💼 FoL Archive Site

FoL Archive Site

An archive of the Forum of Lies site is available on Netlify. It’s a snapshot from 10/3/2021.


Skipping Pages

Navigating the pages can be cumbersome since there are only “next page” and “previous page” links at the bottom. If you want to more quickly skip ahead to a specific page after the first, you can change the page number in the URL. So after clicking “next page” on the first page of the thread, the URL looks like the following.


You can then change the page=2 to a later page, like page=33.


Search Engine

There is a custom FoL search engine available through Yandex.

FoL Search

Screenshot 2022-02-12 192723

It is a combined search for Forum of Lies, FoL Archive, and Fortress of Lies. You can limit the search with the section filter if necessary.

Redirecting Links

You can use a browser extension to automatically redirect links from the old Forum of Lies site to the FoL Archive. See the post below on how to do this.

If you get a Page Not Found error, you may need to simply remove the message number at the end of the URL.


In the example above, the URL ends with the message number 3313. This should be removed. However, keep the thread number (86554 in the example above).

Without the automatic redirects, you’ll need to edit any links to the original site to make them work for the archive site. Right-click and copy the URL from the search results. Paste this in a new tab and replace the server part. For example, here’s a URL from the original site.


You would then replace https://forum.throneoflies.com with https://fol-archive.netlify.app in the URL. Again, if it ends with a message number (3313 in the example above), you’ll also need to remove that. However, keep the thread number (86554 in the example above).


Dark Mode

If you’d prefer viewing the archive site in dark mode, you might consider installing a browser extension like Dark Reader.

By default, the extension will work on all sites. If you want to limit it to certain sites only, like only the archive site, then go to the extension settings, go to Site list, then click Invert listed only.

GitHub Repository

The files for the site are stored in a public repository on GitHub.


When changes are made to the files on GitHub, they are automatically published to the Netlify site. If you would like to help make improvements to the archive site, please contact @Whysper (Discord Whysper#1313). The most immediate need for the archive site would be improvements in navigating the pages, particularly a way to more quickly jump to a message or page within a thread.


Added Big Thread of Birthdays to Main Links.

Maybe a mod can recreate the thread as an editable wiki post when they get the chance.


BTW, if anyone needs help finding something specific from the archive, please let me know. I can do a search for it locally.

Protip: If you want to set things up so that you automatically use this archive instead of the old site, that’s pretty easy to do!

Simply get a browser extension such as Redirector and set it up to automatically replace https://forum.throneoflies.com with https://fol-archive.netlify.app - for example, you can import the following to Redirector and it’ll do the trick for you:

Redirector.json (812 Bytes)

Now you’ll no longer get thrown to the ToL Discord invite while attempting to browse the archive, and can use any links from Google, in your browser history, or from any other places without issue.


Oh, that’s pretty cool! I tried it out and it works nicely. :slight_smile:

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In before Forum of Lies is rebooted.

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Added 3 new sections.

Redirecting Links
Dark Mode
Searching with Google Drive


Oh cool.

what happened to forum of lies?

ownership of the game which the forum was dedicated to was transferred

xblade tried to update the forum while it was down because the certificate expired

this ended up breaking the site

the new owners didn’t care enough about the forum to bother fixing it

we made our own site which is independent from throne of lies


Pinning these here in case anyone needs them:

SFoL Suited:
Grand Idea FoL - Ashe’s Version - 1692 Posts (85 Pages)
SFoL Grand Idea Class Thread V2 - 1661 Posts (84 Pages)

Turbo Suited:
Grand Idea FoL - Turbo Edition - 29 Posts (2 pages)
Sandbox Turbo Thread - Mass Class Thread - 122 Posts (7 pages) [60 roles total due to waffling]

There were other GIM role threads as well, but they were mostly dead ends and whatnot.


@Whysper How the heck do you search with Google Docs

Google Drive, the general storage app/site. When you have the files in your account, Google goes through and indexes them. Then you can use the general search field for finding docs, sheets, etc.

But you have to do this stuff first. Or upload your own copy of the files from the zip archive.

I understand that, and I’ve followed the steps, but it can’t even find normal searches such as “grand-idea-fol-ashes-version”

Yeah, if you did that, you have to wait awhile before they index it

I did this back in January

Hours or days. I’m not exactly sure. I think I checked after a couple days on my extra account and saw that it worked finally

Ahh okay. Hmmm, not sure then. Try searching for the separate keywords. Can you find anything from that? Not such a specific text string.

I can’t even find any searches for individual characters