Happy Tree Friends FM - Game Thread Night 3 13/20

take that wazza

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im fine with pigeon lynch

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I mean Wazza also told me to fuck off so I mean.

Wazza gonna Wazza I guess.

he’s done basically nothing and the slot beforehand wasnt any better

yeah fair

apologies for how town’s acted towards you
i stand by my statement of you basically being the only one able to do something here

Who do you think is town who has acted unfairly to me?

town as a whole

aka the 14 people alive

not specifically town members

Oh you mean like not just random comments but like in general how the game has gone too.



my mistake
basically sorry everyone here is either overly rude useless or leafia

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you go leafia

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i’m gonna do something else
gonna lurk every now and again but eh

Ah I wouldn’t say that. It’s just I used to be a much more toxic person and seeing people be rude in out of game ways brings me back to an earlier time in my life. That alone would annoy me a little, but Pigeon slot 2 day kind of burned away all of my reserve patience with the game today so I finally just put on my town leader cap and started barking orders. I prefer not do to that, I know it grates, but I ran out of patience and 95% of that is only one person’s fault and they are no longer with us.

I have enjoyed playing with most of you most of the time.

Even if wolves are fooling me who cares, tbh it is kind of fun to be fooled by new players so you learn things.

Although brad annoyed me too

“wow achro so good cant even not lynch the doc”

Yes brad, when you go idle for 24 hours when under pressure and come back and claim doc even good players will lynch you.

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What person is that? Also, we’re enjoying having you in the game too.

this community isn’t the best tbh
no matter who says otherwise
so sorry you had to deal with it, neverthematter of what actually happened

The person’s name who I haven’t spoken (other than copy/paste of night 1 journal) since they were replaced.

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