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Basic Info

What’s a Walrus?

A walrus is an event where one or more judges post a list of categories. Entrants may then submit a song they feel is both good and appropriate for the category. The judges then listen to all of the songs and subjectively rank them from worst to best, and reveals how everyone did.

Why’s a Walrus?

The term comes from the twoplustwo forums, where they were originally referred to as Trololollapaloozas. Walrus as a name may not make much sense, but at least it’s an upgrade?

How do I participate?

Just choose songs that you think are good and fit each judge’s category, and follow the directions below to submit them. Then, when each judge is ready to reveal their results, you can listen along in the Breadbox discord 2!

How does scoring work?

The place your submission to a given category is placed will be the number of points you get from that category - 1st place will get 1 point, 10th place will get 10 points, and so on. Overall scoring will operate on a drop-one system - each player’s worst category will not be counted towards their final score, and the rest of their scores will be summed. The player with the lowest number of points is crowned the FoLrus Champion!

How can I maximize my score?

Although this is a purely subjective event rather than a hyper-competitive one, scoring will be done to help encourage picks. As such, hosts will generally score songs they like but have never heard before over songs they have heard, and songs they listen to all the time may score relatively poorly. You don’t have to go way out on a limb, but try to avoid obvious tracks the host will surely know!

Can I submit multiple times?

Yes, although you must make an entire slate of submissions at one time - ie, if you submit two songs to each category, you must make one submission as a group of nine and another submission as a separate group of nine. The scores for these submissions will be independent - rather than awarding you the point value of whichever submission scored lowest in a given category, each submission’s total will be calculated separately.
Attempts to abuse this system by spamming low-quality submissions will result in all of your submissions being thrown out.

Are there any other restrictions on submissions?

Submitting a song that is overly long will make it hard for the judge to adequately assess it - if you’re going to go over approximately 5-7 minutes in length with any song, please do so sparingly! If the host ends up skipping your song, it’s going to do poorly and nobody will have gained anything from your submission. Also, if a host has given any example tracks, don’t submit an example track right back at them. Similarly, don’t submit the same song multiple times within or across submissions.

Can I tell people what I subbed?

Not the hosts - in order to ensure a fair playing field, hosts won’t know who subbed all of the songs they’re scoring. To maintain this, please do not discuss your subs publicly, or anywhere a host might see them. If you would like to, in private, ensure you and another person do not submit the same song, that’s fine, but no more than that please!



Category Info

@Marshal - Non-Christmas Holiday Music

Description - People are already starting to play Christmas music. It seems like almost all holiday music is Christmas-oriented and I’m here to change that. I’m looking for songs that would work as music for other holidays. They shouldn’t be written for that holiday, but still work as a song for your chosen holiday. You can choose any holiday (National, International, one of those stupid made up ones like “corndog day”, or any day that people would have reason to celebrate [see example tracks]), but you’ll score better if I at least know of the holiday beforehand. When submitting a song, please provide both the song link and the holiday it represents, as shown in the “How to Submit” section. A large amount of my scoring will go to how well it fits the submitted holiday, as well as just how much I like the song.

My Likes - I personally prefer rock or pop music but I will listen to just about anything

Bans - Christmas music (obviously) and Train. Otherwise go wild.

Example Tracks:
If I Could Turn Back Time - YouTube (Daylight Savings Time)
Meredith Brooks - Bitch (Official Music Video) - YouTube - YouTube (Katze’s Birthday)
Talking Heads - Psycho Killer - YouTube (Halloween)

@Marluxion - Don’t Skip the Opening

Description - Any songs that also double as an opening or ending theme song to a game or show. Anything from your favorite anime opening to something goofy like the Danny Phantom theme song or even the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. opening. Please include what piece of media your song is an opening or ending theme song for!

My Likes - J-Rock, J-Pop, Metal. I enjoy most genres except country.

Bans - Anything that isn’t an opening or ending theme song for another piece of media.

Example Tracks:
KANA-BOON - Silhouette - YouTube (Naruto)
"SpongeBob SquarePants" Theme Song (NEW HD) | Episode Opening Credits | Nick Animation - YouTube (Spongebob Squarepants)
I'll be there for you - The Rembrandts - Friends song lyrics - YouTube (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)

@Chloe - Rainy Daze

Description - Fire season in California has almost come to an end, and fall is finally here. The temperature has recently dropped to a comfortable ~70 degrees, and my favorite overcast days are right around the corner, but I’m in a bit of a drought when it comes to music that fits the mood. Give me songs to vibe to while sipping hot cocoa and listening to the raindrops hit the roof - songs for a lazy and comfy autumn day at home.

My Likes - I listen to a bit of everything, but lately I’ve been into the following:
Alternative rock, Indie rock, Indie pop, Indie folk, Folk rock, Folk, Alternative country, Bedroom pop

Tldr: I love acoustic stuff tbh.

I like when a song has unique and interesting lyrics, but I also love a good instrumental piece. I’ll be listening to everything multiple times because the first time I hear a song I tend to focus on the percussion/bass/guitar/etc., so perhaps keep this in mind when subbing.

Bans - This category has no artist bans, but I do suggest avoiding the following if you want to get a high score:
Most of my top artists in the last ~6 months

If you submit an unofficial/remixed ‘rain version’ of a song I won’t listen to it and will instead find the original, or whatever comes up first in my search, and score that instead. (:

Example Tracks:
Darlingside - Old Friend (Instrumental)
Iron & Wine - Such Great Heights
The Avett Brothers - November Blue
Villagers - Nothing Arrived
Radical Face - One Last Dream

@Katze - Stone, Iron, and Steel

Description - S.I.S for short, because much to Chloe’s shock, this category is for more than just metal! It’s also for hard rock! Okay, it’s mostly metal. Uhh… did you know that Iron is the second most abundant of all metals on earth?

My Likes - Power metal, alternative metal, hard rock, rock, heavy metal, pirate metal… you probably get the hint. I generally dislike screamo/death metal, but not all of it. Meme music that falls under the prior criteria is accepted but bad meme music is worse than bad not-meme music tbh.

Bans - This will probably be stupid, but go wild! I’m going to score more on unfamiliarity than most people, though! Unless I recognize literally every submission

Example Tracks:
GLORYHAMMER - Rise Of The Chaos Wizards | Napalm Records - YouTube
Dragonforce - Fury of the Storm - YouTube
Afterlife - YouTube
Battlefield (Remastered 2017) - YouTube

@Daeron - Best Transition/Bridge/Interlude

Description - Anything that could be considered a transition such as the entrance to a chorus from a verse, the entrance to a verse from a chorus, the cross-over of two different singers or the cross-over of two different songs entirely!

My Likes - I like a very wide range of music; from Marilyn Manson’s Tainted Love to Gee by Girls Generation. However, my preferences generally slide towards Electro-pop, Disco-pop, Synth-pop, Dance-pop.
I much prefer fast music to slow music. I’d advise aiming for at least 100bpm.

Bans - Lady Gaga, Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson, Gee by Girls’ Generation, the example tracks

Example Tracks:
Billie Eilish - bad guy - YouTube
Lady Gaga - Chromatica I / Alice - YouTube
Lady Gaga - Chromatica II / 911 - YouTube
Lady Gaga - Chromatica III + Sine From Above (with Elton John) [seamless transition / full song] - YouTube
Roman Holiday - YouTube

@sulit - Bike Ride Vibes

Description - I want the epic bike ride bangers. It’s getting closer to fall for me here so whatever you think works for a nice, 60 degree bike ride. Chill vibes? Cool. On top of the world vibes? Cool. Just some bangers? I am down dude. Whatever you think best fits cruising on a bike. I will (try to) listen to all subs whilst riding my bike.

My Likes - I’m fine with almost anything. Lyricless, rap, oldies, newer songs. The only thing I will really refuse to listen to is country (unless it is my girl taylor) and if a song gets too scream-y or hurts my ears.

Bans - Basically anything in here 6 tbh. Queen, ABBA, Aerosmith, Gwen Stefani, fun., Green Day, etc. If the name’s in there, its likely I’ve listened to at least a couple of their songs.

Example Tracks:
Test Drive (From How To Train Your Dragon Music From The Motion Picture) - YouTube
Heart - "Barracuda" (1977) - YouTube
Burning Pile - YouTube
Don't Stop Me Now - YouTube


@DatBird - Stickerbush Symphonies

Description - Nothing is like fighting the final boss of a game, to be hit with a new track that just feels so emotional and culminates the entire journey before hand. Now I’m not asking for only final boss themes of video games, but just a piece that makes you feel some hard emotions or just want to get out of your gamer chair and just groove. To be clear I want a single song not an OST(i dont got time for 10+ 2 hour osts). Finally I have listened to a lot of game soundtracks, bonus points if you get something I never heard before. I would love to find new games to play out of this through the music alone.

My Likes - I usually like songs with just catchy melodies that i can easily hum along with, or something with lyrics that I can sing along with. Great examples of both things would be like 3D Mario Music (ex. Dire Dire Docks, New Donk City) or anything from the Guilty Gear Strive OST (ex. Out of the Box, Play the Hero, What do you fight for). I love all Nintendo music, but if u pick something from there there a chance I heard it. As long as its catchy I prob would like it.

Bans - Anything from FFXIV, the 3D Mario Platformers, Guilty Gear Strive, Persona 3-5, main series Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, or Kingdom Hearts. All of them i heard to death and want something new.

Example Tracks:
Donkey Kong Country 2 - Stickerbush Symphony - YouTube
FFXIV OST - Alexander: Cruise Chaser's Theme (Exponential Entropy) - YouTube
- YouTube

@WindwardAway - Songs to Play When Sieging a Castle

Description - Have you ever felt like you needed a glorious playlist to listen to while charging a battering ram at the gates of your enemy? Now’s your chance to make your dream a reality! We want to hear songs that awaken your most medieval instincts, songs that inspire your war cry, and songs that fit the vibe of a siege - it can be any castle or fortress, in any land!

My Likes - Traditional folk music, metal, techno… be creative! Diverse selections are more than welcome if you feel they fit the theme. Sabaton is always appreciated but will not get points for creativity.

Bans - If you submit a country song, you’re sieging the wrong building, buddy.

Example Tracks:
Eluveitie 02. Epona - YouTube
Tenaya River - YouTube
Hanggai - The Rising Sun / 初生的太阳 汉语字幕版 - YouTube

@orangeandblack5 - Wildcard

Description - Have a song you really love that doesn’t fit any of the other categories that you think I’ll like? Try to wow me with it! Bonus points if I’ve never heard it before and end up liking it.

My Likes - Pretty much anything except country and modern pop/hip-hop has a chance of working for me. I tend to favor rock and alternative music in general, but that also means I’m the most familiar with it. Electronic music can be hit-or-miss, as can rap, but if you give me a good one in those categories it will do really well. Instrumental pieces (such as classical, jazz, soundtracks, etc) are also fair game.

Bans - None, but if I listen to it every day or it’s super commonly known it may not score as highly as something I haven’t heard. To aid in this, I will link a Spotify playlist with a bunch of stuff I have heard - if you want to search through it (via the search button in the desktop app or via scrolling down the alphabetical list in browser) to see if your song is already there, be my guest. You will not be dinged for skipping this - I’m not going to intentionally score songs I don’t like as much very far above songs I like more regardless of novelty. However, if I like two songs about the same but one is new to me, it’ll do better.

Also, just because something isn’t on that list doesn’t mean I won’t like it, and just because a band is on that list DOES NOT MEAN I HAVE HEARD ALL OF THEIR SONGS. I literally just discovered a new-to-me Coldplay song two weeks ago and I have like 50 of their songs on that playlist. I strongly recommend you use this list to check submissions rather than to inform them.

Example Tracks:
None - it’s a wildcard category, and if I give you examples all it’ll do is narrow the range of things I get!




How To Submit

Send @Arete a PM on the forums with the topic “FoLrus - [username]” and the holiday for the first category, TV show or other media for the second category, and links to each of your nine songs, each placed on their own line. Links should have a backtick (`) in front of and behind the link.

A submission should look like the following:

April Fool’s Day
Family Guy

The backticks (`) are very important to include in forum PMs - please do not forget them!

Note that YouTube links are strongly preferred where possible.

If, for whatever reason, you choose not to submit to a certain category, please leave a blank line for it, and also reply to the PM with another message to confirm which category should be blank. Note that you will get the lowest possible score for any category you do not submit to.

For those making multiple submissions, please add the letter whose number corresponds to your submission after your username - for example, if I were to make two submissions, I would call them “orangeandblack5 - A” and “orangeandblack5 - B”. If you originally make one submission but then add another later, it is fine to instead have your submissions named “orangeandblack5” and “orangeandblack5 - B”.

If you do not have an account on the forums, but would still like to participate, you may send a list of the same general format to Arete#7872 on Discord - however, you will not include the backticks. Instead, after you have posted your submission, please remove all embeds from your submission post by clicking the ‘X’ button on one of the videos that pops up.

All submissions are due by 2021-11-01T03:59:00Z!



Current Submissions

  • EliThePsycho
  • DatBird
  • Emilia
  • Whysper
  • Syn
  • Bloobird
  • Shad [A]
  • Egix
  • Simon
  • mansnicks
  • Marshal
  • Insanity
  • GGhana [A]
  • GGhana [B]
  • nutella
  • Mistyx
  • Arete
  • Cowboy Bob
  • Shad [B]
  • MaximusPrime
  • Karma_Dope
  • leetic
  • Squirrel2412
  • thepigeonnyc + thedovenyc
  • WindwardAway
  • KyoDaz
  • MyNameIsNothing [East]
  • MyNameIsNothing [West]
  • sulit
  • orangeandblack5 [A]
  • orangeandblack5 [B]
  • orangeandblack5 [C]
  • orangeandblack5 [D]
  • TheAltInOurStars
  • Atlas
  • Mixolydia
  • eevee
  • orangeandblack5 [E]
  • clonedcheese
  • BradLand
  • Nanook
  • Nerbins
  • ignoramus
  • Dobby [A]
  • Dobby [B]
  • marmot

Sulit Reveal Songs And Placings

  1. Nutella - Jackrabbit (9.8/10)

Wow this is really catchy. I defintiely love this song I’ve probably listened to it about 8 times. Her voice is really pretty. Throughout multiple listen throughs this remains S tier.

  1. Egix - Light Up The Night (9.7/10)

WOW! I love it tbh. The energy perfectly matches a good bike ride song and I really like the vocals. Who has been hiding this from me. Was the first song I listened to and has remained in top five since.

  1. Dobby [B] - Midnight Show (9.6/10)

The Killers!! I haven’t heard this song before but I really like it. Fits a faster ride really well tbh. It’s so high energy I love it. aa!

  1. orangeandblack5 [B] - Harmony Hall (9.6/10)

This song makes me feel really nostalgic tbh. I feel like it would fit a slower ride really well, like around sunset and warm weather. Amazing sub.

  1. Mixolydia - Revive (9.5/10)

Dude this is really good tbh. I like it a ton. The vocals go really well with the intrumental it just feels like, smooth. My ears are happy. Was enjoyable on bike.

  1. GGhana [B] - Wild Life (9.4/10)

This song gives me serotonin. I can’t really put my finger on what exactly I like about this song, everything just like, ties together really well? Idk. Brain like.

  1. orangeandblack5 [A] - Dig (9.3/10)

I’m really surprised I haven’t heard this before tbh. Great sub, chorus gives me HYPE

  1. Bloobird - Raw Power(9.2/10)

I really like this!! It sounds like old school boss video game music but I also like riding my bike with it on ? Good vibes! dodoodod

  1. leetic - Yuve Yuve Yu(9.2/10)

This feels like something kat would sub but they’re not on the list joycat. Overall decent sub. I like the part around 2:20 tbhtbh.

  1. orangeandblack5 [E] Over The Hills And Far Away (9.1/10)

My mom has played this once or twice I think, pretty unfamiliar to me though. The beginning is kinda slow for a bike ride but I feel like once it speeds up it fits really well. Led Zepplin good.

  1. WindwardAway - 不忍の忍者 (9/10)

This grows on me everytime I listen to it. I reaally like this. I feels high-energy, it fits in the bike ride vibe p well tbh.

  1. Brad - The Adventure (8.9/10)

Great song. The instrumental is great, I can’t put a finger on what it is at the beginning but it sounds cool. I think it would match a slower ride a bit more, but I’m overall still a fan.

  1. Shad [A] - Get Off This (8.9/10)

Yessss this is a good sub. It’s kinda like, right in between the range for a fast ride and slower one? I enjoy the song ayaya.

  1. GGhana [A] - Vancouver (8.8/10)

This feels kind of like video game adventure music, I like it tbhtbh. Vibed to it while riding my bike. I really like the energy, kinda has nostalgic vibes.

  1. Nerbins - Waste (8.7/10)

Aaa! I really like this song! Made me wiggle in my seat tbh, very catchy. 2:25 good.

  1. Karma_Dope - Redemption (8.6/10)

Maybe a little bit too intense for a bike ride, but I enjoy the song. I looked up the translated lyrics this knowledge makes the song better tbhtbh. Good sub.

  1. TheAltInOurStars - Roundabout (8.6/10)

Have heard before, still an absolute banger and a great cat fit. cough 9 minutes long cough

  1. Insanity - Chill Buster (8.5/10)

Anything from Deltarune/Undertale slaps tbh. This is no different. It just has really chill vibes (the name is literally chill buster but still). Not as high energy as I’d like for a bike ride, similar to Clocktower, but I really like the song itself. Good vibes.

  1. Whysper - Pheonix (8.5/10)

I like the lyrics a lot! Good sub. Kinda feels like a disney channel song? Not a bad thing tbhtbh

  1. orangeandblack5 [D] - Accidentally 4th Street (8.4/10)

Good song, and holy $%#! only 5k views on youtube lmao. I enjoyed this.

  1. MaximusPrime - Drifting (8.4/10)

pretty good song I enjoy it. Also noted that I thought it was a good bike ride song.

  1. Cowboy Bob - Leathy Alabama (8.3/10)

Feels kind of like music I would do like, square dance to lmao. Acutally really liked listening to it, is unlike most of the other submissions but still fits cat well.

  1. clonedcheese - Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler’s Water Apopcalypse (8.3/10)

||Is this a homestuck reference?|| Good sub! I really like it it’s catchy. Feels kind of like rpg music, and good bike ride speed. I’m not sure where the name came from and I’m also not sure I want to know.

  1. Nanook - Runnin’ With The Devil (8.2/10)

I have heard this multiple times, still an awesome song. Also good bike ride vibe. running with the devilllll
RIP Eddie

  1. Emilia - Chase (8.2/10)

jojo soundtrack jojo soundtrack. im not sure what’s going on in the physical video, but i do like the song. Also good bike ride song. Maybe a little bit too intense.

  1. Marshal - The Road (8.1/10)

Had to listen to this a couple times but I think it’s growing on me. Not completely sure if I’d add it to a bike ride playlist, but I enjoy the song.

  1. EliThePsycho - Scootin Through Clocktower (8.1/10)

I really like this one!! Good song, but not as faast/high energy as I’d like for a bike ride. Beat very nice. haha clocktower

  1. marmot - Bike (8/10)

It’s literally called bike :joy_cat: Honestly not terrible? I feel like it’s more something I’d listen to while studying than riding a bike. Don’t hate it, like the sound, just a little too slow.

  1. Dobby [A] - The Girl in Byakkoya - (8/10)

Enjoyable sub, I just felt like there was something more it needed? It’s not super memorable for me. Good cat fit.

  1. Mist - Danger Zone (7.9/10)

I have actually heard this a couple times, still a pretty good song. Also pretty good bike ride song.

  1. Simon - Sardonyx (7.9/10)

I have listened to this a couple times, but I haven’t heard it in a while. Good sub. Steven Universe soundtrack p good (no sulit slander)

  1. Kane - “45” - (7.8/10)

Not the best judge of rap, but I feel like this got better for me the more times I listed to it? Okay bike ride song.

  1. eevee - Neverending (7.7/10)

Pretty sure this created by the person that subbed it which is really cool! I definitely like the vibes, I think they would match a slower ride really well. Really really good for something someone made themselves. Not sure if it’s something I myself would listen to often, but still good overall

  1. MyNameIsNothing [West] The Whistle Song (7.7/10)

Good beat, good song overall. I liked listening to it while riding my bike, just felt a little long and repetitive after a while. Not super memorable.

  1. orangeandblack5 [C] - Go Your Own Way (7.6/10)

(I have both listened to this song a lot and it’s in a commerical that plays everyday on tv)
(regardless it kinda slaps)

  1. DatBird - The Weekend (7.5/10)

I have heard this before, still a pretty good song for a bike ride.

  1. Shad [B] - Mercury (7.3/10)

is it country? yes

is it… terrible? no.

  1. Squirrel - Make it Crisbee! (7.2/10)

Little bee in youtube video cute. Good tune. Not best tune. Not sure if I would listen to it while bike riding.

  1. ignoramus - Sliver (6.6/10)

It’s a nice song, I just don’t really find it fitting the bike ride category too much? I feel like it’s more a fit for the rainy daze cat.

  1. MyNameIsNothing [East] - Extra (6.5/10)

(no sulit slander please) I enjoyed some parts of this song but like, certain noises in other parts just sounded a little unpleasant to me? sorrie. I feel like watching it with the music video makes the experience better, the video is cool.

  1. Arete - Black Fox (6.3/10)

Okay sub, I don’t really know if I’d consider it a bike ride vibe, I feel like it would fit more in the castle cat. ayaya

  1. Syn - Can’t Hold Us (6.2/10)

I have memorized this entire song

  1. KyoDaz - Hit Me With Your Best Shot (6.1/10)

fire awayyyy

44+45) pigeon+dove and mansnicks - Californiacation (californiacation/10)

Califnornication, despite being on my bans list, was subbed not once, but twice.

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Category 9: Wildcard

F Tier

41st Place

Everybody Talks
Neon Trees


…has anybody not heard this song by now? It has over a half billion plays across Spotify and YouTube. Already didn’t like it, getting it here didn’t help. sulit if this is you I swear.

E Tier

40th Place

Blue (Lee Keenan Bootleg)
Lee Keenan


You would have gotten way more points for just subbing the original. When I said electronic music was hit-or-miss, this kind of low-effort “remix” falls pretty squarely on the “miss” side. Especially when the original is so recognizable - the new parts of this song are annoying already, and the rest being slightly different from something I know and already like doesn’t help.

39th Place

My New Swag


I like the usage of the pipa a lot, and the erhu, whether real or synthesized, is also really cool! That’s pretty much where the parts I like stop. It’s a right shame this is the only rap song I got, because this is not my thing at all. Plus, the lyrical content is super surface-level, like nobody gives a shit about your clothes. Thought this was a Kyo sub, but somehow he did better.

38th Place

Blades in Autumn
The Clockwork Dolls


I found the Arete sub! It’s not awful, by any means, but I’m not finding anything here that really draws me in at just about any point. The instrumentation REALLY grates by the end, as does the singing tbh, although this is definitely not the Arete sub that has annoyed me the most out of all of the ones I’ve heard in the past, so there’s that. Love you kid, but your taste in music is just really not for me whatsoever.

D Tier

37th Place

Interstellar Main THeme (Medieval Version)
Constantine Bard


The first of two Hans Zimmer covers - how funny. Man is a legend, there’s no arguing that, but, like, still wasn’t expecting to get two covers of his soundtracks. This one I don’t like as much as the other - why Interstellar for bardcore? Why not Sherlock Holmes? It also might help had I seen Interstellar, but I have not and am not familiar with the theme, so I’m not really sure what this is trying to be. It has some good moments, but I’m not sold on the whole picture.

36th Place

Sad Machine
Porter Robinson


I didn’t think I’d heard this before when I first saw it had been subbed, but I think I actually have at least once or twice. This is the Shelter guy, right? Can’t say I was ever a fan of that song (although I don’t remember it much nowadays), and this one isn’t selling itself any harder - the “computer” voice is quite annoying, as is the main musical motif. Electronic music can be so much more. If it’s any condolences, this was originally in the E tier but moved up just a bit.

35th Place

eyes in the dark (live @ TAKEOVER)
the garages


Not a huge fan of this one - the vocals are a bit annoying, to be honest, and the soundstage is not nearly wide enough for the amount of stuff they’re trying to cram in. That might be a consequence of being live - still, it doesn’t help this recording at all. It’s not as bad as the E tier or below, but I still wouldn’t choose to listen to it. (I did actually look up the non-live version later, and indeed I like it more, although still not a ton.)

34th Place

St. James Infirmary
Bridge City Sinners


Bit of bluegrass, bit of blues, but honestly still not really my thing. Find the singer’s voice a bit annoying too - all the top comments are talking about how great it is, so clearly that’s not a sentiment shared by everyone, but it really hampers my own enjoyment. Unfortunate. I wonder if I’d like another band’s version of the song more?

33rd Place

Never Say Die


Is this a League of Legends song? Sounds kinda like some of the LoL stuff one of my friends has. Maybe a bit more subdued - feels like something that’d get AMV’d to death. I kinda thought it was gonna grow on me over multiple listens, and it just… didn’t. In fact it went down. Whoops.

32nd Place

Homestuck - Make A Wish
Joren “Tensei” de Bruin


This exists. Sounds vaguely Undertale-ish. That’s about all I have to say about it. Sorry cheese, but with no emotional connection to the source I’ve just heard better soundtrack-wise. Wouldn’t object to having this come on in the background while studying, but would otherwise never seek it out.

31st Place

Blast Off
Gesaffelstein & Pharrell Williams


Kinda forgettable, really not my thing - kinda get the feeling I’m not a Pharrell Williams fan, Get Lucky and Lose Yourself to Dance are two of my least-favorite Random Access Memories tracks and Tacky is one of my least favorite Mandatory Fun song. Still, there’s nothing here I actively dislike.

30th Place

John Cage


This one is a certified classic. John Cage is such an interesting composer and I’m really happy somebody subbed 4’33", and thank god it wasn’t Organ/ASLAP. This is also, conveniently, just about the best benchmark I could have possibly asked for. From this point on, I’d rather listen to the songs than silence.

C Tier

29th Place

Like A Good Neighbor


Did they really do a freaking State Farm song? Jesus. I’m not into cover bands (or glorifying insurance companies). Sorry Marshal. At least it has some cool xylophone.

28th Place

Carry Me Back To Virginia
Old Crow Medicine Show


Ah, the Cowboy Bob song (edit: this is not the Cowboy Bob song, he did indeed do better, well played Bloo). Despite country being a genre I mentioned disliking, that’s mostly in reference to what I’ll call “bro country” - I love folk music, and stuff like this isn’t bad either. Still country, just not abysmal. I found out after my first listen that this is the Wagon Wheel band, and fuck that song, but yeah this is better. Main thing docking points is the word “won’t” where the inflection kinda grates.

27th Place

Dark Knight Main Theme - Piano Version
Patrik Pietschmann


Getting a piano music sub was a pleasant surprise, especially of a Hans Zimmer piece, but I am curious why specifically the Dark Knight Theme? Maybe I’m spoiled because I listen to piano covers of things sometimes, but it’s not the kind of song I think translates best into piano, which is what’s keeping it down near the bottom of the C tier.

26th Place

Tuba Archmage Boss Theme
Noah Giesler


You may not know this, but I’m low brass, so this is definitely hitting a soft spot. I really like when the guitars kick in, even if it’s still obviously done by a hobbyist (which isn’t helped by the fact the quality of the synthesized instruments isn’t the best). Good meme song, only okay song song.

25th Place


MyNameIsNothing [East]

The singer’s voice is just on the edge of being annoying, but manages to barely stay away. The bassline is a bit, how do I want to describe this… whiny? Not my favorite. Gives off some Cö shu Nie vibes in both of those respects. The guitars sound GREAT, but like, if I was gonna listen to J-Rock, it’d be the pillows, not this. Sorry.

24th Place

The Dear Hunter


The main flaw keeping this one here is that it’s incredibly generic. There’s nothing bad, but also nothing I’m finding really special, and that’s making it hard to justify putting above songs that have one or more elements I really like even if there are also elements I don’t. I would hear this kinda song on the radio and never think about it again.

23rd Place

Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on my Shoulder)
The Beach Boys

GGhana [A]

Obviously, I am aware of the Beach Boys. This song isn’t bad by any means, but it’s not exactly my jam. Don’t find their signature singing sound works that well for a slower song, personally. The background instruments are honestly fantastic, but they don’t have enough room to really shine.

22nd Place

The World I Always Dreamed Of
The Pineapple Thief


This isn’t bad in any respect, but I can’t say I’m walking away feeling like I want to listen to it again. I guess it’s kinda flat - not quite repetitive, but not as much evolution as I’d like given I don’t think it’s core melody is that strong. The focus on the low-fi drums from the beginning at 4:12 is great, but it lasts for like 6 and a half bars before being replaced by a much more conventional kit. The blend of guitar and strings is good too, but again I find the core back-and-forth nature to get in the way of this scoring any higher, even if I think I like its sound more than some of the songs above it. Definitely something that I think might have scored higher if it were shorter.

21st Place

classic j dies and goes to hell part 1
glass beach


Not bad, not really for me. Feels like this falls into the MCR zone, and for some reason that’s never really done it for me. The breakdown at the end is sure something. I do really appreciate the bass line and percussion behind the synths here, so I can’t rate it too low, but it’s still not scoring super well, sorry.

20th Place

Echo’s Answer

MyNameIsNothing [West]

I’m not fully entranced by this, but I do like it. Especially the very faint echo of the singer in the right channel - it’s a nice touch, for sure, and I can see the appeal of the song, but it’s failing to fully capture me. It’s possible this would have done better if I had listened to every song lying down with the lights off and nothing else to focus on, but A I don’t have time for that and B it’s not how I usually listen to music anyways. Solid overall, just not the headspace I’m in at the moment.

19th Place

Golden Age of Radio
Josh Ritter

Cowboy Bob

Feels like I should like this more than I do. As it is, I can’t find much to really get into here. Bassline is nice, and the percussion does a good job of drawing you in, but I don’t have any desire to really groove along. I do really like the quiet radio snippets in the background a lot, but that’s only at like one part. Solid all around, but falls short of B tier.

B Tier

18th Place

Moby Duck
The Longest Johns


I appreciate the comedy here, and the drums and bassline do a fantastic job of driving the song forward. The Longest Johns aren’t my favorite - I only really like one of their songs I’ve heard before - but this is a good combination of an entertaining story and a catchy melody, deserving of being the start of B tier.

17th Place

His Friends Call Him Spuder (Don’t Call Him Spuder)
Tristan Alric


I haven’t played Bug Fables, but I’ve heard good things, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this had been subbed! (Edit: oh, it’s all he subbed. Still happy, just funny.) It’s definitely catchy, and has good instrumentation even if it doesn’t really sound realistic. Very much some DKC vibes, and I’m there for it. No Hollow Knight track, but still good.

16th Place

1000 Years of Dust


Well this certainly sounds like a Katze sub, even if I know it isn’t. I dig the guitars - they’re what really slots this above Moby Duck. The singing isn’t my favorite at all, but it’s not enough of a negative to drop this down to C tier, and I do appreciate the absurdity of the lyrics (real “I have created over a thousand blades” energy at first, but it progresses to Tenacious D levels pretty quickly). Personally, I’ll stick to Ninja Pirates instead of Mummy Pirates, but this is still honestly pretty fun.

15th Place



Is this the eevee sub or did somebody else just randomly sub a Polish song? It’s honestly pretty good, like the vocalist and the synths are quite nice too, despite not really being the kind of song I’d say I normally listen to. The “panting” from ear to ear is a cool effect - kinda reminiscent of Dominator.

Unrelated: apparently there’s a nightcore version of this on YouTube. Thanks Poland.

14th Place

KIVΛ & Nikki Simmons


I like this more than I should - normally this kinda dubsteppy music isn’t my thing, but for whatever reason this works pretty darn well and I can definitely buy into the drops. Apparently this is from some mobile rhythm game, which does explain its general sound, but even though I’d never even touch a game like that I can still appreciate this track.

13th Place

Lifeguard of a Helpless Body


Glad to get an instrumental track in here that isn’t a soundtrack. I do like it, for sure, but I find it fails to really have anything I would listen to it over and over for. Bass line is nice in this one, but not that present. Really like the layers to the music here - definitely appreciate having a nicer DAC on this one.

12th Place

The Legionairre’s Lament
The Decemberists

Shad [A]

I liked this more the more it went on. The instrumentation is solid, and this does a much better job of making my sympathize with the plight of the solidier in question than when they were a traitor to my nation as in Carry Me Back To Virginia. I can’t say why I find this so good, but it’s the one I’ve found playing in my head the most of anythng in the B tier, so it gets a boost.

11th Place

Satan Is My Motor


Satanism can’t save this one from missing out on the top 10. That being said, the guitar riff is catchy, the brass at the end really helps it end on a high note, and the Tom Petty vibes are much appreciated. Also, whoever decided to use jingle bells in a rock song like this was honestly kinda a genius. All around, very solid, and definitely moved up the more I listened to it, probably more than any other song.

10th Place

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

GGhana [B]

Kinda repetitive at first, but once the shift hits it gets a lot more interesting. VERY Beatles-ish, honestly, which is a compliment, but not necessarily reminiscent of any of their songs that resonate with me the most. Despite that though, I’m always down for some prog rock. I later looked up the full version of this (apparently this is a shorter version), and while I can’t say the extra length adds much on top of what’s here, I can also safely say that that will be the one that makes its way into my playlists.

9th Place

Thank You Scientist


The opening notes overhyped me a bit for this, but I really appreciate the jazz/rock blend - pretty reminiscent of Jeff Williams’s work. Has all of the energy of a stereotypical anime opening or a Mario Kart piece, with solid instrumentation and great use of tactical silence. There are some parts I really love, especially 2:26, but at a few points it kinda becomes a bit too noisy to pick everything out, and on at least one occasion the violin part drones a bit. Still, we’re getting closer and closer to nitpick territory.

8th Place

Carnival of Rust
Poets of the Fall


Never heard of this band either, which is kinda surprising given this song has 50 million views. I like the song, but it lacks anything in particular that really jumps out as being awesome - I’d describe it as “restrained,” especially the bassline. Really good, definitely has a cool soundscape, but I can’t really put a finger on why I like it as much as I do, nor can I say there’s anything it has that can push it up a tier.

A Tier

7th Place

The Band
Mando Diao

Dobby [A]

Wow, that guitar in the right channel is such a cool sound. This has to be a dobby sub. I’m confused why most of the comments appear to be in Japanese, but the song is energetic and fun and just a good time.

6th Place

Big Love (Live)
Lindsey Buckingham

thepigeonnyc + thedovenyc

I haven’t actually heard this song before - I do like Fleetwood Mac, but I’m not super familiar with a lot of their songs tbh. This version is definitely nice - Lindsey’s voice is great as per usual, and the guitar is great. For a solo act, this is very strong.

5th Place


Dobby [B]

This one really BUILDS. I do really like it, and the payoff is fantastic, but I do wish it went on a bit longer after it really reached the climax - as it is, it peaks and then kinda just wraps up. Still, “I wish this were longer” is a hell of an issue to have with a piece of music.

4th Place

Luli Lee


Is this Korean? This is actually really good! Even on a first listen with no idea what it’s about, it’s groovy in a way I really like. I don’t like any part of it as much as I like the climax of Mavericks, but it’s much more consistent over its runtime. The singer’s voice is really good, even without knowing what she’s saying, and I’m completely sold on just about every instrument in the mix. Very very solid song, definitely the best foreign language sub I got.

3rd Place

Kitty History
Trevor Moore


This fucking RADIATES wildcard category energy and I’m there for it. This is hilarious. And catchy. If I were doing points, this would force everything else to not score maximum on catfit. I haven’t been scoring on music videos, but I just have to share my screen for this one.

S Tier

2nd Place

Our Lady Peace

Shad [B]

Never even heard of this band, I don’t think (edit: when I played this for him, my father played another one of their songs I’ve definitely heard before, but I couldn’t have told you who it was by). I really like the singer’s voice, and the instrumentation is fantastic. The chorus is incredibly catchy, and is what really earns this an S tier slot over similar songs in the A tier. Solid song. The first one I listened to, and still the second-best.

1st Place

Camel by Camel
Sandy Marton


This is fantastic. I love it. Groovy, energetic, and just a lot of fun. I had no idea I needed this in my life. This is also the only submission that I finished listening to the first time and IMMEDIATELY hit replay on. Fun and greatly varied instrumentation, a solid core theme with a lot of different ways of expressing its core ideas, all around just a great song.

Final Standings


Iconic & legendary


So is the cat dancing :wowee:

Honored to have a whole tier to myself

Rank Subber Name of Song Name of Game url Total Points Write up
45 TheAltInOurStars (APRIL FOOLS JOKE) Waters of Megalovania [Genocide Papyrus Remix] Fire Emblem Fates (APRIL FOOLS JOKE) Waters of Megalovania [Genocide Papyrus Remix] - YouTube 0.75 Should of just submitted the original version. This is just ruined and not funny. Like Im going to skip it like 20 seconds in cause it was just unbearable
44 nutella Out of Tartarus Hades Hades - Out of Tartarus - YouTube 3.25 This song does little for me. I uh feel like people might hate me for this one. I think the same loop over and over again is super annoying, when the guitars come in its a bit better, but the repetitiveness and the super slow start kinda doesnt do it for me
43 Syn Astral Alley Night in the Woods Night In The Woods OST - Astral Alley (Build-Up Version) - YouTube 3.5 It’s fine, I like the buildup, but it doesn’t really build to anything much grander than it started as. Just needed a good finale or something.
42 eevee GotN WIP ??? Dropbox - GotN WIP full.mp3 - Simplify your life 3.65 Song fell in the not a video game song, and if it is wouldn’t disclose what game. The piano section around the 2:20 bit was my favorite part as the techno bits got a little over used. Solid
41 Emilia Nightcore - Beethoven Virus None Nightcore - Beethoven Virus - YouTube 3.75 Song fell into the category of not a video game song, so lost major points. Solid song otherwise not much more to say
40 Nanook Legend of the Eagle Bearer (Main Theme) AC Odyssey Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Legend of the Eagle Bearer (Main Theme) | The Flight - YouTube 3.9 Wasn’t really feeling this one. I think they had some bits where the song picked up but they kept going back to that same little bit of guitar over and over again and it should of been more of that built up multi layered part.
39 ignoramus Genesis 13:37 [Retro Beats] The Binding of Isaac 4 I spent many of hours gambling with that theme. Isaac music just weird but i love it. Mainly lost points cause i know the hell out of the game
38 Nerbins Two Dragons Yakuza 0 Yakuza 0 OST - 43 Two Dragons - YouTube 4.25 Love me some Yakuza but this track to me, doesn’t have the oomph or crazyness that previous boss fights in the game had. Its way more serious as its the final boss piece, and I think it honestly hurts the piece.
37 MaximusPrime Boss Fight Geomtry dash Bossfight - Milky Ways - YouTube 4.8 I love the pace of this. Its fast and won’t stop. It does get annoying at bits with stale repetitiveness, but when the chorus hits it really goes off.
36 marmot Want you gone Portal 2 Portal 2: End Credits Song 'Want You Gone' by Jonathan Coulton [1080p HD] - YouTube 4.9 Its always fun listening to this song. Glados’s voice for being so synthetic still is so nice to listen to. This one might have a lot of nostalgia glasses for the points im giving it.
35 sulit Crash Bandicoot Main Theme Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot Main Theme - YouTube 5 Such a classic, the zaniess of the xylophone and the horns just works. I played the hell out of these games when I was a child.
34 orangeandblack5 [C] Main Theme Valkyria Chronicles Valkyria Chronicles - Main Theme - YouTube 5.1 The Orchestra sounds super pretty with this piece. I feel like as much as it is pretty it really never got to me, just kinda a nice listen
33 EliThePsycho Old War Machines Into The Breach Into The Breach - Old War Machines on Korg Minilogue - YouTube 5.15 This piece needed a bit more oomph and power. It had its moments but those were short and far between the larger more dull areas of the song.
32 GGhana [B] For Whom the Knell Tolls (Dead Ringer) Crypt of the NecroDancer Crypt of the Necrodancer OST - For Whom the Knell Tolls (Dead Ringer) - YouTube 5.2 Pretty decent, but never really got me super invested
31 Marshal Main Theme Shovel Knight Shovel Knight OST - Main Theme - YouTube 5.25 I listened to this on repeat for like a week, especially the Brentalfloss cover. Everything about this song is just catchy and great, PLAY THIS GAME
30 Karma_Dope Yearning for Dark Shadows RE 8 Yearning for Dark Shadows - Brian D'Oliveira and Aga Ujma (Lyrics) | Resident Evil Village OST - YouTube 5.3 Ooh the instruments make this sound so creepy. The lyrics and vocals are kinda just trying overly hard to be weird and creepy and kinda take away from the instrumentral. But god damn those instruments go in.
29 Simon Endless Possibility Sonic Unleashed Endless Possibility - Sonic Unleashed [OST] - YouTube 5.4 Damn a non Crush 40 Sonic song and Im still jamming. Not a super fan of the middle section which was like a lyrical battle. But that gutair right after killed it. Also the main vocalist kinda sounds like sonic lmao.
28 orangeandblack5 [E] Halo Theme Halo 2 Halo 2 Soundtrack - Halo Theme (Mjolnir Mix) - YouTube 5.5 Its a classic, nothing like driving a warthog through what feels like an endless tunnel as this blasts in your ears. Not my personal favorite version of the halo theme but still kicks ass.
27 Dobby [B] Menu Music Mech Warrior 5 Mechwarrior 5 Menu Music - YouTube 5.75 Its menu music, so its not too suprising imo that it doesn’t pick up to insane levels. As it stands it was good, but not something thats gonna get stuck in my head
26 Whysper The Mighty Jarl of Skellige (Legacy) Gwent The Mighty Jarl of Skellige (Legacy) - YouTube 5.85 Feels very Witchery, which is a fine thing to be. I really ike how the music builds on itself adding strings then even more and more instruments.
25 Arete Battle In The Heavens (Dragon Quest VIII) Dragon Quest 9 Dragon Quest IX - Battle In The Heavens (Dragon Quest VIII) - YouTube 5.95 The Dragon Quest soundtrack is so nostalgic for me. It was the RPG that got me into the genre specifically 9. I can just picture fighting cruelcumbers and platypunks. I don’t think i can hate anything from this series.
24 mansnicks Gun Metal Grey (First World Bank) PayDay 6 I know i said the repitiveness of Hades song didn’t do it for me, but something about the electronic feeling of this just slaps. I played the shit out of Payday 2 so I have heard the new version in that game a good bit.
23 orangeandblack5 [A] Best of Times World of Goo Best of Times - World of Goo - YouTube 6.25 The Neir like gibberish lyrics caught me by suprise. The drums too are just solid throughout the piece. The somberish end and the real pause in the music for the church bells kinda pulled me out tho.
22 Egix Dr Wily 1 MegaMan 7 Mega Man 7 - Dr Wily 1 - YouTube 6.3 Wasn’t a fan of the intro, but I started enjoying it more as it went on. It feels like an uphill climb to the end of a long fought battle.
21 Insanity Dedede’s Royal Payback Kirby Triple Deluxe Dedede´s Royal Payback - Kirby Triple Deluxe - YouTube 6.35 A Classic. Dedede’s themes always slap. Only problem i know the hell out of these songs. This rendition of it is one of my favorite ones
20 Brad K.I.Feeling Killer Instinct K.I. Feeling (Original Arcade Soundtrack) - YouTube 6.4 I love the vocals in this. Idk which streamer it is (Prob Maximilliondude) but i have heard it on his stream before or at least the KILLER! parts of it. When it gets later and its just moans its bit weirder tho and prob cant listen to that outloud or i would get looks.
19 MyNameIsNothing [East] Opening Ape Escape Opening / オープニング (Movie Version) - YouTube 6.5 One of my childhood favorite games. I could legitmately hum this all day. Just catching monkeys and traveling through time. Legit just pulls ya into the game. Hopefully this gets the remaster treatment like Spyro and Crash. Also fun trivia, first game to require the use of the second analog stick.
18 orangeandblack5 [B] City of Tears Hollow Knight Hollow Knight OST - City of Tears - YouTube 6.6 Not to be a game journalist but the deep sadness and ambiance of the beginning of this piece feels like Dark Souls. Just the dread and unknown of what your walking into. But unlike dark souls there is positivity in there gradually showing itself. There is hope. I love that there is gradual change in the music
17 Dobby [A] Moonsong (Outer Wall) Cave Story Cave Story OST - T24: Moonsong (Outer Wall) - YouTube 6.75 I liked how this song felt like it was constantly evolving as the song went on. The ending of it was really good
16 thepigeonnyc + thedovenyc Spicy Calamri Inkantation Splatoon 2 Spicy Calamari Inkantation - Splatoon 2 [OST] - YouTube 6.9 I loved the version of this song in the og splatoon, but this version is just as amazing if not better.
15 GGhana [A] Stone Cold (3-1 Cold with Shopkeeper) Crypt of the NecroDancer Crypt of the Necrodancer OST - Stone Cold (3-1 Cold with Shopkeeper) - YouTube 7 Lmao. Was not expecting some dude going full opera there with this electronic synth song. I think that suprise with how well it goes with the song, really just made me appreciate thje piece alot.
14 Kane Phendrana Drifts Metroid Prime Metroid Prime Music- Phendrana Drifts - YouTube 7.1 Atmospheric af. I just feel like I can picture this world without even have played this game. Picturing like sandy dunes or just a quiet forest or the fridgid cold. I love when music can do that. Overall this piece didnt have me bopping just chillaxing and thats still great.
13 KyoDaz Eternity Blue Dragon Blue Dragon Music Soundtrack Eternity - YouTube 7.25 I like the instrumental a lot. The lyrics were okay, super repitive with him saying this is the beginning like 7 times. If its the beginning why does it happen 7 times.
12 Cowboy Bob You’ve got to Walk Kentucky Route Zero "You've Got To Walk" by The Bedquilt Ramblers (Kentucky Route Zero) - YouTube 7.4 The madman said he would submit a country song for every category and he sure did. I think the vocalists both did a great job. And the banjo was fun.
11 clonedcheese No Way Back Cats! (Personal Project) No Way Back - YouTube 7.5 I loved when this song went in. The whistlely high pitch noises reminded me so much of One winged angels with their sudden inclusions. The duller parts between the big action of songs could use some more juice but keep it dude. I dont know how well it fits for a game project about bean cats but it feels like a love letter rpg games.
10 Mistyx Upkeeper (wep’keer) Okami Okami Soundtrack - Upkeeper (Wep'keer) - YouTube 7.75 Super serene and calming, I feel like this is something I would put on if I just wanted to relax. And then that halfway point just opens it so much more, feels like ur just running through a forest as the wind blows past you.
9 Mixolydia In the Flame Pyre Pyre Original Soundtrack - In the Flame - YouTube 7.9 I really liked the vocals in this piece. They really made it a much more enjoyable piece. Solid
8 orangeandblack5 [D] Narwhal (Tower) Rouge Legacy Narwhal (Tower) - YouTube 8 Im feeling this one. Like words aint coming to my head, but it just felt good. I love the mix of NES sounding beeps mixed with live instruments, just feels good and different.
7 leetic Folsense Professor Layton & The Diabolical Box Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box OST - Folsense - YouTube 8.1 God this hits you right in the gut with how sad this song feels. Could definitly add it to one of those Fuck life Im staring out into the rain playlists with fragrance of dark coffee and the roost. Loved it. Adding this game to my list
6 Bloobird Last Voyage Spiritfarer Last Voyage - Max LL - YouTube 8.15 Not to repeat myself with other submissions but this is just some nice calm music, something that I could listen to late at night to get myself sleepy, I like it.
5 WindwardAway Dew Point Risk of Rain Chris Christodoulou - Dew Point | Risk of Rain (2013) - YouTube 8.25 Never played the first one, but heard endlessly about its soundtrack. And ooooooooh boy it didn’t fail in that regard at all. Its amazing, and Imm have to check the rest of this soundtrack later. Guess it wasn’t to hard when i loved the sequels music.
4 MyNameIsNothing [West] Side A - 01 : Boss of Nova Pause Ahead Pause Ahead Side A - 01 : Boss of Nova - YouTube 9 A game I never heard of with a bop thats just a pair made in heaven. It really reminded me of just like adventuring into the unknown. The chorus is just so catchy. I downloaded the Newgrounds engine just to try this game after i listened to it. Such a solid choice
3 Shad [A] Land of Flames, The Sky Xak: The Art of Visual Stage [♫] Xak: The Art of Visual Stage - Land of Flames, The Sky - YouTube 9.25 Its catchy as hell, and from a game that i never heard of. Super solid sub. Looked at the game and as much as the music slaps, prob wont touch a game that old
2 Shad [B] Title Screen Solstice Solstice Music (NES) - Title Screen Theme - YouTube 9.5 Never would of expected this song to slap so hard from the okayish opening. This song uses all of the NES’s soundcard to make such a awesome theme for a title screen. Something that usually doesnt have more than a ten second loop during this period of time. Just variedness and just the shock of such a good track of old game i never heard of is super awesome.
1 Squirrel2412 Transcending, Overpowering, Everlasting Bug Fable Bug Fables OST - 81 - Transcending, Overpowering, Everlasting - YouTube 9.75 This got me tapping my feet and fingers almost instantly. I loved and then all the transistions omg this was fantastic. All the beats and instruments just played into eachother, slowing up and down. The only thing i have heard about this game before was its like TTYD and now I want to pick it up.

Rainy Daze

46th Place: Seal - Kiss From A Rose (Acoustic)
GGhana [A]


I’m gunna get canceled for this but I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really don’t like this song. Like really. Sorry
It gets a pity point bc i feel bad


45th Place: Dan Black ft. Kid Cudi - Symphonies


Very generic 2000s pop song. This kinda music isn’t for me, sorry fren.


44th Place: Everlast - White Trash Beautiful


I really don’t like this. weh. Its just… idk its not good. His voice makes me wanna punch him in the face (except not really) (ok kinda really).


43rd Place: Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World


A classic tbh. Unfortunately this song happened to play every single goddamn day where I used to work and hearing it makes me wanna rip my ears off lmao
I don’t wanna be at work rn
Retail sux


42nd Place: Trammel Starks - Brighter Days


weather channel music
no way we listen to more than a minute of this


41st Place: Playing Rapunzel - Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine


Hi Arete lol
I guess this has rainy day vibes but I’m just not super into it sorry. I’m not a fan of this super dramatic kind of singing
Maybe it’d be better if it had visuals, cuz it def sounds like its from a musical


40th Place: Bug Fables OST - Termite Capitol


Ok ngl this isn’t thaaat bad
It’s definitely background music for a videogame tho lol and it doesn’t go anywhere or do anything. Its the kinda song you hear for 3 hours straight since theres no option to turn off the sound/music on your mobile game then its stuck in your head for the next week and you delete the app because you can’t stand one more second of it


39th Place: SVRCINA - Meet Me On The Battlefield


I have a feeling some ppl are gunna say I robbed this one tbh. I think the production is good and it definitely has rainy day vibez but i just… can’t do the super overdramatic voice and generic/lazy lyrics sorry fren


38th Place: Daft Punk ft. Julian Casablancas


This is uh definitely a daft punk song lol
I’m kinda bored by this sorry. My old coworker LOVED this song and i never understood why. It’s like a 5 minute long outro


37th Place: The Killers - West Hills


New Killers stuff? :eyes:
I feel like I’m supposed to like this but I don’t. Weh. Brandon Flowers sounds like he doesn’t wanna be here and he’s just singing this to get it over with so he can get paid and go home. The instruments are kinda all over the place and don’t rly match what he’s doing


36th Place: Ilaria Graziano - dew
orangeandblack5 [E]


Not for me, sorry. It was cool for like 30 seconds then I got kinda tired of it. Also the random pop-ins that feel like its gunna turn into a kpop song are rly offputting lol. It does have rainy day vibes tho


35th Place: Eevee’s Song


I’m a pirate. Cool composition but i don’t particularly vibe w/ it and its not rly rainy day. Also it sounds like it came right outta musescore


34th Place: A Shell in the Pit - Sailing With The Coffee Pirates


I’m a pirate again. This is okay. Very videogamey, not very rainy day, and definitely made for kids.


33rd Place: Jessica Pratt - This Time Around
MyNameIsNothing [West]


Okay so this started off super promising and I was totally digging the guitar and I really like the instruments, but her voice just idk it sounds like shes summoning satan. Something about the whistleyness bugs me a lot. Def has rainy day vibes though so gj there yeah


32nd Place: Del Amitri - Be My Downfall


Is this a Jesus song
This sounds straight up like a Jesus song if you just change the lyrics - his voice and the chord progression and the melody all scream Jesus
I don’t like his voice but this is ok


31st Place: Matt Uelmen - Tristram Village
Shad [B]


Army of goblins boutta attack. This isn’t rainy day vibes but it is kinda cool tho lol


30th Place: Homestuck - Do You Remem8er Me


It’s cool. Doesn’t go anywhere tho. Videogamey. Fake flutes dont rly do it for me - I hate synthesized instruments with a passion. It’s exactly ok. Wouldnt listen to it on a rainy day


29th Place: Elbow - Lay Down Your Cross
Shad [A]


yeahhhh no im sorry fren. this kiinda bores me and just feels really really lazy and slowwww. i like the instruments quite a bit tho - brass is always cool


28th Place: Lizz Robinett - Ikanaide Acoustic Ver.


Sounds like its from an anime maybe? I think this would be better with uh context and like visuals. She has a good voice but idk man its the dramatics and theatrics that get me


27th Place: Alexey Omelchuk - The Farewell


Cooool. Don’t rly like the fake-sounding metallic guitar picking. Those aren’t real instruments idt, why does it have to be synthesized wehh. The climax was meh i wanted MORE. Cool rythms tho. Kindaaaaa rainy day but more sad rainy day walking thru a field of bodies. Maybe i’d like this more if it was like a real orchestra performing it? Idk


26th Place: The Altogether - See the Day


I dont rly like their voice like at all but I like everything else. The first instrumental section is rad. The voice is too loud and like… idk it feels like they’re talking to me like im a dumb little child like all “ohhh honey noo no thats not how u do it here lemme show u (:”


25th Place: Tame Impala - Lost in Yesterday
orangeandblack5 [D]


Too upbeat for a rainy day yo. I’m vibin but i don’t think i’d listen to this again. Feels like a gym/party song - gym sounds kinda cringe i wanna be lazy on a rainy day


24th Place: The Doors - Riders on the Storm


Ahhhhh Need for Speed Underground 2 i missed u. Classic song, makes me feel like i’m drifting in the rain and crashing into a lot of lightpoles. This song has never really been my fav tho and i think i’m sick of it after hearing it every 5 seconds in Need for Speed when i was a kiddo


23rd Place: Mori Calliope - end of a life
orangeandblack5 [C]


is this a vtuber
its probably a vtuber
Def catfit and it’s produced well and flows well but it doesn’t rly vibe with me idk weh i wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to this sorry. it’s not my thing - but i know its def some ppl’s thing lol


22nd Place: Svavar Knútur - Emotional Anorexic
Dobby [B]


I love the intro and outro, but the lyrics and his voice are just kinda meh to me. It drags and after a while makes me bored and depressed. Very very pretty though tbh


21st Place: Crowded House - Don’t Dream It’s Over
orangeandblack5 [B]


This reminds me of being in the car with my dad when he didnt have an aux so we had to listen to his CDs. VERY nostalgic. Rainy day vibes for sure yeah. Idk its super solid its just never rly been my fav meh. Sorry dad


20th Place: Liquid Tension Experiment - View from the Mountaintop


This is rainy day anime scene vibes lol. I personally wouldn’t listen to this on a rainy day but I can see the appeal in this typa thing. Buildup to guitar solo is cool. WHY is there a keyboard solo tho noooooo why wehhhhh it ruined my vibe


19th Place: Varroa - Up For Air


Okay this is kinda cool tbh. Maybe it’s like rainy day as you strafe across a battlefield to pewpew some people. There’s a little sequence of notes around like 0:50 (and in the background at other points) that sounds like terraria music lol. I actually am really enjoying this. I wouldn’t chill out to it on a rainy day but it’s def super hype and also done v well lol. Wonder if its on beatsaber


18th Place: Grandbrothers - Bloodflow


This is Darude - Sandstorm’s little sister that never made it big and couldn’t live up to her parent’s expectations.
I think it’s very chill and actually kinda good tbh - the buildup is done well. This is the type of thing I listen to when playing Overwatch to hype myself up but not distract myself too much lol. It gets to a point where the repetition and similarity to Darude - Sandstorm is a little much, and I think I’d like this more if it was like a minute shorter


17th Place: Goldfrapp - Cologne Cerrone Houdini
GGhana [B]


This isn’t really doing anything for me. As per usual I love the instruments (and I espec love a good bass), but her voice is ehhhh. The song is pretty but there’s something about how dramatic she sounds and her pitch that makes me weh.


16th Place: Ohzora Kimishima - きさらぎ
MyNameIsNothing [East]


Catfit for sure. It’s cool. It’s chill. It’s nice. But it’s not for me. I was just thinking “wow this is a song you listen to when you’re trouble getting to sleep huh” then the guitar hit LMAO


15th Place: Plàsi - Too Far


Rainy vibes right off the bat. It’s good but nothing more. The vocals feel too loud and the mixing is meh - it’s offputting and turns this from a very beautiful song into Too Much. Love the vibes but idk if i’d go out of my way to listen to this again unless there was a remaster


14th Place: Ásgeir - Going Home (The Toe Rag Acoustic Sessions)


Ooooo. Love the guitars. Something about his voice kinda bugs me which is weird cuz I’m usually a fan of this kinda thing? I can’t put my finger on it I’m sorry. Harmonies are mmm. Chill unplugged goodness - good catfit imo. This song doesn’t particularly do anything for me though and doesn’t feel special. I really like it though upon a third listen and wow now I feel like I’m scoring this too low but idfk what to move aaaaaa awudkhwakawwak walrusing is hard im sorry aaa


13th Place: Paul-Marie Barbier - Melancolia


So calm and pretty. There’s nothing special to this but it makes me feel comfortable and warm. Also makes me want a pizza. Or a coffee. Or a blanket and a cat to cuddle. Or all of the above. I love this a lot and it’s absolutely going on the study playlist. I feel so torn placing it here rather than higher because it’s legitimately soooo pretty but at the same time it feels sorta like background music rather than something i’d seek out and listen to just to listen to it. Ty for this, fren.


12th Place: Sofia Mills - Coffee Breath


I feel like enjoying this song makes me hella basic, but I really do like this lol. It was stuck in my head for like 3 days the first time I listened to it, and it’s super catchy and fun to sing along to. It’s a bittt repetitive and doesn’t really go anywhere, and the outro is sudden and meh, but I love this kinda unplugged bedroom pop stuff. Mmmmm. This is the theme song of ugg boots and pumpkin spice latte


11th Place: Simon & Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair/Canticle
thepigeonnyc + thedovenyc


Absolute classic. Sooooo good but cmon gimme something new and fresh. Very rainy day vibey and very nostalgic and good and all the things but unfortunately I’ve heard this song like a million times - still not tired of it tho


10th Place: Peter, Paul and Mary - Puff, the Magic Dragon
orangeandblack5 [A]


Similar to the song before this it almost feels unfair to give this such a high score because this is hella well known and also a very nostalgic piece for me - my dad used to play this on guitar when I was really young. I don’t think I’ve ever fully listened to this song until now though and paid attn to the little intricacies. Mmmmm


9th Place: Kings of Convenience - Cayman Islands


Wow I love the guitars and the harmonies. This is so pretty. Idk what else to say lol it’s very pretty. It’s very mmm and comfy. There’s something about one of the dude’s voices that sorta bugs me but I can’t put my finger on why it’s just like idk it feels theatrical i guess? This is too short i want mooooore :sob:


8th Place: Tally Hall - Spring and a Storm


Abbbsolutely rainy day yep yep. This song is really cool! This usually isn’t my style but this slaps. The big ol’ blast into the meat of the song was super nice dang. This song has ‘clouds are parting and theres a rainbow poggers’ vibes. I rly hate children’s voices/singing in songs, and the super low fake bass voice also makes me go ehhhh, but everything else is really really fun. The 3/4 timesig part rocks, and the outro is cool i love guitar outros (and the rain sounds lmao). I might be robbingish this lol maybe this deserves to be higher ohwellze


7th Place: Little Tybee - For Distant Viewing


The guitar and upbeat stacatto sections of this song make this sound like a trip to the beach - clear skies and wide open space. Def not rainy day vibes to me, but it’s a really good song lol I love this. LOVE the instruments - don’t particularly care for their voice but it at least fits with the song. I felt so many emotions while listening to this lol what a rollercoaster - the slowww more melancholy outro ties it all together v well and makes you sad that its over. Would place this higher if it were in a more fitting category. Very gouda


6th Place: Don McLean - Vincent


Every song of his just makes me think of American Pie lol. The marimba/vibraphone kinda give it an oceany feel, and while this song is absolutely beautiful it feels more like going to bed after a long day than chillin out on the couch in a storm. This song has mad nostalgic vibes even though I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before. The mallets somewhat ruin the vibe for me but this is overall a very solid and pretty song.


5th Place: Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit - Alabama Pines
Cowboy Bob


This is real country. This is the good stuff. This is absolutely beautiful and chill and I’d 100% jam to it on a sadge rainy day. I love the instruments and his voice is also fantastic and it all just flows and fits rly well its so good. Country haters can eat me tbh


4th Place: DaysNDaze - My Darling Dopamine


lol i love this right off the bat
his voice kinda annoys me but like dude wtf folk punk is so fuckin good
the trumpet is amazing and the banjo is amazing and the vibes are just yes pls mhm yup
very rainy day too yes good
this absolutely slaps


3rd Place: The Oh Hellos - Constellations


I had to doublecheck to make sure this wasn’t one of my example tracks - but it was def in my list of top artists. This is legitimately one of my favorite songs to ever exist, and if I hadn’t heard it about 5000 times it’d be in first place. Sorry fren
(Yeah I’m being a hypocrite and scoring this high when I scored other songs i’m familiar with lower. get owned)


2nd Place: Joy Kills Sorrow - Was It You


Fuck yes. I love this tbh. I’m digging the singer’s voice and the strings - the CELLO??? HELLO??? mmmmm. Banjo is also goated. Absolutely has rainy day vibes too. This is everything I like about music shoved into a single song. This and the 1st place song have switched places a lot because I love them both so much lol. It came down to which I think fits the cat more and unfortunately the other one beat this - but this is incredibly beautiful. Thank you for this tbh

also the vid’s length is 4:20


1st Place: Beirut - Postcards From Italy
Dobby [A]


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. God this is amazing lol. I love the muffled trumpets and the vocals and uke and the v i b e s - the instrumental section is just like wtf mmmm aaaa. Absolutely fantastic song - there isn’t anything I dislike about it, and I’d absolutely listen to this on a rainy day tbh. gg





Transitions / Bridges / Interludes

Total Scores

1 Point
  1. Insanity - 【English Chorus】Alice in N.Y.【10人英语合唱】 - YouTube

If I had one word to describe this it would be “bodged”
I’m not really a fan of covers, especially covers of foreign languages, because the lyrics usually get screwed up. Put it on top of a bunch of different people and it takes away the element of what a song means to a singer. But that’s just my opinion.

  1. Nanook - Don't Stop The Music - YouTube

I love Rihanna but I really cannot stand this song, sorry, it’s a combination of being overplayed and I just generally don’t like it for me
Definitely more of a Loud fan.

  1. Kane - Kanye West- All of the Lights (FULL W/ INTERLUDE) (CDQ/HD) - YouTube

I actually can’t with Kanye he’s just SO bad I’m really sorry but I like, if there’s one thing on this world that I would remove Kanye’s music would be nowhere near the bottom

  1. GGhana [A] - Gumi English - Housewife Radio ( Radio Meme Song ) [ EPILEPSY WARNING ] - YouTube

The best part about this song is that it gave me the idea that I should drop the minimum points you can get from positive 1 to negative 1000 and how hilarious that would look on Bloobird’s spreadsheet
In all seriousness this song just didn’t vibe with me, don’t really like any vocaloid except very specific Hatsune Miku songs

  1. MaximusPrime - Flume - Holdin On - YouTube

Yeah just not my thing sorry

2 Points
  1. Brad - Do You Call My Name - YouTube

I thought I’d really enjoy the song from it’s intro: but the change into metal was really meh. The song itself is not my thing, sorry.

  1. Squirrel2412 - Bug Fables OST - 24 - Oh No! WASPS!! - YouTube

Idk I feel like it’s a bit too repetitive and just doesn’t vibe with me
Not really into that 8-bit music or whatever bit it is

  1. thepigeonnyc + thedovenyc - Welcome to My World - YouTube

It’s more old people music I can’t with old people music and it’s too slow ya can’t vibe with it

  1. marmot - The Shins - Phantom Limb [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube

It’s dad music and too slow ya not my thing it gets better when he sings higher tho

3 Points
  1. Emilia - Overlord - "Clattanoia" | ENGLISH Ver | AmaLee (feat. Jonathan Young) - YouTube

Yeah kinda dislike English covers of song and this is a bit too forcefully upbeat don’t really like it
Lyrics don’t make any sense as well

  1. Mistyx - 【Yohioloid】 The Distortionist【Original Song】 - YouTube

It’s got good ideas for a disturbing atmosphere: the lyrics are sinister and the speech towards the end that turns unintelligible also helps with that. But the backing track is so upbeat that it conflicts with the atmosphere the vocals setup if that makes sense? I like the fast beat, the backing track is decent (the synth keyboard is good, especially the effect at 4:05) but the lyrics and backing track failing to sync are the falling point of this song imo.

  1. orangeandblack5 [D] - [Non-youtube link] (The Beatles)

Yeah I only like one song from the Beatles and it’s probably only because it was in the Bee Movie they’re kinda old people’s music

  1. TheAltInOurStars - Theme for Scanty & Knee Socks - YouTube

Isn’t really anything special imo soz

4 Points
  1. Mixolydia - To The Blade - YouTube

I FUCKING SHIT MYSELF WHEN HE STARTED SCREAMING FOR THE FIRST TIME. Effective transition if you want to scare someone shitless. I was busy enjoying quite a low pitched song a bit like George Ezra tbh. And then he started screaming and went for high notes and ruined the whole thing. Rip.

  1. DatBird - Daft Punk ft. Paul Williams - Touch (Official Audio) - YouTube

Bit too slow for me until the middle of the track sorry, I think the length of the track might’ve contributed to this as well

  1. orangeandblack5 [B] - How Will I Know - YouTube

I like the instrumental in this song and lyrics but that’s about it tbh.

  1. Syn - Inova - Disowned - YouTube

Decent backing track and decent vocals. Not terrible

5 Points
  1. clonedcheese - Homestuck Vol.8 - 32 Infinity Mechanism - YouTube

Sounds like something made from a make-your-own-music type app like GarageBand. Definitely not my type of thing. The violin was pleasantly surprising though: one of my favourite instruments. Would’ve been nice if it lasted a bit longer.

  1. Shad [A] - Lysergic Bliss - YouTube

Forgot a write-up

  1. orangeandblack5 [A] - Everybody Wants To Rule The World - YouTube

God damn it, it’s more old people music but at least it’s not bad. I like the synth and how upbeat it is. It’s okay.

  1. Dobby [B] - Wow - YouTube

I think it’s a song to create atmosphere or for use in other creative arts than to just listen to it as a song. Cool sinister atmosphere, really unique, but it’s not asking me to listen to it constantly.

  1. Marshal - Neil Cicierega - Friends - YouTube

I mean I could see this actually being used as a transition for SOMETHING
Someone decided to interpret the category a bit too literally and I live for it

  1. Bloobird - QT - Hey QT - YouTube

This song is so fucking dreadful that it works so well
I swear I’ve saw a woman just like her holding hairspray before
Mountain dew chugging girlfriend vibes and I live for those

  1. EliThePsycho - Lin-Manuel Miranda & Ben Platt - Found/Tonight (Official Video) - YouTube

The piano & violin is good, the high-pitched voice guy at the start is good, totally sounds like a musical which is cool.

6 Points
  1. Whysper - Linkin Park & Evanescence - Numb Life (Official Video) - Mashup Numb & Bring Me To Life - YouTube

Pretty good mashup with good transitions of the vocals and backing tracks. Amy’s voice is so overtuned tho and high pitched that it’s gritting to listen to. Linkin Park was done well though.

  1. Egix - [Electro] - Pegboard Nerds - Disconnected [Monstercat Release] - YouTube

Definitely one of the better electro-synth royalty-free type music from Monstercat. It’s a song I would enjoy playing in something like Geometry Dash.

  1. GGhana [B] - Tiësto - Sweet Misery (Original Mix) (With Lyrics) - YouTube

Pretty decent. Sounds like an intro song to something sci-fi space: Halo, Destiny and if you take a reach even Dead Space vibes. The singer blends really well with the backing track.

  1. mansnicks - 4 Chords | Music Videos | The Axis Of Awesome - YouTube

For a very non-serious mashup it’s really not bad. The way they portrayed Avril Lavigne’s Complicated is pure murder, though. Loved the Lady Gaga cosplay. Took me through my favourite decade of music again (with random Robert Burns in there as well wtf)

  1. orangeandblack [E] - These Are The Lies - YouTube

Backing track is good, the bridge is EPIC but those lyrics make me feel like I’m listening to Justin Bieber pre-Purpose album.

  1. WindwardAway - The Criminal - YouTube

What resonance much wow. Has just enough emo that it isn’t overwhelming and is pretty good.

  1. Nerbins - Yakuza 3 OST - Fly ~In-Game Ver~ - YouTube

I can vibe with this
I like the change into more of a rock-type song at around 1:33
Has epic boss theme type feeling
Kinda feels like Mortal Kombat mixed with Street Fighter vibes but more Kung Fu

  1. Shad [B] - Finntroll - Under Varje Rot Och Sten - YouTube

The first half was meh but once it transitioned into the much, much catchier better half (when the guy screamed) it was really good. Fun elder scroll/skyrim/oblivion/witcher vibes.

  1. Karma_Dope - Epica - Sancta Terra (feat Floor Jansen) Live Retrospect show - YouTube

Whoever set the volume on that guitar higher than their mics needs fired. Their voices are amazing and have the great control needed for hitting high notes in metal. I feel like their really good high notes’d have been amplified if the volume was raised. Great performance but audio production dropped the ball here.

  1. MyNameIsNothing [East] - [MV] KARA(카라) _ Mamma Mia(맘마미아) - YouTube

Really upbeat, cool, fluid. I like it. Love the chorus.

  1. nutella - The Temper Trap - Love Lost (Official Audio) - YouTube

Pretty decent song. I feel like the really soft backing track compliments the song and guitar greatly. Good sub.

  1. Cowboy Bob - You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man) - Loretta Lynn (Country Cover) ft. Kitty Hawk - YouTube

The harmony is good, great transition to the faster tempo and the singer fits the country genre really well. Sounds like something I’d hear on Fallout 4 radio tbh. Quite good.

  1. eevee - [Non-youtube link] (Self-made remix)

I really liked the transitions in this one
The triangle or whatever was playing is surprisingly good
But I don’t really like the last two songs at the end, though the first two were done very well

7 Points
  1. ignoramus - Gorillaz ft. Madonna - Feel Good Inc & Hung Up live at Grammy Awards 2006 - YouTube

That guitar into Hung Up is iconic. I’ve never heard a Gorillaz song before but was pleasantly surprised with it. The “ring ring ring goes the telephone” lyric was awesome. I like lyrics that change slighly but so well in studio vs live versions. Unfortunately I feel like Madonna’s voice kinda drops in live, tho

  1. Simon - Stream Timber by Simon | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Really solid I-own-my-own-farm-esque song. Enjoyed it and I haven’t heard very much like it ever. Risk sub, good sub, well done. Loved the instruments.

Song really falls off as it progresses after 2:16. Was hoping that beat drop was going to be iconic and legendary but it just wasn’t. The pickup at 4:53 should’ve been the pickup at 2:16.

  1. sulit - Passion Pit - Take A Walk (Audio) - YouTube

Start sucked pretty terribly but it picked up after that. It’s pretty good. Chorus and backing track totally carries this song; reminds me of Fireflies SO MUCH. Puts imagery in my head of being at a great party and you’re the last one there looking at the aftermath with the “Happy Birthday” signs worn out and stuff. Drums make me feel like I’m marching onwards into the future after pleasantly bad times.

  1. leetic - Silence and I - YouTube

Slow, disney-like piano and woodwind into orchestral bass and guitar to some weird witcher style music that I could only describe as “music you’d hear when entering elven territory” into army/star wars kinda marching music into a mix of them both back into the marching music and then electric guitar?? Really unique and captures the essence of this category. Good sub.

  1. orangeandblack [C] - Chorus (2009 Remaster) - YouTube

I thought this was going to be old people dad music from the start. It wasn’t that, well… it kinda is. But it’s not bad old people music! It’s actually a really good beat. I was pleasantly surprised. And wow, when they both start singing at the same time (2.05) is really good. Wow. Sounds like something that’d play on the Friday the 13th: The Game radio.

  1. Arete - "Devil Went Down To Georgia" performed by Natalie Stovall - YouTube

That fiddle is going insane and in the best way possible. I love it, it’s so fast, it’s so upbeat and it works so well.

9 Points
  1. Dobby [A] - Style Of Eye feat Soso - Kids (Official Video) - YouTube

Wow I really like the singer. The lyrics are really all over the place but she’s got brilliant vocals and the synthetic effect on her voice compliments her really well (kinda like Believe by Cher).
Also holy shit that bridge at 2:26 sounds like something from Nicki Minaj I love it

10 Points (Winner)
  1. MyNameIsNothing [West] - Magdalena Bay - The Beginning (Official Audio) - YouTube into Magdalena Bay - The End (Official Audio) - YouTube

This song is CELESTIAL. I love the backing track, the vocals are godlike and it flows like an open, peaceful ocean. You nailed the category perfectly and captured it’s essence with a transition between two entirely different songs. I’ve listened to this song so much (124 scrobbles since I got my songs from Arete)

1 Like

katze rankings!!!

Explanation of how i did rankings and stuff

hi hello

it’s me, that one person who did a walrus in record pace. have i milked that joke yet? no? okay well you know what they say… slow and steady wins the race. unfortunately wiml is not here to accompany me :pensive:

in a decision that i regretted like halfway through… i rated each song with the following critiera (in order):

0-10 (song rating)
0-1 (catfit)
0-2 (familiarity)

up to a maximum of 13!

there’s a few ties, once i finished grading all the songs i tried to get rid of all of the ties in the top 10 (so every song but a couple have scorings that are only 1 decimal, but a couple have a second one because they won my tiebreaker!)

honestly i expect this to go poorly because i was pretty indecisive and my first scorings and second scorings were relatively different (iirc the top 10 changed 7 out of the 10 songs?)

i regret my first (and maybe only) walrus being this large and this… broad of a category. sorry for it taking this long, between some health issues, some mafia, a lot of forgetting, and a shitload of procrastination, this finally DID get done!!! :joy_cat:

also when i reveal the songs im not revealing who submitted it immediately because i think it’s fun when people guess. if i forget to name it before the next song yell at me please :wowee:

oh also some of the songs are definitely pretty nsfw/might be uncomfortable to some people lyrically, i’ll try to mark them but i miiiiight not catch them all so… beware, i guess :joy_cat:

45th Place - Egix

4.2 + 1 + 0 = 5.2

babymetal is a thing i’ve just never really been a huge fan of, which is weird because the stark contrast between the vocals and the metal is something i find really funny but… idk, just never really liked it very much despite the fact i think i should. the insturments are decent. everything else? nah. i really just can’t. call it a robbery but i’m not stealing your possessions im stealing your life, how dare you like a song that i should like but don’t? you really should have known better, TBQFH.

44th Place - Syn

3.4 + 0 + 2 = 5.4

this song and music video are a fever dream and i want to wake up from it

the message is there and it’s a good one but beyond that i don’t really get anything from this song

i guess i could comment that the music video is raw in a way that i think is kinda cool but this is reaallllly stretching it

43rd Place - Mistyx

Set It Off - Kill The Lights
6 + 1 + 0 = 7.0
Set It Off - Kill The Lights (Lyric Video) - YouTube

if you linked me this like… 6 years ago? id have been a bigger fan, but idk.

the songs fine? i liked it (and SIO in general) more years ago it’s kinda just vaguely passable noises in my ear now. imo the bridge is pretty garbage.

42nd Place - orangeandblack5 (C)

Minutes Til Midnight - Gospel of the Throttle (Drifters Op Remix)
4.4 + 1 + 2 = 7.4
Gospel of the Throttle (Drifters Op Remix) - YouTube

this song flat out isn’t good. but i don’t hate it? i think if i were barely focusing and just wanted some background noise this would be a pretty solid song because i can drown out “lyrics” and just listen to the guitar

that isn’t exactly a niche i needed filling for, though, i think most of my playlist does that but even better because i can zone back in and actually… listen to the music. you know, like a normal person.

41st Place - Ampharos

Blood Command - Cult Drugs
5 + 1 + 1.5 = 7.5

i feel like this song has a lot of things i… normally like in music? but i just… don’t like this song very much? i’ve listened to some of their other music in the past (and even now) and this song just. feels worse to me? song feels low quality.

i feel like a lawnmower is on in the background. i like her voice but i don’t like it? idfk.

get robbed ig. subbed the wrong blood command song imo

40th Place - Emilia

Miura Jam - Rightfully (Goblin Slayer Cover)
4.6 + 1 + 2 = 7.6

sick insturmentals, but i just can’t get behind the vocals here at all and it honestly kinda just ruins this song for me, none of it feels right and if i listened to this blindly i’d probably easily be able to identify it as a cover by that? i listened to the original version of this out of curiosity and thought it was way better even without the sick guitar :joy_cat:

also im taking off a point for how she pronounces “biscuits” that is WRONG and DISGUSTING AND THE ORIGINAL WEEB TRASH SAYS IT CORRECTLY???(but i put it back cause the 2nd half of the song redeemed that a bit)

39th Place - Nerbins

Peritune - Havoc
4.7 + 1 + 2 = 7.7

well, it’s royalty free and that means if i ever hear this again i should lower my expectations for whatever it’s surrounding

don’t get me wrong, it’s better than the above line would suggest, there are moments that sound kinda decent and it reminds me of a different submission from this walrus (this is likely placing lower) and vaguely like a song i feel like could fit in a playstation dragon ball z game? y’know, if they didn’t steal the music

honestly im p shook that someone subbed royalty free music to a walrus

if there’s one thing i’ll give this it’s that if you took it and spliced it into pieces and then took the bad pieces of it and made them less bad then this song would be less bad

…wow that is quite possibly the most worthless thing i’ve ever typed. translation: the lows are super low and the highs are pretty alright, if you made the lows better than this would be pretty solid

listening to this a few times in quick succession has made me want to play budokai 3 and that is a praise that no other song (bar a potential stratovarius sub) will get here and frankly thats pretty high praise tbh but it doesn’t change the fact that you subbed royalty free music to a walrus what the fuck (everyone who placed lower than this is effectively getting ratioed)

also this sounds suspiciously like homestuck music (wink wink nudge nudge)

38th Place - WindwardAway

Herra Ylppö & Ihmiset - Horros
4.8 + 1 + 2 = 7.8
Herra Ylppö & Ihmiset - Horros - YouTube

even when finnish people are screaming in my ears they still sound depressed (look no offense to anyone who’s finnish but i’m right)

this doesn’t really hook me? its not… terrible, but i don’t think it’s good

would probably be easier to like if i understood it but the song still feels p lifeless to me and its like. why would i really listen to this???

37/36th Place - Dobby (A)

Wardruna - Odal
5.4 + 0.5 + 2 = 7.9

this song is really cool? its like, not at all my style, and frankly i don’t actually see myself listening to it if my goal is to listen to music i like? but it’s cool and it’s super pretty! like, if i were to rate this from an objective pov it’d be way higher but this is my fucking domain so you LOSE (okay its still really cool) (i feel like this is an arete song) (if its not arete then arete you’d like this probably) im definitely rating this too high given the category but i think its cool so i dont care. nya.

37th/36th Place - orangeandblack5 (D) - Mild NSFW Warning

Ken Ashcorp - Touch Fluffy Tail
6.9 (nice) + 1 + 0 = 7.9

DO NOT CITE THE FLUFFY TAIL TO ME, <whoever submitted this, no, im not editing this later>, I WAS THERE WHEN IT WAS WRITTEN

tbh the songs better than i remembered. not quite a bop, but mmmm, y’know? catchy. kinda lingers in my head. bit of catjam.

not sure if im imagining it, but the sound quality feels particularly rough on this one. might just be a symptom of its time?

…is this song a meme song? it definitely makes me laugh. i dont parse it as one but maybe i should lol

whoever subbed this is officially a furry, sorry but i don’t make the rules. UwU

35th Place - NANOOK

Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
7 + 1 + 0 = 8

pretty bold sub in a cat that mentioned familiarity tbh. back when i played tf2 i used to have a knife named “back stabbath”

i’ve honestly not listened to a black sabbath song in quite a bit, most of their music i’d consider too slow for my tastes and this song doesn’t really count as an exception - its a good ass song but it’s not a katze song

34th Place - TheAltInOurStars (OB5)

RosalinaSama - Gangnamcut
6.4 + 1 + 1 = 8.4

first few seconds made me think someone subbed some nsfw shit LMAO

it… works better than it should? its not great, but… wait this dude gangnam styled the ENTIRE album? holy shit thats hilarious i love that

solid meme song :+1:


33rd Place - MyNameIsNothing (East)

5.6 + 1 + 2 = 8.6

the girl on the front of the album cover doesnt look very concerned with her position at all and that’s odd

we should vote her for her roleclaim. i bet shes mafia.

oh its just somewhat better and more obscure babymetal


cant wait to see how many people get pissed off by that

deal with it :polidab:

32nd Place - ignoramus

GameMetal - The Price of Doing Business (Shovel Knight Cover)
6.2 + 1 + 1.5 = 8.7

hm. i feel like the cymbals are out of place at times? like, i get why they’re there (if you listen to the original it’s clear what they’re in place of) but they Feel Wrong at times

when i gauge covers a big thing is like… “would i rather listen to this over the original”? and the answer to this one is a resounding “probably not”; and next would be along the lines of “is this special” (not really) or “is this still really good” (also not really)

that probably all sounds a lot more negative than my actual thoughts, cause this is fine? there are a couple really good moments and if i ignore the lost magic of the original (which i don’t hold against it too much because 8bit → metal is a weird jump) and view it as a standalone song i’d probably press replay on it once or twice

31st Place - DatBird

Naoki Hashimoto - The Roar of the Spark (Guilty Gear Strive OST)
7.8 + 1 + 0 = 8.8

i sure hope you don’t main ky kiske, dat (im not editing this if someone else subbed it, but i know im right)

i considered having that be my entire writeup and as funny as it’d be… it’d be a disservice, cause the GGS soundtrack FUCKS. it SLAPS. the bouncer lets them IN.

hmm. trying to think which character theme is my favorite now… time to listen to them all. again. :wowee:

wow they’re all good. i was gonna list my favorites but i listed more than half the characters lol (however special shoutouts to potemkin and axl cuz i think potemkins is the most meme worthy for obvious reasons and axls feels like the song an alternate universe katze would like the most but this-universe katze has somewhat mixed feelings about) also the dlc characters have banger tracks too damn i didnt even know they existed until today - the happy chaos theme is a mashup of… chaos. i love it. dont think it was out when you submitted this though so lolme

should i talk more about THIS song? nah. lets talk about the history of ky kiske, from someone who has no idea what the actual lore of guilty gear is.

ky kiske was born in 2003. his birth name was kyle, but he got bullied a lot so he shortened it to ky, because he thought that was cooler. it was not cooler. ky was bullied even more after that. he ran away to the land of gears, where he was bullied even MORE by sol badguy. thats why they’re rivals. (they’re rivals, right? they have that kinda :flushed::point_right::point_left:? energy to them)

after watching a bunch of super smash brothers melee for the nintendo gamecube, he discovered that if you’re super lame you can just get a sword and ledgecamp from his favorite player, mew2king. unfortunately, the gears removed all the ledges. that’s what the point of the spark is. so you can see he’s trying, and you won’t see him crying

so uh. i’ve also only laucnhed GGS twice. he’s kind of a zoner, right? short hop double fair kinda guy? idk. i know axl is more of a hard zoner

uh. anyway. the roar of the spark is actually kys anime high school song, he hums it to himself during gym class when he gets bullied for being built like a gay anime stick figure (also known as vanity.)

as the greek philosopher Naoki Hashimoto once said: “mankind knew they cannot change society. so instead of reflecting on themselves, they blamed the beasts.” - as a young soldier (oh by the way ky was in the army, this part of the story isnt rly that important tho and it probably gets retconned out in the next installment anyway) ky took that quote to heart and saught to be the change that mankind knew they needed but were unable to achieve.

as such, after graduating high school and enrolling in scrub university, ky immediately dropped out because he believed that college was a scam. in order to change society, ky kiske knew he must abolish colleges.

that is actually the plot of guilty gear strive; ki kiske is trying to abolish college while sol badguy (the protagonist with the funny ironic name) is trying to stop him. guilty gear is trying to brainwash us into thinking school is good. do not fall for it. HIS NAME IS LITERALLY SOL BADGUY HE IS OBVIOUSLY A BAD GUY??? why the fuck do i need to explain this to you you absolute sheeps

oh. and the song is good too i guess

30th Place - orangeandblack5 (E)

Royal Republic - Getting Along
7.5 + 1 + .5 = 9

oh hey a song i discovered through beat saber :joy_cat:

im probably biased but i enjoy it. p good song. not groundbreaking. never really slows down, the song just has a good energy to it tbh. villagery. gets pity familiarity points.


Elle King - Ex’s & Oh’s
7.2 + 1 + 1 = 9.2

not really my style but it honestly ain’t half bad and as i listened to it more and more it grew to me a bit… she has a really beautiful singing voice tbh. like if it was only half as good this song would probably score a lot lower but it’s just really good and it just fits?

and honestly? this shits mad catchy. first few listens i didnt expect it to catch on but tbh it kiiiiiiiiiiiiinda bangs??? huh. yeehaw, partner. (its the voice)

honestly, you’re scoring way higher than i expected you to, cowboy bob. well done tbfh.

28th Place - Kane

Finntroll - Can You Forgive Her?
6.3 + 1 + 2 = 9.3

i fucking adore the intro

the rest of the song is… not really my taste? idk the growly stuff never super appealed to me most of the time; i like the background insturmentals a lot and the… circussy feel? it’s a fun song. not a favorite.

27th Place - Simon (and Wisdom, by spirit)

MandoPony - Die Anywhere Else (Night in the Woods Cover)
7.4 + 1 + 1 = 9.4

i respect this cover quite a bit, because i think it’s a really good cover, but in terms of like. rating the song based off of how much i like it? its alright. if you put it on ill probably hum along or maybe sing a bit, but i dont really see myself coming back to it.

specifically i think it’s a cover that fits the source material pretty well and doesn’t do anything too wacky, i guess “adding vocals” is a big change but i think they’re fine.

this song/game kinda makes me sad. rest in peace, Alec.

26th Place - GGhana (A)

Danny Baranowsky - Metalmancy (Death Metal)
7 + 1 + 1.5 = 9.5

my first listen through of this made me motion to reinstall CotN; just to find out ive had it installed and just havent launched it in over 3 years. probably need to fix that. lol


the rest isn’t anything special??? like its p decent… but if i could get married to a 25 second snippet in music i’d probably be giving chloe some divorce papers cuz :hot_face::hot_face::hot_face:

25th/24th Place - orangeandblack5 (B)

Ghost - Square Hammer
8.6 + 1 + 0 = 9.6

i remember the first like 20 times i heard this song i thought “that you’re on the level” was “that you’re all alone” and i still sing it like that sometimes tbh. great song. big fan of the band, ive always kinda dug the satanic vibe? good band tbh.

25th/24th Place - eevee

6.5 + 1 + 2.1 = 9.6
yes i gave it an extra .1 because the submitter literally made this song

i’ve got mixed feelings about this.

on one hand? yeah it kinda slaps. like, if im zoned out and just want some nice sounds to go in and out of my skull, this is a pretty damn good candidate for that.

beyond that though? i dunno. this isn’t the only instrumental song submitted (spoiler? probably not) but it feels the most… lifeless of them all? there’s moments where i feel otherwise, but other moments just feel glued together really awkwardly

i think if you took this file to like, an indie game developer they could probably use it as the basis to a pretty great boss theme or something, but as it stands it feels kinda like a beta version of it

and it does sound great still, but every time i listen to it again it feels more like nice noises than a song

23rd Place - Squirrel2412

6.8 + 1 + 2 = 9.8

i think calling it a catfit is a bit of a stretch but the song is fun and i enjoy it, and it made me aware of a video game that i kind of want to buy so that’s pretty lit. feel like its the perfect length before it gets repetitive but if i listened to this a lot i think i’d get bored of it.

after having listened to it a lot i am kind of bored of it. good prediction, past me.
i think calling it a catfit is a bit of a stretch

22nd Place - nutella

Kalevala - Калевала Корочун
6.9 + 1 + 2 = 9.9

yooooooooooo russian folk metal this hits close to home

i can barely understand a word they’re saying but this songs still pretty fun. first time i saw the album cover i thought it was a pirate ship and i was like “holy shit russian pirate metal” and now i wonder if that exists

i don’t know if i’d listen to this again out of free will but if it came on i’d probably headbop for the duration of the song at least

times like these are times i wish i had retained the knowledge of the russian language so i could appreciate this more :pensive:

21st Place - Bloobird

Butterfly Temple - Зри cатано!
7 + 1 + 2 = 10

damn these lyrics are pretty metal

despite the fact i cant understand it very well i still kinda bop to it. the insturmentals are kinda the focus of the show for me and they don’t really fall flat, i actually kinda love that it feels like the guitar is quieter than it should be? maybe im going crazy.

20th Place - GGhana (B)

Booze Control - Strike the Earth
7.1 + 1 + 2 = 10.1

i… have surprisingly little to say here. i find the song to be good? but that’s really it, i can’t really pinpoint anything that makes it stand above other songs, it’s just kinda a good song. if anything i find it kind of forgettable

however every youtube comment in the fucking world is like “wow this is a dwarf fortress song” and that’s pretty cool. definitely makes sense with the lyrics. never played it but it totally gets a bit of bonus cred from me for that cause that’s pretty lit (not really) (unless…?)

also who the fuck names an album “HEAVY METAL” thats just asking for nobody to ever find it ever

19th Place - Shad (B)

Ensirferum - One More Magic Potion
7.2 + 1 + 2 = 10.2

first and foremost: the animated video i found for this song is beautfiul. seriously you should check it out

i… can’t really get too much into this, though. i don’t know if its a problem with the song or my brain but it feels like the lyrics are just constantly drowned out by the rest of the song and i can’t quite find myself able to experience the entire song in its intended form, to me i feel like its two sides of an incomplete package

i’ve searched for like 3 different live versions and i prefer them but i guess that’s just… a part of the song? idk, it definitely felt easier in the live versions, and i like it more in those as a result

i simultaniously feel like im robbing this while being too generous to it

coming back to this song a while later i still kinda agree with the lyrics feeling drowned out but to a lesser extent, maybe my ears were broken that day. songs good, i no longer feel like im being too generous with it

18th Place - Bradland

Johnathan Young - Sasageyo (Attack on Titan Cover)
7.8 + 1 + 1.5 = 10.3

in watching the original opening and im both confused as to why it’s like a third of the length and… what the fuck even is this anime??? like ive heard of it, people argue about this garbage all the time and the general vibe i get from my friends is that this anime sucks and i feel like having watched that video i fully agree. however im supposed to rate the songs not the animes so unless there’s demand for a katze animewalrus (never happening lol) ill shut up now

anyway… this is better than i expected it to be, ngl. thought the normal opening was only okay, the lyrics imo don’t translate into a super coherent song but it sounds good and flows surprisingly well. im not sure why sasuke from the hit tv show naruto is here either tbh. feel like the second guitar solo goes on too long and the bit after is weaker than the rest of the song as well? overall it’s still way better than i expected and in my eyes significantly better than the original

17th/16th Place - clonedcheese

Homestuck - Dance of Thorns
8 + 1 + 1.5 = 10.5

this song is good. my initial writeup was more along the lines of “if i understood it i’d be all over it”; but i don’t understand it and i still think it kinda slaps.

i really enjoy the fact that there’s emotional highs and lows in a song that has no lyrics or anything like… super blatantly signifying them (i feel like i worded that weirdly. i mean like… it’s not a sad piano = sad, cliche hype music for hype, etc etc… but you can still feel it? idk)

i guess it’s like… there’s a story i can kinda extrapolate just from how the song flows, which i think is really cool.

17th/16th Place - Marshal

Daughtry - You Don’t Belong
8 + 1 + 1.5 = 10.5

never heard this song. damn. mesmerizing voice. banger. all around just great tbh. intro goes pretty hard and it doesn’t lose that much steam… uh… idk

i don’t really think super highly of daughtry tbh so the fact that i think this song is this good is kinda shocking to me lol


15th/14th Place - Whysper

Amaranthe - Digital World
9.7 + 1 + 0 = 10.7

im personally a p big fan of amaranthe and think this song in particular is one of their better ones, especially in the “utilizing multiple vocalists” department which is imo one of the strengths of the band. banger song that hits a lot of my sweet spots

mmmmmm this song is cheating i like it too much :joy_cat:

15th/14th Place - MyNameIsNothing (West)

Astronoid - Incandescent
7.7 + 1 + 2 = 10.7

this song is hard for me to properly rate tbh? i flip flop a lot between “this is amazing” and “this is cool but i leave it unsatisfied”

hm. i kinda feel like im robbing it if i rate it low and being too generous if i rate it high. this makes sense.

“it’s all we have to give” well give me more :joy_cat: (or dont what you gave me was still pretty good)

13th Place - mansnicks

The HU - Yuve Yuve Yu
7.9 + 1 + 2 = 10.9

yuve yuve yu yuve yuve yu

definitely a fun song, definitely a good song… i feel like i’m gonna be accused of robbery but i don’t really think it’s Amazing; i could very well see myself listening to this in the future and if i ever do i’ll probably try to sing along (at least the yuve yuve yu, that’s just fun to say) but its not a song i’d go out of my way to listen to again

…with that said it’s definitely a good ass song

also i’ve played it in ragnarock (highly recommend for you VR gamers) and it just Works there super well

12th Place - Shad (A)

Falconer - Gritefrid
8.5 + 1 + 1.5 = 11

hey. hey you. did you know that swedes make some REALLY fucking good metal?


is that just me? swedes fucking rule when it comes to this. i LOVE this opener.

now… i must come clean, i’ve never actually listened to falconers swedish stuff (dont kill me shad); and like… normally when i listen to a swedish band sing in swedish im still usually a fan of it, but… hm. im not NOT a fan, it scratches a differnt itch tho. and that itch is a bit less itchy? this makes sense.

…okay honestly that last part i keep changing my mind about. maybe the itchy is itching. the… what? what did i just type.

im overthinking this quite a bit. every relisten makes me think about it more. am i robbing this? am i underappreciating it? fuck if i know.

11th Place - Dobby (B)

MYKRUR - Ulvinde
8.1 + 1 + 2 = 11.1

i feel like if this song was in english it’d either win this category outright or be way worse, i can’t really tell which.

as it stands, i don’t really think danish is a pretty language (cope, danes) but this song is very pretty and the music video gave me midsommar vibes tbh

i feel like i should have more to say about this but i don’t… wait. one word: nooooooooooorrrrwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

10th Place - thepigeonnyc/thedovennyc

Ensiferum - For Sirens
8.2 + 1 + 2 = 11.2

shit, an artist that i’ve had on my “listen to this” list… wait thats because of this walrus. oops. wow, i’m really slow

awkwardly laughs i will not say what date it is right now for my own safety

this is a bop. a jam. a certified classic. a banger. uhh… it’s good! i like it a lot! i connect more to the lyrics than i should tbh. maybe my brains just turning it into a depression allegory when it’s not. the shoe kinda fits.

the insturments… its not quiiiiite hitting the sweet spot in my mind but damn, it gets close. that solo slaps.

i’ve listened to this song way too many times. i will definitely listen to it more in the future. nya.

9th Place - orangeandblack5 (A)

Dropkick Murphys - Time to Go
8.3 + 1 + 2 = 11.3

i-is this a song for a hockey team?

kinda based

my brain had loosely recognized it, tiny bit of googling - apparently it was in THUG1? feels about right, has the tony hawk vibes. (pls remaster more of them on PC) (and dont make them epic games exclusives, for the love of god)

okay the more i listen to this the more it grows on me


…i wanna play THUG1 again. whenever i do this reveal ask me if i ever got to it, cuz im p sure ive got my PS2 and copy of it somewhere?? the answer will probably be no, but who knows.

8th Place - Arete

Johnathan Young - Hellfire (Hunchback of Notre Dame Cover)
9.35 + 1 + 1 = 11.35

i have a pretty funny relationship with this song; my mom loves disney movies (like, a lot) and this one was always one of her least favorites. i never really understood why but i assumed she knew better than me, given she was the one who adored every disney movie ever and i was just the kid who was along for the ride

idk. she might just have bad taste. this songs always been p badass, this cover is also p badass, i don’t thnik it drops anything from the source (minus like. the animation) and if you listen to them side by side i think it shows (there’s a few small differences i noticed, but i think they’re mostly for the better and all to fit the different music genre) and definitely sounds more like a villain singing than the disney version

also this song totally has one of my weak spots (latin snippets in metal are soooooooooooo good and i cannot explain why??? its just such a fucking sick language) and wow this is really fucking good i keep listening to it

also also i LOVE the vocals. not like, the lyricism. just. the raw emotion. it’s not too much its just the right amount tbh

also also also frollo is totally a simp

7th Place - marmot

Devin Townsend - Planet Smasher
8.4 + 1 + 2 = 11.4

pretty good, not quite great, i like the concept of this song (and by the looks of it, this album) - kinda reminds me of a heavier gloryhammer album from the perspective of the bad guys… the song itself doesn’t really live up to that elevated hype i give it (this is admittedly a high bar)

with that said it’s still pretty solid and i have a soft spot for concept albums. i definitely listened to this entire album, it’s good. probably adding it to the list of albums to set aside an hour to and listen to in a sitting every now and then. (at first i thought this album was like, fully continuous and got super excited, but it’s not quiiiite that?)

anyway!!! listening to this song more its growing on me a bit more… mmmm… letting it simmer.

its close to being one of my GREATS… but i think it’s just shy of it. still good enough to land a spot in my ever-expanding playlist tho!!

6th Place - sulit

Barns Courtney - Kicks
8.6 + 1 + 2 = 11.6

this song clicks to me more than it has any right to? like, in a vacuum this song definitely scores a decent chunk lower but the sum of its parts works and my brain likey. this dudes got an attractive voice too? idk. probably got bonus points for it tho tbh. there’s a lingering sense of “i swear i’ve heard this before”, apparantly its from a need for speed game but im p sure i never played that one? this song makes me want to do drugs. maybe that’s a bad thing.

should i do drugs? a katze walrus reflection

the answer is no. drugs are bad. stay in school, kids.

hmmmm the more i listen to this song the less i like it? like it’s still really good but my first few listens to this i was like “yoooooooooooo this is the shit” and now im like “yooooo this is the shit” you can tell im slightly less of a fan because the first yo has more o’s than the second yo and that is the correct method of measuring things (imo walruses shouldn’t judge in numbers from 1-10 but the amount of o’s in a yo)

5th Place - Karma_Dope

Revoker - Not Be Moved
8.65 + 1 + 2 = 11.65

this song made me get a VPN because it’s apparently not fucking AVAILABLE IN MY COUNTRY AAAAAAAAA (this walrus reveal is sponsored by NordVPN) (its ok i needed a VPN anyway im just lazy)

…with that aside, the extra effort was definitely worth it (it wasnt that much effort), this kinda fucking slaps and after searching around for More im sad that this band didnt really Do Anything. kinda crazy to me that this song (and by extension, band/album) seems to be practically unheard of as far as im aware (the yt videos have like less than 1k views each so shrug) cause it all sounds really good (yes i listened to more)

oh i should talk about the song more. it’s uh. the only thing i dislike about it is that the lyrics just feel kinda bland to me and just looks like something id write in high school during some rebellious edgelord phase lmao. but like, still slaps ngl

i’m probably overrating this song a bit. on reevaluation i almost definitely am. oh well.

4th Place - MaximusPrime - NSFW Warning

D Creation - Killdream
8.7 + 1 + 2 = 11.7

this goes hard. really hard.

i expected a lot more grumbly screamy black metal and was pretty pleasantly surprised. vocals way cleaner than my first impressions gave me.

it’s pretty rare that i listen a song twice and already feel compelled to sing along with it. really like the less screamy of the voices.

3rd Place - Cowboy Bob

Drive-By Truckers - Where The Devil Don’t Stay
8.8 + 1 + 2 = 11.8

i feel like im in the woods with my best friend (who is suddenly a male who can play the guitar? idk) and theres a campfire, maybe some marshmellows

and then he’s like “yo do you want me to sing a song about my life story if i were like 50 years older” and im like “…sure??? i dont know what compelled you to ask this??? but why not???” and then he goes hard af and im like “wait wtf”

this is one of the songs ive listened to the most, i just enjoy listening to it, it’s really good and it’s weirdly comforting to me

its hard to pinpoint why i like it, i think it’s just the atmosphere? it feels right. im comfy.

2nd Place - leetic

TYR - Sinklars Visa
9.4 + 1 + 1.5 = 11.9

huh, i’ve never listened to this album because it wasn’t in english… and

god damn, that intro gives me chills. i don’t understand a fucking word they’re saying but i dig it, i dig it a fucking lot. i always this existed but never really heard much of it, this feels like a wakeup call to change that even if i do prefer listening to music i understand :joy_cat:

every time i listen to this i just get mesmerized by that fucking voice though and then get taken along the ride that is the rest of this song and before i realize whats happening im sailing on a ship, but i don’t mind, it’s comforting and im humming along with the whole thing.

while i do think the intro is a high point, it’d be wrong to say the song falls off, because that implies it gets bad, which isnt true. thank you for encouraging me to listen to more of this. and to listen to be less closed to songs that aren’t english :wowee:

1st Place - Insanity

Ring - βinαrΨ
9.5 + 1 + 2 = 12.5

what the hell? i came into this with not super high expectations for multiple reasons and honestly i was blown away. i love nearly every second of it, and the fact that it seems like it’s more known from a mobile rhythm game ive never heard of than elsewhere surprises me greatly :joy_cat:

i just love the sounds in this song, i love the singers voice, i love the mental image i get when i close my eyes and listen to this… fuck, the violin works way too well in this song??? why does this work?

the little chunk of russian totally pockets me but it flows great and i dont think its too much

unfortunately it doesnt look like the other songs from this game slap nearly as hard as this tho :pensive:

i think if you asked me to describe katzecore this would be a song that comes to mind, im like 98% sure that when the reveal happens in 2024 people will be confused and say this is too high, to which i say :polidab: you’re probably right


Songs to Play While Sieging a Castle

Ranking details

I ranked these songs out of 10, with a maximum of 6 points for personal appeal and 4 points for category fit. Quite a lot of songs tied in their overall scores, so I had to decide between the tied songs how I wanted to weigh them. I actually really liked the vast majority of submissions, and even if they didn’t quite fit the category, I enjoyed listening to them!

Rank Name Link Overall score Appeal Category fit Writeup
45 ElizaThePsycho A Hat in Time OST - Get Lost - YouTube 2 2 0 Not very siegeable, sorry. It sounds like an adventure song more than a battle song.
44 eevee Dropbox - MORDOR.mp3 - Simplify your life 4 3 1 Lmao. Hilarious, but not exactly a siege song. I really appreciate the humor, though!
43 TheAltInOurStars Bulldog Anthem - YouTube 4 2 2 Not at all sure what to make of this. It isn’t really my jam, but I do appreciate it for what it is. It doesn’t really feel like it’s that siegeable, though, and sounds more like what I’d expect from an urban heist than storming a castle. On a side note, the vocals remind me of the Crypt of the Necrodancer soundtrack lol.
42 Simon fight gods | the skarages | the garages 4.1 2 2.1 This song doesn’t really have the right vibe, sorry. It’s sort of catchy, but feels more like a pep talk song than something you’d listen to in the heat of battle.
41 orangeandblack5 [C] Immigrant Song (Remaster) - YouTube 4.3 3.3 1 Heard this one before, classic, has energy, but kind of meh on the siegeability scale imo. Points given for being a good song, points deducted for being too mainstream and not quite a fit for the category. It mostly makes me think of superheroes lol.
40 MyNameIsNothing [West] Low Orbit Ion Cannon - YouTube 4.5 1.8 2.7 This one makes me think of waging an intergalactic war rather than sieging a castle. Maybe sieging a spaceship? It’s kind of cool, not really my kind of music, but fwiw it does have merit as a siege song.
39 GGhana [A] OVXX - lacrimosa (envy I) [ContraPoints Soundtrack] - YouTube 4.7 2.7 2 Somehow this sounds more like an interlude than a theme song. It’s nice to listen to, but kind of lacks the fire of war.
38 Dobby [B] Shitdisco I Know Kung Fu - YouTube 5 3 2 The idea of sieging to this song is pretty appealing, if only because I get a hilarious mental image from it. Aside from that, I’m not really sure this submission fits the bill. It’s a good jam but it’s not really what I had in mind.
37 MaximusPrime Permanent Hour - YouTube 6 3 3 Feels relevant to the category, but it’s a bit underwhelming. Maybe because it’s short, maybe because it doesn’t have the same sort of climactic buildup as a lot of the other songs of the same genre do.
36 Shad [A] I Am the Raven - YouTube 6 3 3 This submission has a solid beat to siege to, but the vocals caught me off guard lol. I think it’s a decent siege song with some nice riffs and rhythm, even if I think the vocals are a bit unbalanced with the instruments. I do think it sounds more like the kind of song I’d want to scream and frantically wave a banner to, though, for dramatic effect, rather than actually attacking a castle.
35 Bloobird When Jonny Comes Marching Home (traditional) vs Where the Hood At (DMX) - YouTube 6 3.2 2.8 I appreciate the thought put into this one. The fusion of Johnny Comes Marching Home with a rap song is a pretty cool idea. It’s decent to siege to, maybe not my favorite rap song, but points for creativity!
34 Mistyx Tensei - Of Gods and Witches - YouTube 6 3 3 At first I was thinking this was something between Celtic fantasy music and pirate adventure music, but then the metal riffs kicked in and it started sounding like a much more intense battle song. It feels like it’s a bit all over the place genre-wise, which gives me the impression it’s a bit amateur, but it’s a decent effort and it does fit the siege theme for sure.
33 Nerbins Raid-FolkMetal (Royalty Free Music)[VLOG] - YouTube 6.2 3 3.2 I certainly didn’t expect this one to change so drastically in the middle of the song lol. It has a cool sound to it with a lot of energy, but it also feels like it’s trying to deliver too much at once, as if it’s several different songs mashed into one. Maybe it’s also the synth instruments that are throwing me off, idk.
32 Brad A.F.I. Head Like a Hole - YouTube 6.3 3.3 3 This one had a great drop pretty early on but felt like it became more tame and overall less balanced when the vocals started (maybe because it’s a cover recording tbh). I like how it sounds but I think the instruments (the drums especially) overpower the vocals to the point where it’s hard to hear the actual lyrics. That being said, it’s got a strong rhythm perfect for sieging purposes, and if the tracks were mixed better I’d rate it higher.
31 Cowboy Bob Burn It Down - YouTube 7 5 2 A bit tame for a song to siege to, but at least the lyrics fit. Sounds more like a showdown in a saloon than a castle siege but I still sort of like the thought behind it.
30 Arete Song of the Shieldwall - YouTube 7.1 4.1 3 Pretty fitting for a siege song tbh, and as a side comment I like how she’s just using her harp as a drum lol. It sounds like a great song to rally warriors under your command, although the very end of it was a little off.
29 Squirrel2412 Bug Fables OST - 76 - Battle Against Ultimax, Who Has a Tank - YouTube 7.1 4.1 3 I’ve gotta admit, I haven’t played Bug Fables but the music is pretty catchy and it sounds like a fun game! This song doesn’t sound quite as castle siege-like as boss battle-like, but it still fits the theme enough.
28 sulit Castlevania - YouTube 7.2 5 2.2 Great orchestration and buildup to an epic siege, but the song takes about five minutes to pick up in siegeability. That said, I do love a good Castlevania song.
27 DatBird FINAL FANTASY XIV: Scions & Sinners – A Long Fall Music Video (THE PRIMALS) - YouTube 7.2 4.7 2.5 Another nicely energetic submission, although I think it’s a bit too cheery at some points to be a siege song. I like the upbeat rhythm, though!
26 orangeandblack5 [E] Winter Bliss - Castle Crashers - YouTube 7.2 4.2 3 I’m grooving to this one. I like the tempo and synth. It’s less of an in-your-face siege song and more of a song that builds up to the final blow. Still feels a bit on the tame side but I like it overall.
25 thepigeonnyc + thedovenyc GLORYHAMMER - The Siege of Dunkeld (In Hoots We Trust) (Official Lyric Video) | Napalm Records - YouTube 7.6 3.9 3.7 Very siegey, very battley, lyrics make it sound like an alien invasion of Scotland? Definitely fits the mood of a large (intergalactic) siege.
24 marmot Slayer - War Ensemble - YouTube 7.7 4 3.7 Sufficient metal riffs and just the right amount of screaming. Great war vibes from this one, I like it!
23 Nanook BBC Proms: Wagner - The Ride of the Valkyries - YouTube 7.8 4 3.8 Dramatic orchestral music in the background as you plot an elaborate castle siege on your sworn enemy? Hell, yeah! This in particular sounds very much like a well-planned siege ending in deserved victory. Wagner’s a great guy.
22 MyNameIsNothing [East] Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) 'Scream' MV - YouTube 8 6 2 On a slightly irrelevant note - this song is incredibly catchy. Sounds a little more like a song you’d hear while running for your life in a labyrinth underneath the palace grounds with danger around every turn, rather than something you’d play while gathering your troops to storm the castle, but it still has strong energy nonetheless.
21 Syn Cry Of Achilles - Alter Bridge - Lyrics - YouTube 8 5 3 I like the song, and it has some siege equity, but it sounds a bit more like it would fit an epic battlefield scene than a castle siege. Still, it’s got some really nice vocals.
20 Mixolydia 【 COVER 】メギツネ | Megitsune 【Futakuchi Mana 二口魔菜】 - YouTube 8 5 3 Love the combination of instruments and vocals in this one. There’s a lot of contrast, but it’s the good kind of contrast where everything complements something else very nicely. I like the idea of sieging to this song.
19 orangeandblack5 [B] ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn - YouTube 8 4 4 This one actually fits the siege category better than I anticipated. It has that feeling of surmounting tension before painting the scene for battle. It’s mainstream, though, so not the most unique submission.
18 Dobby [A] SKÁLD - Rún - YouTube 8 4 4 The sound of Viking conquest, perfect example of a siege song! Minus the fact that the song is literally just listing all of the runes in the Norse alphabet, but I’m going to ignore that because it’s funnier if I pretend I don’t know. Solid vibes, solid melody, solid alphabet.
17 leetic Dawn of Victory - YouTube 8 4 4 Fits the definition of a siege song imo. I’ve heard it before, but it matches the category very well and I generally like it. I don’t really have much other commentary on it.
16 nutella ONUKA - ZENIT (Official Music Video) - YouTube 8.1 5.2 2.9 I’m very intrigued by this entry. It has a cool, unique sound to it, and while it isn’t all clashing swords and battle cries, it holds a more quiet power at times, and seems like it could be a track for a cinematic siege scene in a movie.
15 Insanity FE Three Houses OST - 24. The Apex of the World (Rain) - YouTube 8.1 5.1 3 Nice buildup in the beginning of the song. Sounds like a perfect theme song for an epic battle, although maybe more of a quest battle than a siege battle.
14 GGhana [B] Abraxis - Old Gods - YouTube 8.2 5.3 2.9 I like how this one starts out sounding like an echo of a forgotten era and then turns into a rave track. It’s a pretty cool submission, although I think the entire siege scene would just turn into a dancefloor.
13 ignoramus The Binding of Isaac (Rebirth) OST - Sketches of Pain [Chest Room] - YouTube 8.3 5 3.3 Believe it or not, I haven’t played the Binding of Isaac series, so I haven’t heard most of the music. I’d rate this pretty well on the siege scale, since the vibe absolutely fits a castle siege, although admittedly it got me thinking about dungeons first.
12 orangeandblack5 [D] Rainbow Six Siege: Invitational Theme Music | Danny Cocke - YouTube 8.3 4.3 4 It has siege in its name, what more can you ask for? :person_shrugging: Nah but in all seriousness it’s a very good soundtrack with a lot of buildup and dramatic percussion appropriate for an epic siege.
11 Marshal Dwayne Ford - Manic Hero | Epic Heroic Beautiful Vocal Music - YouTube 8.5 4.8 3.7 Lots of surmounting tension at the start of this song. Sounds like a movie score track to a battle in the protagonist’s redemption arc, with dramatic backing instruments and emotional vocals. It’s a bit slow, but it’s nice.
10 orangeandblack5 [A] 「Takt of Heroes -Origin-」Re:Zero OST 2 /『Main Soundtrack』 - YouTube 8.5 4.8 3.7 This one has all the markings of an epic siege, from the orchestral buildup to the choral vocals. All in all, a worthy song for a siege-thirsty army!
9 Egix The HU - The Great Chinggis Khaan (Official Music Video) - YouTube 8.7 4.7 4 I’ve heard this before, so I can’t really give too many points for originality, but it’s definitely a very siegeable song! I can imagine charging full-force at a fortress or even an entire settlement with the energy this song brings.
8 cloned Avi Kaplan - Change on the Rise (Official Music Video) - YouTube 8.8 5.6 3.2 Definitely sounds like something to play when marching down the path of war. It seems a little on the tame side as far as sieging goes, but I really enjoyed the atmosphere this song creates. It doesn’t really have an oomph moment, but it’s powerful nonetheless.
7 Karma_Dope Land of Hope and Glory - Turisas - YouTube 8.9 4.9 4 Solid siegeability score right here! This song has a good balance of instruments and vocals, and sounds like a great anthem for warriors to sing to while sieging a castle.
6 Emilia Berserk Golden Age OST My Brother Lyrics - YouTube 9.2 5.2 4 Very appropriate for an army thirsting for war! This submission is a solid fit to the theme, complete with dramatic vocals.
5 Whysper Fate Series AMV- Invincible - YouTube 9.3 5.3 4 This song definitely has great castle sieging vibes! I’m digging the energy it gives off. Pretty solid submission overall.
4 KyoDaz 和楽器バンド / 千本桜 - YouTube 9.3 6 3.3 I’m imagining a very artful siege, with nimble warriors flooding in from every direction as they dance their way into the heart of the palace. I love the mix of modern and traditional instrumentation in this jam.
3 Kane Powerwolf - Sanctified With Dynamite (OFFICIAL) - YouTube 9.5 5.7 3.8 This reminds me I haven’t heard Powerwolf in ages. This one has very good siegeability, from angry guitar to angry vocals.
2 mansnicks EPIC ROCK | ''For The Glory'' by All Good Things (2017) - YouTube 9.9 6 3.9 A great power anthem for a glorious siege. I really like how the vocals and the instruments come together in this one for some serious vibes. The chorus is catchy and the buildup to it works perfectly. I like how seamlessly the rap parts fit in with the rest of the song.
1 Shad [B] Obsequiae - Autumnal Pyre (2015) - YouTube 10 6 4 My only real complaint with this song is that it’s a shame I have no clue what he’s singing about, but that’s how a lot of metal is lol. I really like the song otherwise, great vibe and perfect for sieging with all your might. The instruments and vocals are well balanced in this song.

Writeups, 5 months later

45th - Emilia (Victory Day)
Здесь птицы не поют - Белорусский вокзал 1970.mp4 - YouTube
I dont speak this language or know this holiday. I did minimal research and have determined this song probably fits the holiday but since I don’t actually speak the language and can’t determine that its goin p low.

44th - Insanity (Halloween)
ACAね(ずっと真夜中でいいのに。) × Rin音 Prod by Yaffle 『Character』MV - YouTube.
I also don’t speak this language AND had to use a VPN to actually listen to the song. All i had to really go off of was aura and this song’s aura isn’t really all that creepy/spooky/whatever.

43rd - Mansnicks (National Hamburger Day)
【Repezen Foxx】84th Single『YOGA MONK』 - YouTube.
Felt more akin to an acid trip than music. I did look it up and there is in fact a national hamburger day so you at least get that. I would feel bad ranking this above basically any coherent submission though so it lands here.

42nd - Ingoramus (the first time I traveled abroad, (2 yrs old))
Swimmingly - YouTube.
I don’t know who you are when i do the rankings so I don’t even have a frame of reference for how this song is supposed to connect. It’s also an instrumental which can work for many holidays but when it’s one where there’s a story to tell and I don’t know it probably isnt the right choice.

41st - GGhana [B] (Birthdays)
Hava Nagila - YouTube
Again me, like, not knowing what any of the words mean is a pretty big roadblock. It at least sounds cheerful though and a bit of googling tells me it at least kinda fits lol

40th - Shad (New Years Eve)
Tom Waits - "New Year's Eve" - YouTube
I don’t like the song itself, was a bit tough to get through if imma be real. Submission itself is also not that creative, and the song doesn’t really feel to me like it really encapsulates new years. Not a fan rlly sorry.

39th - MaximusPrime (Cyber Monday)
Aspire - YouTube
dooo not see the connection besides "this sounds tech-y and cyber monday has “cyber” in the name. Again I feel like subbing an instrumental needs a holiday with a clear thing and the song speaking for itself, which this sub does not accomplish.

38th - MyNameIsNothing [West] (Easter)
Something of a Rabbit - YouTube
Yeah idr see the connection beyond the word “rabbit”. Gets some points bcuz the easter bunny is creepy though.

37th - Nanook (Veterans Day)
Run Through the Jungle | Creedence Clearwater Revival | Lyrics ☾☀ - YouTube
I mean it fits the holiday but is a just a very repetitive song, and even if that’s maybe intentional I can’t really say I would ever intentionally listen to this song again. Just didnt enjoy this much.

36th - ElizaThePsycho (Cinco De Mayo)
Jump In the Line - YouTube
This song was fun to listen to for maybe a minute and 30 seconds, then I wanted it to be over. Also sorta see 0 connection to cinco de mayo, which sucks because it’s one of my more favorite holidays and I got excited.

35th - Mistyx (The 21st Night of September)
September - YouTube
I think the day has become a holiday due to this song and not vice versa… but that’s for a reason, it’s a fire song, just maybe the least creative submission possible.

34th - DatBird (The International Day of Peace)
September - YouTube
You at least did minimal research into a holiday that fell on this day so you win the september battle

33rd - Bloobird (New Years Eve)
The Dismemberment Plan - The Ice of Boston - YouTube
I am not really a fan of the spoken parts at all, it’s like a musical without the fun parts of a musical. the rest of the song doesn’t carry it, I think i’d like it a lot more without all of that but yeah.

32nd - Dobby [B] (Valentine’s Day)
The Naked And Famous - Girls Like You - YouTube
I feel like someone hurt whoever subbed this. This song is the opposite of romantic. I don’t think lyrics like “How would you cope if the world decided to Make you suffer for all that you were?” really belong anywhere near valentines day. A shame because I actually really like the song which is why it’s as high as it is in the first place.

31st Shad [A] (4th of July)
Soundgarden 4th of july - YouTube
It depends a lot on interperetation if this song actually fits the holiday or doesn’t, which I feel isn’t quite the point of holiday music. I do like the song itself quite a bit though so overall i’m mixed.

30th - Egix (Guy Fawkes’ Night)
The Hunna - Bonfire (Official Video) - YouTube
Had to do a bit of research on this one which is minus points. From my understanding it fits the holiday. It does however feel like generic british rock and for that reason I can’t put it too high in my rankings.

29th - WindwardAway (Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day (Dec. 8))
Clannad - Newgrange [HD] - YouTube
Maybe i’m just not getting it. I respect that whoever subbed this found a “Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day”, but I don’t really see how this song encapsulates that day beyond there being the vibes of something ancient or long forgotten. I feel like if you’re going to pick a specific obscure holiday probably made up by someone with too much free time the connection needs to be a bit more explicit

28th - clonedcheese (New Years)
I like pentatonix, this song itself is p good but the submission is pretty uncreative lol

27th - Cowboy Bob (Labor Day)
A Working Man Can't Make It No Way - YouTube
it’s okay. Feels a bit to me like a generic “wow the system sucks” song, but I can appreciate those every once in a while, it does it’s thing pretty well I guess.

26th - Orangeandblack5 [C] (Juneteenth)
Original Sin - YouTube
Feels like the song is constantly building up to something that isn’t there. I was very optimistic at first but there just isn’t that big payoff. Solid catfit atleast.

25th - Orangeandblack5 [D] (Today (every day is worth celebrating tbh))
This Is the Day - YouTube
The song promised that this is the day that my life will surely change and so far it hasn’t. In all seriousness it’s an alright song and I chuckled when I saw the submission holiday. Not bad.

24th - Brad (Halloweeen)
The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning (Batman & Robin Soundtrack Version) - YouTube
Always like me some smashing pumpkins. Song itself feels a bit… over-grandiose for the holiday. There’s a sense of impending doom there for sure though, overall its aight.

23rd - Orangeandblack5 [E] (Halloweeen)
Every Day Is Halloween - YouTube
Relatively mixed on this one. This song sounds pretty rough, sometimes i feel like it works for the song and the holiday but at other points it makes me rather not listen to it. The lyrics themselves encapsulate a bitterness that I think fits… okay, with halloween. However if you listen closely I feel like the song is more about feeling like an outcast/freak and uses halloween as a metaphor more than actually thematically being about halloween.

22nd - MyNameIsNothing [East] (Labor Day)
Xavier - Call In Sick feat. chelmico (Official Audio) - YouTube
Probably the only majority not-english song on here that I feel I can thoroughly enjoy despite that. I do, however, have labor day off, and therefore cannot actually call in sick. It’s fun/funny regardless and I like how it sounds.

21st (night of september get it) - Leetic (St. Patrick’s Day and Labor Day)
The Dubliners - Molly Maguires - YouTube
A good fit clearly, has a story to tell and tells it. If i’m gonna be honest though at points feels more like being screamed poetry at instead of a song, but its v solid.

20th - Orangeandblack5 [A] (Valentine’s Day)
Alive And Kicking - YouTube
I like this song itself a solid amount, I think i’ve heard it a few times before but never thought of it as a valentines day song. It feels a little bit… threateaning? Idk, the vibes kinda aren’t there but I think if I squinted a bit i could see it. Overall not quite there but still good.

19th - Karma_Dope (Halloween)
MARILYN MANSON :: This Is Halloween - YouTube
This is, in fact, halloween. The song does encapsulate halloween well, even if a bit uncreative i really like it.

18th - Eevee (Halloween)
Dropbox - MM v.17.3 render 3.mp3 - Simplify your life
Kinda sounds like terraria music. I think this does the “Halloween instrumental” pretty well, although at points the song sounds more triumphant than spooky. Does it’s job and was a fun listen.`

17th - nerbins (Halloween)
Laughing Doll - Little Town Hero - YouTube
This one only barely edges out the one before it IMO, I think it falls into almost the same exact trap that the other one does of sounding triumphant/adventurous at some points and spooky/anxious at others, it’s just a little more refined.

16th - Kane (Halloween)
Ghost B.C. - Year Zero (Censored) - YouTube
This is fun and halloweeney. We like fun and halloweeney. I dont really have much to say, it’s doesn’t pop much and it’s not like amazing but I enjoyed this

15th - marmot (New Years Day)
Death Cab For Cutie - The New Year (Official Video) - YouTube
Out of all of the “It’s new year and it sucks” songs submitted. I think this one does it the best. So props, I guess. I sorta like the song and I think it most clearly captures that vibe.

14th - Dobby [A] (Spring Break)
Late Of The Pier - Focker - YouTube
This is the one I have the most mixed feelings about. On reflection I like the song a lot, definitely has a lot of pep and energy, much like one might feel at the beginning of spring break but the similarities end there. Debated a lot on where to put it but it ended up here.

14th - Squirrel2412 (Halloween)
Bug Fables OST - 73 - Lab Over Snakemouth - YouTube
If imma be real, I thought someone fucked up formatting and submitted this to my cat instead of dats. But after listening I honestly thought it had very solid uneasiness vibes and actually fit very well. I later figured out that one of these got subbed to every cat but i’m not going to move it down because I actually like it a ton lol

12th - Arete (Halloween)
03. On Dead Man's Hill (Seanan McGuire - Creature Feature) - YouTube
I enjoyed this song a solid amount. The singer is a bit quiet compared to the music, had to look for lyrics in the youtube comments to really digest it all but once I got past that I think it’s a pretty badass spooky song.

11th - thepigeonnyc + thedovenyc (cinco de mayo)
ALESTORM - Mexico (Official Video) | Napalm Records - YouTube
Does cinco de mayo better than the earlier sub, feels like it at encapsulates the patriotism/elation of the holiday well. It’s probably whoever subbed this (probably katze) liked the song and just thought of a mexican holiday to sub it, but it fits well either way so it gets put relatively high.

10th - Whysper (Valentines Day)
Icon For Hire - Counting On Hearts (w/ Lyrics) - YouTube
Feels like a mix of gym hype music and love music… meshes suprisingly well.

9th - Syn (Halloween)
Mystery Skulls - "Hellbent" [Official Audio] - YouTube
Song is overwhelming and makes me feels like i’m being stalked. Pretty good combo for a halloween song. The actual song itself i’m kinda ambivalent on and it takes a while to get started but once it really gets into the swing of things it has a lot I enjoy, especially as a halloween song.

8th - GGhana [A] (Halloween)
Come Little Children (Sarah's Theme) from "Hocus Pocus" | The Hound + The Fox - YouTube
Yea this is solid for sure. Wish I saw a few more halloween songs in this vein that explored the more mystical / witchcraft side of the holiday. I like it, not love it but I think it encapsulates halloween pretty well.

7th - KyoDaz (Birthdays)
Melanie Martinez - Pity Party (Official Music Video) - YouTube
Not very celebratory lol. Feels like it was written for teen girls who didnt have anyone go to their party one time and now hates birthdays (or kyodaz, who I am 80% confident subbed this song), but i am, for better or worse, pretty close to that exact demographic. I’m suprised i haven’t heard this before but i like it for what it is.

6th - TheAltInOurStars (FoL Annual Mash)
I'm On A Boat - YouTube
The absolute absurdity of the song and the singers bombastic statements about being on a boat fit so well with the way 3 wolf KP players just hopped into a mass death boats event. I think this might be the perfect peice of art to encapsulate what happened that day. Unironically great fit, although slight point reduction because “FoL Annual Mash” didn’t take place over just 1 day (im kidding). Good job, person who is probably orange.

5th - Nutella (Halloween)
Devil And Me - YouTube
6 views when I initially saw this… damn. I really like this song as a specifically halloween song. It’s spooooky and the way it’s produced makes it sound like it’s coming from the background/somewhere else which only adds to the vibe. Good find.

4th - Simon (Halloween)
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight), performed by Victor Frankenstein | AAAH!BBA - YouTube
This is the most theatre kid thing i’ve ever listened to. I’m almost ashamed to like it as much as I do but it puts a new spin on a classic song and I can’t deny it just works.

3rd - Amy (Star Wars Day)
Starkiller - YouTube
Had low expectations going in expecting a cringy star wars fan parody song. Was very happy to be proven wrong, I enjoyed this song both alone and in the context of being about star wars. Def a good may the 4th banger.

2nd - Orangeandblack5 [B] (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
The Way It Is (Remastered) - YouTube
Yeah I really really like this. I already knew the song & the meaning but it didn’t really occur to me that someone would sub this. It would absolutely be #1 if I hadn’t already listened to this song like 100 times, but it’s a great song/message and I am glad someone subbed it.

WINNERLIT - sulit (Halloween)
Mother Mother - Ghosting - YouTube
This is it yeah. I love the song itself, I think the aesthetic perfectly encapsulates halloween, it’s sorta exactly what i’m looking for. I’ve listened to this so many times, the song gets better at every turn. GG to whoever subbed this, thank you for showing me this song.


Don’t Skip the Opening(/Ending)


45th Place

Happy Days (Theme Stereo HD) - YouTube

Happy Days Theme (Submitted by Ignoramus)

This is one of the few tracks on the list that actively got worse the more I listened to it. It sounds like someone wanted to imitate the full house intro but couldn’t think of any lyrics so they just started listing off weekdays and repeating ‘happy days’ as if it having the name of the show in it would somehow redeem this absolutely abysmal track.


44th Place

Vangelis : Blade Runner (End Titles) - YouTube

Blade Runner - End Title Track (Submitted by GGhana)

My god WHEN DOES IT END. WE GET IT, YOU LIKE THE dunananananananana part. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THE ENTIRE TRACK. STOP. The only thing this song inspired in me was the urge to take a leak from the running water sounds at the end.


43rd Place

Cowboy Bebop OST - No Disc - American Money - YouTube

Big Shot (Show within a show in cowboy bebop) - American Money (Submitted by Cowboy Bob)

Highly not good. You would have scored higher by just submitting the actual Cowboy Bebop OP. This track is unfortunately just annoying. Banjos are annoying. The only saving grace here is that the song is only a minute long, so it stops faster.



42nd Place

Theme Song 🎶 | Phineas and Ferb | Disney XD - YouTube

Phineas and Ferb Theme (Submitted by Marshal)

It’s uh, definitely a theme song. Not horrible! Not really a big fan of it though. I was probably too old when this aired to care much for it.


41st Place

Where You Lead (full theme song from "Gilmore Girls") lyrics - YouTube

Gilmore Girls - Where You Lead (Submitted by Syn)

I would never be caught dead listening to this song or watching the show. But. I mean. It’s not horrible. Also not very good, but still. I’d rather listen to this 100 times than the Blade Runner credits even once though.



40th Place

Cory in the House Intro (Japanese) - YouTube

Cory in the House - Japanese Intro (Submitted by TheAltInOurStars)


Significantly worse than the english version, the kids voice is grating as shit. Good meme tho, now go directly to jail.


39th Place

"Warriors (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Theme Song)" by Aaliyah Rose - YouTube

She-Ra - Warriors (Submitted by Sulit)

Not a big fan of this tbh. The lyrics are a little cringey, and it kinda feels like i’m listening to a bad disney knock-off sing-a-long. Not really catchy either. The only redeeming thing is that the tempo of the BGM is kinda decent.


38th Place

Yu Yu Hakusho - The homework doesn't end [English Version] - YouTube

Yu Yu Hakusho - The Homework Doesn’t End (Submitted by DatBird)

Never heard this before. Significantly worse than any of the JP openings for Yu Yu Hakusho. WAAAAY too 80s.


37th Place

Helstrom - Main Theme (OPENING TITLES) - YouTube

Helstrom Main Theme (Submitted by Kane)

It’s kinda boring. Not really that pleasant to listen to either. If this were playing on the radio i’d probably go out of my way to change the station.



36th Place

Choir of Young Believers - Hollow Talk + Lyrics (from Bron/Broen) - YouTube

The Bridge - Hollow Talk (Submitted by WindwardAway)

It’s not very good. Little boring. Not unpleasant though, I guess?


35th Place

28 Days Later Theme - YouTube

28 Days Later Theme (Submitted by Dobby)

Very ominous. Idk what this media property even is but the ominous vibe is aight. Not something i’d listen to by choice though.


34th Place

Bug Fables OST - 01 - Bug Fables - YouTube

Bug Fables - Bug Fables (Submitted by Squirrel2412)

Bug Fables

Very Simple, but kinda pleasant to listen to.


33rd Place

01. The Libertines - Don't Look Back Into The Sun - YouTube

Gavin and Stacey - Don’t look back into the sun (Submitted by Bloobird)

It’s okay. Not really my kinda track, despite me liking the genre a bit? It’s… okay.



32nd Place

inner universe - YouTube

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Inner Universe (Submitted by orangeandblack5)

It’s pretty decent. I like the singer’s voice a decent bit. The BGM is not great though.


31st Place

「English Cover」Overlord II Ending FULL VER. "Hydra" 『オーバーロードⅡ』 【Kelly Mahoney】- Studio Yuraki - YouTube

Overlord II - Hydra - English Cover (Submitted by Emilia)

I usually detest english covers of originally japanese songs, but this one is pretty okay. The singer’s voice is decent and the lyrics aren’t too bad.


30th Place

ONLY UP (Music Video) - AJ DiSpirito ft. Lizz Robinett - Meta Runner - YouTube

Meta Runner: Season 2 - Only Up (Submitted by Egix)

It’s pretty average in most regards. Nothing too special here but it’s not painful to listen to.


29th Place

A Hat in Time OST - Title Screen - YouTube

A Hat in Time - Title Theme (Submitted by ElizaThePsycho)

While not really an opening/ending, more of a title theme, it’s still a good track. Love A Hat in Time and it’s music. Not new to me, but still good.


28th Place

No game No life OP - This Game┃Cover by Raon Lee - YouTube

No Game No Life - This Game - Cover by Raon Lee (Submitted by Whysper)

Most of the time I do not respect covers of songs, but this one is pretty decent. The main points against this is that I don’t think this cover is as good as the original, despite being decent and that the song itself isn’t anything new to me.



27th Place

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - Opening HD - YouTube

Puella Magi Madoka Magica - コネクト (Submitted by Arete)

Pretty good! New to me, surprisingly. Energy is good. Tad generic but not bad.


26th Place

【プリコネMAD】つなぐもの フルアニメED曲 (歌:種田梨沙 東山奈央 早見沙織) プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive【Princess Connect】EDSong - YouTube

Princess Connect - EDTheme (Submitted by Insanity)

It’s pretty average, but the genre is relatively up my alley. It got better the second and third time listening to it, so maybe a bit above mid.


25th Place

スパイス - YouTube

Shokugeki no Soma - スパイス (Submitted by MyNameIsNothing)

Good chill track. Not particularly special but not bad by any metric.


24th Place

Utopia TV Show - Main Theme (edit by Cristobal Tapia de Veer) - YouTube

Utopia Main Theme (Submitted by MyNameIsNothing)

I have never heard of the show nor the theme which is a plus. It’s not really my type of music but it’s still kinda a bop.



23rd Place

Gravity Falls - Theme Song [Electro Swing Remix] - YouTube

Gravity Falls Theme [Electro Mix] (Submitted by Mistyx)

Idk what a gravity fall is, but this song is pretty ratjam-able. This is what Napstablook’s theme would be if he had one. Not really my kind of music but the song is a bop for sure.


22nd Place

When Can I See You Again - Owl City HD (Wreck It Ralph Soundtrack) - YouTube

Wreck it Ralph - When Can I See You Again (Submitted by GGhana)

What the heck. It’s a bop. Both the film and the song are unfamiliar to me. It’s a good song though. I’m assuming this is the ending credits song? Fits well for an ending.


21th Place

Short Skirt Long Jacket by Cake - YouTube

Chuck - Short Skirt, Long Jacket (Submitted by Nanook)

I have no idea what the song is trying to imply, but it’s kinda a jam nonetheless. The bit after the chorus is very solid.


20th Place

Save Me - YouTube

Smallville - Save Me (Submitted by Brad)

Never heard of Smallville before, but the track is a jam. Especially like the chorus. Outside of the chorus it’s aight but nothing too special.


19th Place

Homestuck Vol. 10 - 20 Ascend - YouTube

Homestuck - Ascend (Submitted by Clonedcheese)

Homestuck has music? I thought that shit was like a web comic or somethin

Song is kinda a jam though


18th Place + 17th Place

Theme of Laura - YouTube

It’s a bop. Haven’t heard this track before even though i’m relatively familiar with SH2. Clean Instrumental goodness. 



16th Place

The Adventure Zone: Ethersea Theme - YouTube

The Adventure Zone: Ethersea Theme (Submitted by Nutella)

Was vibing with the calm opening bit, was thinkin maybe a 6 because of the vibe. And then the drop hit. It’s a bop.


15th Place

Mighty Nein Animated Intro - Your Turn To Roll - YouTube

Critical Role - Your Turn to Roll (Submitted by ThePigeonNYC and TheDoveNYC)

Still need to watch the original critical role stuff. Good lyrics, Laura Bailey GOAT.


14th Place

The Pillows - Ride On Shooting Star - YouTube

FLCL - Ride on Shooting Star (Submitted by orangeandblack5)

Great Track, love The Pillows. Very familiar with both the track and the anime though.


13th Place

Naruto Shippuden Opening 1 | Hero's Come Back!! (HD) - YouTube

Naruto Shippuden - Hero’s Come Back (Submitted by mansnicks)

You realize you’re trying to show me something NEW, right? You have misunderstood the assignment. Take your 8/10 and get the hell out of my classroom.

(all time classic banger doe.)


12th Place

Again - Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (Opening) [Lyrics and sub-english] - YouTube

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Again (Submitted by Mixolydia)

Are you implying I would have not seen the number one rated anime on MAL? Do you take me for some kind of fool? You’ll serve a two week detention along with the guy who submitted the Naruto opening.



11th Place

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Creditless OP 2 - YouTube

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Hologram (Submitted by MaximusPrime)

One of the best openings in my opinion, HOWEVER. You get 2 weeks detention alongside the Naruto Shippuden and other FMA Person. I’ll give you a 9/10 though because I love NICO Touches the Walls, and this opening is one of the best of all time.


10th Place

Requiem for a Dream Theme Song - YouTube

Requiem for a Dream Theme (submitted by Dobby)

Love it. Little slow to start but the build up is very good. By far the best submission with no lyrics.


9th Place

anNina 対象a HD - YouTube

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni - 対象a(Submitted by OrangeandBlack5)

One of the best ending themes, though not new to me, it is significantly underrated. Ending themes like this are why you wait until the episode is fully over before going to the next.


8th Place

Stream Epithet Erased - Official Opening by bbeehwhe | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Epithet Erased Opening (Submitted by Simon)

Jazzy as heck. Love it. The build up to the shows name at the end is great. Doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.


7th Place

JUST AWAKE / Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Japanese HQ) - YouTube

Hunter X Hunter - Just Awake by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Submitted by Shad)

Absolute banger. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas doesn’t disappoint. The only downside to this track is that it isn’t new to me. Would be a 10/10 otherwise.


6th Place

Time to Say Goodbye - YouTube

RWBY Season 2 - Time to Say Goodbye (Submitted by leetic)

I’ve intentionally avoided this show because i hated the animation style, but the track is a jam. Very solid. Gotta respect Casey Lee Williams.



5th Place

Death Note Opening Song 2 - YouTube

Death Note - WHATS UP PEOPLE (Submitted by Marmot)

Fantastic track. Dont remember it at all, I only finished the death note manga. Didn’t watch all the anime. Sounds like Titan’s theme in FFXIV kinda at points. Either way, great submission.


4th Place

Ninelie - Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress ED + Lyrics - YouTube

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress - Ninelie (Submitted by Orangeandblack5)

Great track for an ending theme. Completely new to me, love other stuff by Aimer but this is my first time hearing this track in particular.


3rd Place

風になる(Acoustic Version) - YouTube

The Cat Returns - 風になる (Submitted by Shad)

Idk where the cat went, but i’m glad it’s back. This song has the feel-good energy the Happy Days theme wishes it had.


2nd Place

When The Weak Go Marching In - YouTube

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace - When the Weak Go Marching In (Submitted by orangeandblack5)

AAAAAAH. There we go. The opening hook is amazing, and the rest of the track is great too. A solid bop, and i’ve never heard of the anime nor the song before.


1st Place

Yakuza 7 - Main Theme - YouTube

Yakuza 7 - Ichibanka (Submitted by Nerbins)

Great song, good energy. Certified banger. Reminded me that I bought Yakuza 7 but never got around to playing it and I need to correct that. Did you know Ichiban translates to Number One? Incidentally, so does this song.



Here are the final scores and rankings:

Thanks to Bloobird for supplying the spreadsheet with the first several categories pre-filled. Any errors after that are mine, not his.

In the case of ties, I decided what number to put in based on how the category judge was handling ties. This may be slightly inconsistent across categories.

Sulit orange DatBird Chloe Daeron Marshal katze Marl Wind Raw Average Drop One Average
atlas 26
46 datbird 36 31 38 31 34.0 31.0 38.0 27.0 33.3 33.25
45 thealtinourstars 17 45 42 33 6.0 34.0 40.0 43.0 32.5 32.50
44 syn 42 37 43 32 29 9.0 44.0 41.0 21.0 33.1 31.75
43 elizathepsycho 27 18 33 34 22 36.0 29.0 45.0 30.5 30.50
42 eevee 33 30 42 35 9 18.0 24.5 44.0 29.4 29.44
41 ignoramus 39 34 39 13 8 42.0 32.0 45.0 13.0 29.4 27.50
40 mistyx 30 36 10 8 35 35.0 43.0 23.0 34.0 28.2 26.38
38 emilia 25 3 41 27 36 45.0 40.0 31.0 6.0 28.2 26.13
39 nanook 24 11 40 18 43 37.0 35.0 21.0 23.0 28.0 26.13
37 orangeandblack5 [c] 35 34 23 4 26.0 42.0 2.0 41.0 25.9 25.88
36 brad 12 40 20 45 40 24.0 18.0 20.0 32.0 27.9 25.75
35 nerbins 15 41 38 43 15 17.0 39.0 1.0 33.0 26.9 24.88
34 squirrel 38 17 1 40 39 14.0 23.0 34.0 29.0 26.1 24.38
33 marshal 26 29 31 15 24 16.5 42.0 11.0 24.3 24.31
32 orangeandblack5 [d] 20 8 25 34 25.0 36.5 32.0 12.0 24.1 24.06
31 gghana [a] 14 23 15 46 42 8.0 26.0 22.0 39.0 26.1 23.63
30 arete 41 38 25 41 3 12.0 8.0 27.0 30.0 25.0 23.00
29 orangeandblack5 [e] 10 28 36 17 23.0 30.0 9.0 26.0 22.4 22.38
27 mynameisnothing [east] 40 25 19 16 12 22.0 33.0 25.0 22.0 23.8 21.75
28 marmot 28 22 36 37 37 15.0 7.0 5.0 24.0 23.4 21.75
25 maximus prime 21 4 37 19 41 39.0 4.0 11.0 37.0 23.7 21.50
26 mansnicks 44 15 24 44 18 43.0 13.0 13.0 2.0 24.0 21.50
24 mynameisnothing [west] 34 20 4 33 1 38.0 14.5 24.0 40.0 23.2 21.06
22 insanity 18 14 21 28 45 44.0 1.0 26.0 15.0 23.6 20.88
23 simon 31 35 29 26 7 4.0 27.0 8.0 42.0 23.2 20.88
21 clonedcheese 23 32 11 30 28 28.0 16.5 19.0 8.0 21.7 20.44
20 gghana [b] 6 10 32 17 19 41.0 20.0 44.0 14.0 22.6 19.88
19 egix 2 39 22 6 20 30.0 45.0 30.0 9.0 22.6 19.75
18 windwardaway 11 8 5 14 16 29.0 38.0 36.0 19.6 19.63
17 whysper 19 33 26 39 21 10.0 14.5 28.0 5.0 21.7 19.56
16 kane 32 16 14 4 44 16.0 28.0 37.0 3.0 21.6 18.75
15 bloobird 8 21 6 2 23 33.0 21.0 33.0 35.0 20.2 18.38
14 dobby [b] 3 5 27 22 25 32.0 11.0 10.0 38.0 19.2 16.88
13 shad [a] 13 12 3 29 27 31.0 12.0 7.0 36.0 18.9 16.75
12 pigeon+dove 44 6 16 11 38 11.0 10.0 15.0 25.0 19.6 16.50
11 sulit 13 35 3 6 1.0 6.0 39.0 28.0 16.4 16.38
10 cowboy bob 22 19 12 5 10 27.0 3.0 43.0 31.0 19.1 16.13
9 kyodaz/daeron 43 1 13 12 7.0 29.0 17.5 4.0 15.8 15.81
8 karma_dope 16 27 30 20 13 19.0 5.0 17.5 7.0 17.2 15.56
7 dobby [a] 29 7 17 1 2 14.0 36.5 35.0 18.0 17.7 15.38
6 orangeandblack5 [b] 4 18 21 30 2.0 24.5 4.0 19.0 15.3 15.31
5 orangeandblack5 [a] 7 23 10 26 20.0 9.0 14.0 10.0 14.9 14.88
4 shad [b] 37 2 2 31 14 40.0 19.0 3.0 1.0 16.6 13.63
3 nutella 1 24 44 9 11 5.0 22.0 16.0 16.0 16.4 13.00
2 mixolydia 5 9 9 7 32 3.0 41.0 12.0 20.0 15.3 12.13
1 leetic 9 28 7 24 5 21.0 2.0 6.0 17.0 13.2 11.38

Not being at the bottom 10 feels strange

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