💼 FoL Archive Site

FoL Archive Site

An archive of the Forum of Lies site is available on Netlify. It’s a snapshot from 10/3/2021.


Main Links


Currently there isn’t a good way to search the archive site. Google has only recently started crawling the pages.


After a sizeable number of pages have been indexed, a customized search box will be made available for searching the archive site.

In the meantime, you can still search Google for results from the original site. Then you can copy the URL and replace the server part. For example, here’s a URL from the original site.


You would then replace https://forum.throneoflies.com with https://fol-archive.netlify.app in the URL. If it ends with a message number (3313 in the example above), you’ll also need to remove that. However, keep the thread number (86554 in the example above).


Skipping Pages

Navigating the pages can be cumbersome since there are only “next page” and “previous page” links at the bottom. If you want to more quickly skip ahead to a specific page after the first, you can change the page number in the URL. So after clicking “next page” on the first page of the thread, the URL looks like the following.


You can then change the page=2 to a later page, like page=33.


GitHub Repository

The files for the site are stored in a public repository on GitHub.


When changes are made to the files on GitHub, they are automatically published to the Netlify site. If you would like to help make improvements to the archive site, please contact @Whysper (Discord Whysper#1313). The most immediate need for the archive site would be improvements in navigating the pages, particularly a way to more quickly jump to a message or page within a thread.


Added Big Thread of Birthdays to Main Links.

Maybe a mod can recreate the thread as an editable wiki post when they get the chance.


BTW, if anyone needs help finding something specific from the archive, please let me know. I can do a search for it locally.