Happy Tree Friends FM - Game Thread Night 3 13/20

(WARNING - Viewer discretion is advised about graphic sensitive GIFS for childhood trauma and showing final destination-style deaths of your beloved characters)

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Global Rules - Announcements - Fortress of Lies


Day Hours will be 48 hours long
Night Hours will be 24 hours long
Actions will be done by messaging me
When you receive a card you will have 24 hours to reply, confirming you have received it.
You can leave your journal logs on your class PM, when you die this will be shown alongside with your reveal
Mafia members will talk through a Forum PM and can perform faction kills
Mafia can request discord group chat with the hosts
All dead players will talk through a Forum PM
claimkill and anti-claim mechanics are present on this game
It is not mandatory to do night kills or other actions.


You have been revealed to be Insane, you get Insane Rolecard
You killed a townie, you have died!
You saw Target Z is visited by Target X and Target Y
You saw Target Z is visiting Target X
You have been roleblocked
Your target is [Role]/[Role]/[Role]
Your target alignment is [Town], [Mafia]. [Neutral]
Your target has been resurrected from the graveyard
You have died alongside with your resurrected target
Your target is [Role]
You have become like your target, you received their rolecard
Your target have been cleaned out from reveals
Your claimkill has succeed! Your attack become unstoppable and unhealed tonight
Your claimkill has failed, you cannot use this for rest of the game
You have been redirected and controlled your action
You have died

Execution Eliminations

To vote a player, type in bold characters /vote -insert name- while pinging the host like this @Frostwolf103, @Silviu200530, @Geyde with the @ next to the host account name

The execution with the majority or plurality votes will end the day immediately and moves on to Night phrase

Once the player has been killed on day and night phrase, all cards related to the player of their flavor character, role and faction will be revealed as well the latest updated logs unless that is altered in some way

It is allowed to end the day phrase without eliminating anyone

Game rule mechanics

  1. Night results are semi-open on feedback
  2. Among town there is role called Insane that are different type of Citizen they believe they are different role that can do action, but does stay at home
  3. Mafia, Neutral Killer and other neutral roles have access to fakeclaims of town roles (all of them)
  4. Flavor characters are not alignment-indicative and role-indicative, it’s all randomized
  5. Some roles shown on rolelist have slightly modified actions


14 Town

Indecisive Doctor
Town Universal backup

4-6 Mafia


0-2 neutrals
Serial Killer

Town roles can be stacked with multiple slots of same role

Character Card, Role Card and Death GIF example

This is example of character card and role card

Do keep in mind that character is not role indicative and alignment indicative


This is example of character dies on start or end of day


It’s also spoiler free since it’s not shown who attacked the monkey therefore solving through meta is not encouraged

To Join

To join, simply express in joining by saying something like /I want to join or /join or /in or /sign me up, coach. You must type it in bold, additionally you also must take a slot of your choice from ‘Flavor Character List’

Player List

  1. Hippopablompoyeetus - Handy The Builder Beaver
  2. Gorta - Petunia The Skunk
    Eevee - The Mole - Night 1 killed at night Arsonist
  3. WindwardAway - Russell The Otter
  4. Leafia - Giggles The Chipmunk
  5. Trochilidae - Shifty The Raccoon
  6. ElizaThePyscho - Cro-Marmot
    Zorvo - Pops The Papa Bear - Night 1 died by guilt Town Vigilante
  7. Kiiruma - Disco Bear
    Vulgard - Sniffles The Anteater - Night 2 killed at night Town Insane
    Min - Flaky The Porcupine - Night 1 killed at night Town Citizen
    Thepigeonnyc - Splendid The Flying Squirrel Town Vigilante Executed Day 3
  8. Amelia - Cub The Baby Bear
  9. Beancat - Lifty The Raccoon
  10. Zone_Q11 - Nutty The Squirrel
  11. Atlas - Flippy The Soldier Bear
    Bradland - Mime The Deer - Day 2 executed Town Indecisive Doctor
  12. Achromatic - Cuddles The Bunny
    Marluxion - Lumpy The Moose - Day 1 executed Mafia Consigliere
  13. Illwei - Toothy The Beaver


Day 1 execution - Marluxion
Day 2 Starts! Min, Zorvo, and Eevee have died!
thepigeonnyc has replaced in for Alice
Day 2 Ends! Bradland executed!
Day 3 has started, Vulgard have died!
Amelia replaces PlagueSimp
Day 3 ends: Thepigeonnyc is executed
Trochilidae replaces in for Wazza




  1. Arctic


  1. Marluxion (Lumpy The Moose) - Mafia Consigliere
  2. Zorvo - Pops The Papa Bear - Town Vigilante
  3. Min - Flaky The Porcupine - Town Citizen
  4. Eevee - The Mole - Arsonist
  5. Bradland - Mime The Deer Town Indecisive Doctor
  6. Vulgard - Sniffles The Anteater Town Insane
  7. Thepigeonnyc - Splendid The Flying Squirrel Town Vigilante

Marshal’s Birthday party! (Night 0)

The whole Happy Tree Community have been waiting eagerly for the party get started with everything prepared like the drinks, the food, the party games, ready to singing high-pitched karaoke songs, one of the animals alerted the rest that Marshal is coming and to turn out the light and quiet as possible, the door opened as Marshal have returned home from after long work, Marshal will be described as female sheep with red poncho and this weird black hat

Surprise! roared everyone present in unison and the lights spring to live and Marshal bleating in surprise and then laughs happily with the animals gathered today for her birthday party, all twenty animals are singing Happy Birthday song for her and bring in the big delicious birthday-themed cake with candles lit on fire and some chocolate decorations

Marshal have received gifts from her friends and there’s nothing that is going to make the party sour and ruined, oh how wrong she is. However she catch several of the animals are looking rather gloomy but they quickly pretend to be all happy in a moment when they noticed Marshal is looking at them, how strange indeed? Marshal didn’t think too much of that time and over several hours, the party have ceased and everyone returned back to their homes to sleep…

“That evil-looking sheep!” said one of the animals hidden in the shadows among their other peers in group

“Yeah! She’s too suspicious, is she even part of our community? I never seen her before but apparently the town seems rather thralled under her magick spell!”

“We must find a way to break our friends out of trance, but how?”

“…They have to die.”

The rest of the three animals looking towards their self-proclaimed leader and shouted “What!?”

“You heard me right, this is the only way to stop the curse that sheep have instilled on them and us.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t you get it? Our memories are returning…it’s haunting us in our dreams and–aaaaaaaaarggghhhhh!”

The self-proclaimed leader starting to get unhinged and the remaining ‘mafia’ followed suit as they were possessed by unknown factor, could it perhaps their own PTSD turned them into bloodthirsty murderers?

Some animals that serve no interest in the town community and weren’t present in the secret meeting have already fell into primal instincts, what little sanity they have left inside will be carried to accomplish their own goals

Marshal on other hand is already packing the suitcases to leave.

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No-Kill Night 0 has started, this lasts for 24 hours and will open again in 2022-07-07T20:00:00Z2022-07-08T20:00:00Z

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There is no more Night 0. Day 1 will still start at the noted time above.


Do not discuss this decision in a game-relevant capacity.


OP has been updated.

Day 1 has started and lasts for 48 hours


Vote Majority for execution is 11 votes

Marshal’s departure

The next morning has arrived and the celebrity of the night previously have prepared the luggage ready for short vacation, when Marshal the sheep is ready to leave house she is stopped by her neighbor, you.

“Ah haha, hello! You are still here, hey listen I have something to tell you”

Marshal quirk up her lips and retracts into smiling lips “Yes, what is it [insert your character’s name]?”

“The town community is calling for emergency meeting! A Buddhist Monkey have been attacked last night a-a-and he’s in coma from the fight!”

“Oh no, who could have done this?!”

“There’s no time to explain, you must come with me quickly.”

“B-but the va–”

“No come on! We’re late, let’s go!”

You arrived at the mayor’s building and everyone that are present look at you as you entered the conference room.

well hello there

serious business

unserious business

Reminder that Day 1 has started


I need to see the announcement of your death


Don’t worry, you’ll get it

hot take

we should d1 massclaim

Heya, good luck all.
/Vote Gorta @Cattail_Mk.III
(Could keep pinging all 3 host accounts separately but I dunno what’s better)

Okay why can’t I paste anything on this?

Im lifty