Initiative to Improve Town Play in just 12 simple tactics.

Here’s the 12 Simple Tactics I put together for everyone to improve town play, your welcome!

1)Don’t be afraid to vote
Don’t be afraid to vote someone, just because someone is a strong player or your not super confident on your read, you need to give it a chance and you need to go for it. No, they don’t need to be alive, every single player in your FM game should be capable of supporting the team, you don’t need a townie and loud voice that you like, maybe if you want that YOU should step up and do it.

2)Don’t limit yourself
Don’t limit yourself to voting specific people or a narrow PoE. Try to look at all options and see where there could be potential wolf agenda or other stuff that someone may have not noticed.

3)Always Vote
Always make sure you place a vote at the end of the day doesn’t matter who. A No Vote is usually always anti-town because that’s one less vote for town.
Remember the vote is YOURS. You can do whatever you want with your vote, no one is in charge of it.

4)Work with others
The more you work with others the more it can help them on getting a better read on you as well as others and together you could find other players alignments.

There are times where your initial suspects are or your general idea of where there are wolves are proven wrong, or perhaps the night kill choices were strange/certain players oddly still alive that shouldn’t be, whatever the case you can take a relook at the game and perhaps generate new suspects/villagers.

6)Listen to dead town members
Now this doesn’t always work accurately but there are times where some dead players, killed at night or executed during a day phase might have been on about something rather it be a theory or a player they suspected. So make sure to check back on dead player’s ISO once and awhile.

7)Don’t deny others
Whatever the issue is you should never refuse or deny to work with someone or talk with them. If they asked you to do something maybe even compromise on it. But they can be on your team and that would be one less team member that your working to interact with, which hurts your win con.

8)Know people’s expectations
This is where NAI and AI can be confused. Certain players will always act real Townie and others are naturally wolfy, which will happen every game regardless of that players alignment.
So you got to know their expectations and based it off what they are capable of rather then liking a post they made cause you think it’s a Townie post, it isn’t clearing for Always Townie Players and vice versa for Wolfy Posts and Always Wolfy Players.

9)Go with the Thread Flow and don’t go against it
Try to always go with the flow, don’t go against it or you’ll end up making others frustrated or make others not want to enter thread cause they feel it’s too chaotic, it stops production of the game which is bad.

10)Always Pressure/Push when you think you should.
Pressure/Push on an occurring vote sometimes to make it into a wagon to test to see how others react to it including the initial voter that could be potentially distancing.

11)Understand Setup and Mech.
Understand the setup at hand and sometimes you should follow mech when necessary as sometimes it’s stronger than social reads, if you feel like you have to look back at OP or something someone said involving mech, please go do that.

12)Don’t lose your confidence
Try to maintain your confidence throughout the game and if you have to talk to those you suspect more to make sure, do so, but don’t stop trying to interact with them.


this just sounds like a skill issue


I very rarely vote now a days but I do fine without it

going with thread flow seems like something a wolf would tell a town to stream roll them


my conclusion is that whoever wrote this is a wolf and should be executed


I wrote this.

Zorvo has revealed themselves as Innocent Child


mafia innocent child confirmed


Ever since “The Innocent, Gone Bad” came to existence, IC reveals have become more worthless.


Honestly, Zorvo, I think you can make a better post that will actually help town win more. Figure out why town often loses games on here and point out how people can fix these issues. Don’t tell them to “not go against thread flow” when that will just cause people to lose games lol


“only go against thread flow when the wolves are controlling the narrative”
“as an auxilliary of this principle, know who the wolves are”


i find that doing readings with my crystal ball benefits my reads greatly
maybe try that


“if it’s lylo swap ur reads and vote the most townie people
if ur wrong then that means they should have played better
if you are right then that means you are a god at the game”


Arctic about to leave another “cope” gif

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A problem I find is that I don’t know how to find wolves, what do I do about that?

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This is like reading relationship advice written by OJ Simpson


I actually think Zorvo.has good advice in here.

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These 12 Tactics will prevent the occurrence of why town keeps losing.