP, Best Host, and all the Player Achievement Awards into title badges
I don’t think a cooldown is necessary though considering you can select the title yourself in your user preferences


Sounds great to me.

Ah, I am knowledgn’t on this forum

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Making badges rn, and I’ve found a potential problem with titles but I’m not sure if it’ll bug people. Currently, awards are “2022 [award],” and this would be the same for titles. Is this fine, or does “[award] 2022” flow/read better for titles?



I could:

  1. Make it so Player Achievement Awards, Community MVP, and Best Host all have the year last, so the title would be “Best Host 2022” rather than “2022 Best Host.”
    Other awards will have the year first, since the badge names cut off if they’re too long, and I want to make the year clear.

  2. Do the same thing as last year and do year first for all awards. Title would be “2022 Best Host” rather than “Best Host 2022”

2022 [X] is fine imo


how can I get the title 2022 best marl


Thank you for rigging it :)


Am I a rookie?

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You’ve been in this community surprisingly longer that I have

I never seen you dude!!!

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build a time machine

I think it would read better as “2022’s [x]”, or as “[x] in 2022”

i think “[x] of [year]” would work decently?
ex. “Rookie-of-the-Year of 2022”

I lied btw
Right after i started i decided i wasnt in the mood to do badges i’ll do them tonight lol


have a lot less awards
like a lot less

split up between vanilla and special since that’s how our queue works instead of low player / high player

hosting awards can stay the same
fun awards can stay the same

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great suggestion geyde