Happy Tree Friends FM - Game Thread Night 3 13/20

To generally point out given how much of a horrible and unfair move it was by eevee yesterday along with the possibility of having their shot healed i dont think i would rule out anyone for shooting eevee.

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It’s a waste of a KP as we’d be lynching Eevee today.

Thing is that Marl’s a fairly vocal leader so I’m not reading too deeply into this as he was probably the person who order the kill.

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Someone will need to think up a compelling reason for marl to out himself when one would think the ideal thing for wolf to do would be to vote the third party claim. Yes i believe i could have stayed the course on marl but the fact that an experienced player like marl outed should tell us something about the situation given their stated reason was a lie. Eevee was never going to do anything but die night one. So why even bother with the effort of outing? Any complaining could have waited until post game.

Never assume a wolf does anything without ulterior motives.

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Realistically I’m bringing Eliza down to the third tier. Every other read feels ~fine but they’ve dropped hard.

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Note: i stated my theory when discussing eevee earlier.

Wazza only has had meaningful interactions with Leafia/WW/Achro. Like, this is not wolfy per-se since they tend to overfocus a lot as either alingment. Meh.

I thought you said you thought Eliza was town?

Actually Eliza’s probably a good shot, tbh.

They’ve basically given zero shits to the game since d1 ended after they got TR’d for the mass-claim suggestion.

Not particularly
But I believe she could be a wolf with Alice
Could also just not be a wolf with Alice
There’s nothing hard tying them to each other but nothing clearing the pairing either

Re-read them.

They just talk about Terraria and other OT shit after they got cleared d1 for their mass claim suggestion.

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That’s why I assumed there had to be a non-lowposting wolf who would have good thread pull later

Marl doesn’t just out himself amidst a potato field and die

Right but you say the stated reason why marl would hard bus leafia day one is spew. If the team is as we think…

Alice didnt bus. Brad didnt bus.

How does your world view fit? I dont understand? Not a critque

How about the Brad stuff from Wazza?

Tbfh I want to either shoot Plague/Eliza n3.

I don’t want to play this shit game any more so it’ll be good to clear them out and if they’re a wolf then that’s a plus.

I meant risk of spew, not “spew has already happened”

I won’t veto shots there so that’s fine
Would add Leafia to the shotlist, though, and preferably before Eliza

Right but. Question. Whats the least leafia has ever spewed her team? Is she capable of looking decent with alice for two days? I dont know her

Not that un-W/W.

Wazza/Brad interactions kind of look like softballs if they’re W/W.

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She’s capable of not spewing them if she isn’t getting pushed hard enough or long enough
She spews when she goes into defense mode and tries to unpair herself with all of her partners

See things from my perspective.

I’ve basically have my expanded PoE in Hippo/Wazza/Eliza/Plague/Brad.

Hippo/Wazza/Plague cannot be teamed up with Leafia so there’s very little chance Leafia’s wolfing here. They’re only W if the other two wolves are exactly Brad/Eliza or I’m horribly wrong in my TRs.