🏆 FoL Awards 2022 - Nominations Thread

We include witch laughter and magic sound effects at the beginning then let the entire song play

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That would be epic!

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/nominate Joe for cutest smile award

who’s Joe

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Hippo’s bf


The one whose sister is Candice

Oh, yeah, Joe and Candice Henway, I know them.

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Be honest, you definetly tried to do an obscure joke by googling name on facebook (true story)

Seems like you don’t know what a henway is.

OBVIOUSLY I know what a henway is okay

It’s the part where the chicken crosses the street.
Henway (similar to high way), see? I am cultured

Those who never ask questions will never learn a thing. I’m going to stop spamming the award nominations thread now.

Well, technically the school shoves information down your throat and you feel compelled to leave the place

Smh there is gonna be a game where I carry town and we sweep and I’m still not gonna see my name here.

Surely this didn’t happen like 3 years ago?

I’m still working on my nominations, but I’d like to nominate this post for Funniest Moment:


Okay, got these done, enjoy.

I kinda ran out of steam at the end in terms of explanations but hope y’all enjoy regardless.

Best Town Performance - Single Player (small game):

Chloe/katze as cat in Hydra-Optional Vig 10er. (If this doesn’t qualify for the small game award, please let me know and I will change this to something else).

I’m a little conflicted about this award because I like to nominate more under the radar town performances and I think it isn’t a question that Chloe and katze are two of the strongest players on this site. However, I was really impressed with the amount of time they both dedicated to this game and their process in ensuring that their slot was un-tinfoilable, as well as cajoling the other members of the town to work with them. There was a specific moment I remember from this game where this slot tried to work with the Eevee slot (idrc) near EoD and they just spent /so hard/ trying to get there and understand where Dum + Eevee were coming from. Other than that, they were instrumental in securing the wolf execution D2 (TeamSlightlyPolish, orange + Arete) and they laid the groundwork for the other two teams (Aelin + BradLand, Trochi + Abby) to successfully find the last wolf at lylo (Youbutworse + Leafia). Overall, I thought that game was one of the more higher-level games played on FoL this year and I was very impressed by both Chloe and katze’s play in that game.

Best Town Performance - Single Player (large game):

catbae in FAM2 Mash, Atlas in Player’s Choice Invitational.

Both nominations already have solid explanations behind them, so I won’t retread those here. Just do think that these nominations are fully deserved – as a member of the wolfteam in FAM 2, we pegged catbae as a terrifying player early and he completely lived up to his reputation in nailing most of the members of the wolfteam from Day 1. I knew that he was vanilla town/didn’t have any abilities and we killed him anyways.

WRT Atlas, he was able to correctly evaluate everyone’s reasoning in lylo despite everyone’s morale being completely shot because everyone was looking for a lost wolf. He was able to get Youbutworse, who was tunneling Vulgard for most of the endgame, to reconsider his stance and trust him in voting out Marl. If you’ll notice a recurring trend in my nominations, it’s that I’m a sucker for good endgame play. Atlas being able to be considered universal town, keep a clear head, correctly pick out the lost wolf despite said lost wolf having zero TMI, work with his fellow villagers, and even get one of the villagers to stop tunneling on the other villager deserves applause.

Best Scum Performance - Single Player (small game):

Etha in Dangan Werewolf Invitational.

Kind of an overlooked game because it was filled with a lot of people who don’t normally play on-site, but I think these quotes from Kanave in endgame and katze in postgame sum up Etha’s performance up well.

Etha was mostly townread throughout the entire game (only being really suspected by Pixiepizza, who ended up being the game-losing mislunch in mylo) and she even deceived katze before katze was nightkilled, which is a feat in of itself. From skimming the game I don’t think she hardbussed her partners or anything like that, which makes her win quite impressive as she was mostly just able to play a very strong purity of tone game without any fancy tricks.

Best Scum Performance - Single Player (large game):

nightingale in FAM 2 Mafia, Achromatic in Umineko 3 Mafia, Marluxion in Trials and Tribulations Mafia, Mistyx in PAC Mafia.

Lots of noms here but I don’t think that I can meaningfully exclude any of these from getting a nom since all of these players worked so hard to ensure victory for their team, even when it looked like things were extremely dire. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t read all of these games besides T&T so I’ll try to include a short blurb for each one. If someone who has actually read these games would like to back me up or second me, please do.

nightingale, FAM2: Basically the only universally consensus townread wolf after Days 1/2, she was so good that even most of spec chat thought that she was town. She put herself in a prime position to go deep and was able to successfully fend off most wolf accusations even when the gamestate got to a point where people eventually realized she had to be a wolf. This was a sterling performance given that most of the wolves got kinda massacred early (including me) and she had to rely on the few invested wolves to carry home victory.

Achromatic, Umineko 3: Again, most of the wolves WIM was shot early due to early replacements from Chloe and I + Geyde getting executed D1, but Chris just kept plugging and plugging and had to deal with many strong town players, like katze and Zack, culminating in winning in a f3 versus those players. Maintaining that level of WIM and constant posting energy is something that I think most wolves would fail to replicate and Chris just puts up great results regardless of alignment.

Marluxion, T&T: Marl’s falseclaim gambit early on in Day 1 where he locked himself into a tiebreaker claim, as well as hellbussed his buddies Aleph and Leafia, made it so that the gamestate was nearly inscrutable and impossible to play by process of elimination. He took a risky gambit by hard-tying himself to Wisdom and it paid off in the mid to late game, taking advantage of the town’s complacency and division.

Mistyx, PAC: I don’t know much about this game but I heard that Mistyx just single handedly carried the wolfteam on her back against a strong town, which deserves applause.

Best Neutral/Third Party Performance:

Jackrito as a Neutral Hitman in Kaguya-sama: Love is War Mafia.

Kind of a cop out given that there weren’t many spectacular neutral performances this year, I believe, but I thought Jack had a unique way to play the Hitman role by essentially just hard-siding and cooperating with the town, and it got him a very clean win. If anyone would like to jog my memory on any other neutral performances then let me know.

Best Use of a Power Role:

WindwardAway in A Certain Scientific Railgun Mafia.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Windward’s actions this game, she was a one-shot bulletproof that gained an additional vest when half of the players in the game died. She claimed Ascetic and refused to elaborate on her flavor (which would have been an indication that she was lying if the wolfteam bothered to research her flavor) and she was able to have the mafia waste two nightkills on her for this gambit, which definitely gave the town additional outs to turn the game around. I’m sure there are other notable PR performances, but this one stuck out to me since it gave the town of that game a little more room to maneuver.

Best Mechanical/Strategical Player:


This is partially a factor of having wolfed with these two players in two successive large games (FAM2, Umineko before I replaced out) but their mechanical knowledge in terms of directing wolfchat to coordinate night actions as well as coming up with inventive, provable falseclaims for themselves impressed me. It’s kind of hard to think of a solid mechanical/strategic player on the town side, so if anyone would like to volunteer suggestions, let me know.

Best Replacement Player:


I think Marl has replaced in the most out of anyone this year? And has always delivered consistent, solid performances, so he’s my vote for this year. I’d also like vote for Atlas/nightingale for replacing in critical moments in critical games (MHA Mafia, Umineko) and reversing the consensus wolfreads on their slots.



Now I haven’t interacted with this player at all, but I’ve been spectating my fair share of games that May has played and I was super impressed by their process, dedication, and energy in their most recent games. Specifically, I was impressed by their play in Starcraft Overhaul and Bland & Flavorless Mountainous - while they may have not gotten there, I think most players in the game enjoyed May’s thread presence and post-game reflections. Overall, I just think that May is a super positive addition to the community, and I hope to play a game with them soon.

Most Improved Player:


I think Atlas over this year grew from a newb to a player who is scarily good at both alignments if he dedicates the time/has the mental space necessary to put in a good game. He solved Players Choice Invitational early in the year, won A Certain Scientific Railgun and Flicker! mafia as wolf, and he put in really solid performances in MHA Mafia and T&T Mafia. I think most of this stems from the fact that he’s very self-aware and posts a lot, which are two strong traits I’ve found in mafia.

Most Dedicated Player:


Again, I just really enjoy their positive energy they bring to the table in most games. When I read May’s posts, I get the feeling that they genuinely enjoy the game and have a lot of fun playing it, which is honestly a rare thing to see (I enjoy the game but in very small doses, hence why you see my performance in games steadily taking a nose-dive over the course of the year). Seeing May play reminds me of when I was younger and completely addicted to this game, which is why I’m nominating them for this award.

Most Enjoyable Player:


From getting him to stop wolfreading me in Ciconia Mafia, to wolfing with him in Town vs Bandits, to trying to pull the wool over his eyes in MHA Mafia - I’ve really enjoyed playing with Arctic over the past year and half, and he’s leveled up as a player tremendously as well. I think he’s one of the funniest members on the site and probably? the poster on the site with the most likes, which I think further reinforces this nomination. I get that his playstyle was more caustic/aggressive a year ago but I think he’s been working on tapering that down. With regards to in-gmae play, I appreciate that Arctic generally has a clear head on most games – so it’s possible to reach out to him with your interpretation of the gamestate and he can break down the holes in your logic or counter with his own view of the gamestate. One example of a series of posts I really liked from Arctic was his postgame comments in Bland & Flavorless Mountainous - it’s clear that he cares about the community and I really enjoyed reading his postgame reflections.

Best Team Player:


This was a hard decision because (not to drag anyone through the mud) I feel like most players on this site are not great at team play. I landed on Wisdom because she had two stellar performances as both alignments this year (PAC Mafia and Trials and Tribulations) where I feel like her focus on team play directly got her to almost solve the game in PAC, and get her to a win in T&T.

In PAC, Wisdom had heavy pressure on her nearly all game but correctly figured out that the wolf was one of Mistyx/Millium when her back was to the wall, and then figured out that Mistyx was the wolf in that pair instead of Millium. I think she put in an incredibly strong performance in that game, and I think more importantly Wisdom did a really good job of calming Millium/Wisp down and getting him to work with her. Couple this with multiple posts detailing her thought process as well as reaching out to other players for their takes on things and I thought she exhibited strong team play, even if she didn’t solve the game until last minute.

In T&T, Wisdom’s wolfteam got completely destroyed early on when the deadline snafu not only got rid of one of their strongest wolf roles, but cleared Atlas and I in the process. Couple that with their nightkill on me failing + Leafia running into the ground D3, and things were super dire for her wolfteam. I think Wisdom trusting Marl and working well together in those late stages of the game allowed her team to come out with a come-from-behind victory when the town got extremely complacent. Props to the both of them for realizing early on that they only way they could win was essentially to tie themselves completely together and made sure that either of them did not flip.

Best Town Player:


He was the most deadly player in MHA, he was the most feared player in FAM2 (to the point that we killed him even though we knew he had no ability), he put in an incredibly consistent performance in Kaguya-sama Mafia… Dude’s just cracked and on a whole other level, reads-accuracy wise. Not much more I can say; dude plays a shitton of mafia and has the consistency and results to back it up.

Best Scum Player:


Chris won two high-profile wolf games only a couple of months after he joined the site (Umineko and Morbtainado) and as I said above in my review of his Umineko 3 win, dude just keeps plugging away. He has insane amounts of WIM and is extraordinarily wily.

Best All-Around Player:


Vulgard won two fairly high profile games this year in which I think he showed off his abilities to the fullest as both alignments. The first, Players Choice Invitational, you could watch him literally go /insane/ trying to figure out who the lost wolf was since they did not have TMI as to who the wolfteam was. The second, GOAT^2, he and molly were able to overcome a D1 wolf execution into both of them endgaming. Couple this with some other solid performances this year (Kaguya, PAC) and he’s my vote for best all-around player of the year.

Best Town Performance, Group (Small Game):

Hydra Optional Vig 10er

I was really impressed with this game and the average town performance in it. I feel like kat/Chloe, Brad/Aelin, Trochi/Abby, and Kiiruma/wolfy each all had strong individual performances at various points this game, and Brad/Aelin + Trochi/Abby even carried on the torch after kat/Chloe died. Just a super tight, memorable game from both sides of the fence in my opinion.

Best Town Performance, Group (Large Game):

Enemy Within

It’s really hard to nominate a setup for this because I feel like the large game town wins come with some sort of asterisk or had moments where the town didn’t play well. I don’t know if the setup was unbalanced or not but I do recall the town kind of bible-thumping the wolves in this game, so I’ll go with this.

Best Scum Performance, Group (Small Game):


I didn’t read this game super well but I heard that it was a small game where the wolves absolutely dominated the villagers in terms of powerwolfing, so sure, let’s have that be the narrative.

Best Scum Performance, Group (Large Game):

PAC Mafia

Moreso nominating this wolf team because this was up against a very strong town and I feel like most of the wolves in this game had some critical part to play where if any of them didn’t show up, wolfteam absolutely ends up losing this. (alana, eevee, Hippopablompoyeetus, Marshal, Mistyx, Vulgard). Vulgard got killed N1 and alana got executed D2, so the four of Marshal/Mistyx/Hippo/eevee had to really dig in their heels in order to pull this victory off and they did.

Best Host:


Best Flavor:


Best Setup:

Arete for Trials and Tribulations Mafia

Best Role/Mechanic:

Necronomicon in Umineko 3 FM, Truth/Deception List in T&T Mafia

(I really enjoyed T&T Mafia)

(Also I feel like games on this site are essentially lacking in flavor besides astand and Arete’s setups, is this true?)

Funniest Moment: mildly villagery nuance. also arctic/nightingale/hippo for consistently funniest members of the community

Best Fakeclaim:

Marluxion in Trials and Tribulations Mafia

Dude locked himself into a claim D1 and was able to survive to endgame with it, despite people heavily doubtcasting his claim throughout the entire game. Once again, not much more I can say. He won the game based off of this gambit.

Community MVP:


Mistyx has been extremely helpful as a reviewer and nightingale was invaluable in assisting me in co-hosting Kaguya Mafia. I feel like these two don’t get as much recognition as they deserve for ensuring that the community runs behind the scenes and I’d like to extend a shoutout to the both of them here.


is there a nomination for best nominations?


uhh lets see

already nommed im p sure (but ill spiritually second this one jic)


ill second this one, but to add onto your nomination, i think her endgame play was extremely cool mechanically and i was personally pretty impressed that she went through with it once i saw the possibility from dvc

from my understanding/recollection, her role was able to neighborize people and in that neighborhood they could agree to doctor somebody or have the host vote them at the start of the next day (i think she only neighborized one person all game with it which i think is also pretty clever)

going into the last night, she intentionally got her neighbor to agree to doctor somebody, and then shot into the doctor intentionally, bringing the game into F4 instead of F3

from what i recall there was consideration on whether or not etha was a wolf in that last day, but like. there’s a missing nightkill and she’s the reason it’s missing, there’s a villager people already suspected enough, she took a F3 that she likely wins and turned it into a F4 that’s really really hard to lose

second, from hosting this game it was pretty crazy how even DVC ~never got onto her until the very end


look i have to second this but i dont WANT to >:(

is it really reasonable to second a nomination of “rookie of the year” for a player who has yet to win a mafia game? :joy_cat:

(seconding this)

i want to second the best town/scum players but i don’t actually know how many games they’ve played on the site and feel kinda weird doing it, but they have my endorsements from what i’ve seen



oh, i figured out the answer to my first question

nomming prophylaxis for community mvp

he wrote a lot of insightful nominations :joy_cat:

and also does good stuff for the review team and also is super cool and also also is a rolemodel in and out of mafia games


seconding every single nom here, excluding the noms for me


Seconding only the noms for Marl so that this world might be balanced


See the issue with this one is people didn’t actually look at Etha as much as they should have.
They opportunistically pushed Kanave, then Kanave got Green checked and Etha started pocketing Kanave instead.
I feel like they should have been looked at more from that perspective.
However, they did manage to carry in the end for their team so there is that, I just think that for future reference you should evaluate a player as much as you can.