Happy Tree Friends FM - Game Thread Night 3 13/20

Day 2 VC

Voted Voter Count
Bradland Vulgard, Hippo, Zone_Q11, Leafia, Achromatic, Illwei, Windy 7/9
Leafia Wazza 1/9
WindwardAway Beancat 1/9
Hippo Pigeon,Brad 2/9
Not-voted Gorta, PlagueSimp, Atlas, Kiiruma, ElizaThePsycho 6

Ping for any mistakes!

Ur slot claimed exe and were helping u win

I meant the ones Alice did; she mentioned ISOs in her readslist

You’re funny

Ur slot claimed exe with me as target

Please provide a quote if you want me to believe you

Achro’s ISO on Hippo

And this is Alice’s case on Hippo (I didn’t quote everything cause it’s all over the place)

As you can see, Hippo wasn’t kidding

Whoops that didn’t quote the whole post, sorry
Expand that quote

Uhhh can you please send a quote that says this

Actually i feel bad for trying to jebait a replacement

Take ur time to read up on actual stuff then come back lol sorry

Can u backup as day or night and can u backup at same night as use the action?

It was figurative :sweat_smile:

Do you know where Alice’s ISO on Brad is? That’s what I care about the most

I cannot backup and use the action on the same night, no

I don’t remember what it said cause Vulgard cased Brad first and then I did the full ISO next



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So honestly I didn’t pay attention to Alice’s iso on Brad, sorry :sweat_smile:

/unvote @Leviathan

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Isnt using big text illegal