Happy Tree Friends FM - Game Thread 2 - Town emerged victorious!

Her slot was pigeon, they’re fucking dead already lmao

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Following orders while I go and actually read


“trochi did you read anything”
okay well i did read plague slot since i was going to replace in there but my blacklist hadn’t expired yet and was like meh this is just low effort new town
but i think they’re dead so lol

“trochi will you read anything”
will be hella active tonight when i get back home

“trochi we love you you’re our savior marry me”
i’m taken sorry but i appreciate the flattery

@beancat, Alice → pigeon
pigeon got executed D3


Plagueslot is amelia

Yea you see how much I didn’t read ._.
Sorry for not being here yesterday

oh yeah aren’t you confirmed or some shit

is amelia alive

Yes I’m confirmed by the fact that I’ve double voted twice and accidentally outed my role when I pasted my logs yesterday

Yes and they’re not really doing anything

ok well then my read still stands

you aren’t dead yet because why
but still
gimme your reads

Yeah I’m not interested in that slot today
I want to hear from your slot, Gorta and Kiiruma the most
Beancat idk what to say, she just voted a dead town who replaced out and I’m not sure what to even make of that
And Zone idk either

Because I’m not a very useful PR, I’m just a double voter

Okay in that case
Killing a self-resolving slot before they you know
Self resolve
Is kinda cring

I’m stupid okay

I mean you can yeet me and I can guarantee we lose the game by doing so lol

Fuck my life how are we axtually gonna lose

wazza left me a grand total of nothing but AMA

you’re an IC though right