FoL Awards 2021 - Discussion Thread

let’s hear it

let’s hear it

wait longer for client errors smh

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of course we’re on topic idk what your talking about

What are you going to do when you hit a person that’s not on the site anymore?

will just add a note with who it was originally written by


aren’t there like 400 replies
yikes that will probably take a while
thanks for doing this chloe

(i would offer to help but that would probably not be helpful as you’d still have to look at who made the posts to transfer ownership :wowee: )

just doing the noms and seconds

random comments inbetween, or thirds/fourths/etc wont be copied

but ye theres a lot of posts :wowee:


Nominate to ur heart’s content


the wiki post in post 2 is currently updated through Post 62 in the old thread

however I have not transcribed every unseconded nomination from this post:

on the grounds that it’s Too Long

someone else can feel free to do that at some point (by someone else I mean orange)

updated through P#70

same caveat as above for this post:

Additionally, I am unsure whether this post:

was intended as a nomination, or simply to make fun of Alice and orange

updated through P#97

additionally, I can’t tell whether this:

was intended to second all nominations without a second, or not

updated through the end! (with the above caveats)

Additionally, this game was prior to 2021, so I am choosing to treat this as a legacy nomination in the relevant category

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Categories that still don’t have a nomination-and-second, unless I missed something

Best Neutral/Third Party Performance: For a good individual performance as a neutral role, in a game of any size.

Best Misc Performance: For good performance in a Misc game. In extraordinary circumstances, a team may be nominated for this award.

Best Town Performance, Group (Small Game): For collective excellence as town, in a game with 15 or fewer players.

Best Setup (Legacy): For an interesting, enjoyable, and well-designed setup, prior to 2021.

Best Misc (Legacy): For an interesting, enjoyable, and well-designed Misc, prior to 2021.

There are also several categories with only one or two nominations, as well as lots of nominations floating around without a second.

This was for the individual overall player awards, and no it’s not my personal #1 choices for those awards that I didn’t nom for we’re already seconded

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ok cool that makes more sense thanks for clarifying

No I believe in you you’ve got this

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Umm , that doesn’t explain how the last BoTF was possible as not everyone in the game was banned.