Hydra-Optional Vig 10er Signups (10/10)

Vig 10er

Hosted by @Mistyx and @Marshal

Reviewed by @DatBird


  • Follow all Global and Forum Game rules.
  • All players must make at least 15 posts that qualify as game content. What this entails is up to moderator discretion.
  • This game will include Wisdom of the Moderator. I reserve the right to prevent any players from signing up at my discretion.
  • I reserve the right to update this section as I view necessary.


Vanilla Town

Vanilla Town

You have no abilities but your voice and your vote.

Defeat the Mafia.

Town Vigilante


Each night, you may kill a player.

Defeat the Mafia.

Mafia Goon

Mafia Goon

You may communicate freely with your partner at any time.
Each night, you may kill a player with your factional kill.

Reach parity with the Town, or ensure that nothing can prevent you from achieving this.


  • Both majority and plurality will be in effect. No elimination is a valid vote. In the case that the day ends with tied votes, a player will be selected at random from all players tied for the most votes.
  • Votes will be locked in LyLo, which will be announced.
  • Barring a majority, days will be 48 hours long, and nights will be 24 hours long. This may change to accommodate for host schedules.
  • Days will initially start and end at 10 PM EST.
  • The mafia will communicate through a private Discord server. It will be open 24/7.
  • Each hydra will be permitted to post 400 times per phase. Exceeding this number will result in a punishment


  • Hydra accounts will be permitted, but not required, to sign up to this game.
  • All hydra heads must be openly declared, and will be publicly listed.
  • Hydras may communicate through any means. I do not need to be included in hydra conversations.
  • Hydras will be limited to a maximum of two heads.
  • Hydras will be using shared accounts for this game.


Vanilla Town x7

Mafia Goon x2


  1. YouButWorse + Leafia (@LeafiabutWorse)
  2. EliThePsycho + Litten (@EngineerGaming)
  3. Wazza + WindwardAway (@HoodHeroes)
  4. BradLand + Aelin (@FPSers)
  5. Arete + orangeandblack5 (@TeamSlightlyPolish)
  6. Ruby + Drinks (@MelodyRhythm)
  7. Trochilidae + AbbyPeriwinkle (@TheBirdsAndABee)
  8. Chloe + katze (@cat)
  9. Kiiruma + Wolfy (@2Wolves1Hydra)
  10. Dum + eevee (@idrc)


  1. Arctic
  2. Hippo


  1. Jane
  2. min

also i need a cohost dm me to apply

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I was gonna join but these Day/Night phases are certainly something

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i literally work within the range of 4-9 EST most days

not much i can do during that time

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Yikes, fair enough, rip Europeans

I’ll just /in for now since i’ve been looking forward to this
but if anyone wants to hydra hmu

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…that’s pretty standard? lol

well she’s EU so it makes sense that she wouldn’t want to be up at like 4 AM for EoD

I don’t disagree


10 EST is like a super standard EoD time lol

Reserve a spot for me

Am planning to hydra

Hydra with the entire untrustedcord :wowee:




literally 1984

i dont want a repeat of the spiritomb situation



Isn’t that a pokemon? :wowee:

wait what happened
i need to know more

Don’t tell me there was a hydra of 107 players…?


A Pokémon that was formed by 108 spirits. It is bound to a fissure in an Odd Keystone.