Hydra Popcorn - Cat Flavor: Day 5 (6/11) - Mafia Win

Welcome to Hydra Popcorn Mafia - Cat Flavor :)


Hosted by @Marshal and @Whysper

This game is a hydra game. You must sign up with a hydra partner. This game has host-approved alts, hydras can have one or both players be alts if they wish.


Follow the Global Rules and Forum Game Rules pls

All players must post a minimum of 10 substantive and game-related posts per 24h phase. If the day phase ends early, this may be waived.

The hosts may or may not utilize WOTM to prohibit players from joining.

EXCESSIVE AtE IS NOT ALLOWED. Appealing to emotion can result in a toxic environment that ruins enjoyment. I want this game to be relaxed but still serious. As a result, I will be monitoring the thread for heavy AtE. If you aren’t sure if what you’re posting breaks this rule, feel free to run it by me. If you find yourself unable to play the game without it affecting you emotionally, please let me know so we can help you. Feel free to message me at any time if you need to vent, or just want to talk.

Please do not directly quote, copypaste, or in any other way directly take things from hydra chat into the thread. You are of course allowed to paraphrase things said in hydrachat, but please please please do not quote it or screenshot anything and post it in thread.

Flavor is NAI and can be claimed


7 Vanilla Town
4 Mafia Goons

Sample Rolecards

VT + Mafia Goon cards


Vanilla Town
You are Marshal’s cat.

You are vanilla town. You have no weapons… yet. Good luck.

Defeat all members of the mafia


Mafia Goon

You are vanilla mafia. Before the game begins, you and the mafia may choose the first townie to receive the gun. Good luck.

Gain Parity with the Town


  • This game has no nights or votes. All kills are decided by the gun
  • Pregame, the mafia decide which town hydra will receive the gun.
  • If a hydra shoots a town player, the shooting hydra will die and the hydra that was shot will receive the gun. If a hydra shoots a mafia player, the mafia player will die.
  • Once a player receives the gun, they have 24 hours to submit a shot. The shot will randomize at the deadline unless the hydra with the gun has pre-submitted a target beforehand.
  • To shoot a player, the hydra with the gun must post /shoot [target] in thread. They may also pre-submit a target in their role PM if they believe they will not be around at the deadline.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE - Mafia chat will be outside of discourse, through a discord server. You are free to talk within your own role PM.

To Join

What is a hydra game? - A hydra game is a game where two separate humans (or cats who managed to learn how to use the forums) occupy one slot. They will share a rolecard, actions, deaths, etc. They are functionally the same player but both have the ability to post. Hydras may communicate in any way possible, although it is strongly recommended to do so outside of the forum PM.
How will we distinguish Hydras? - Hydras will make their own separate account, and will post on this account only unless issues arise.
How do I join? - If you have already talked with someone and wish to play with them, simply post some variation of /in with @playername. The other hydra member should confirm. If you do not have a partner but still wish to play, you can post /in and i’ll slot you under looking for partner. Players can from there decide who they want to play with.


  1. Mistyx & Trochilidae (@SeaofStars)
  2. Aelin & Arctic (@goldandcrystal)
  3. lol & dota (@sonicandknuckles)
  4. JakeTheWolfie & EliThePsycho (@thethethe) Died D3 - Vanilla Town
  5. Wazza & WindwardAway (@hoodheroes)
  6. Isolde & LinearPoint (@Zwelious) Shot D2 - Mafia Goon
  7. Bradland & Illwei (@omgweneedanaccount)
  8. Clonedcheese & Cape90 (@Cheese90)
  9. Kiiruma and Wolfy (@2wolves1hydra) Current Gun Holder
  10. Min and GGhana (@bingusbongusbangus) Died D1 - Vanilla Town
  11. Geyde and Eevee (@franks29thbirthday)

Day 1 begin. Today and today only will have an extended deadline of 48 hours

@bingusbongusbangus holds the gun.


T h e

where is my vote i demand a refund and some democracy.


oh I was planning on openwolfing to get the gun

dw you can still openwolf. No one is going to be angry.


I’d be angry :blue_heart:


gooooooooooood morning! :sparkles:


Alright cool

Everyone vote on who we’re shooting

The wolves probably assumed we would hero shoot but im going to take a big fat squirty dump on their plans, and this game as a whole and maybe heaven itself

I am the Noose, I am the Hammer

/vote Eeveehead

/vote bingusbongusbangus
I sure do enjoy forum mafia, where votes are-
Wait a second


hi this startd

You can shoot specific heads on hydras, right?



i’m not sure if that’s the case, really?

seems a bit to obvious to consider, y’know?


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For like
Reasonability’s sake
Can y’all sign posts :pleading_face:


lmao fat squirty dump ghana

I think its quite obvious who’s posting though