initiative to improve townplay

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(answer: get more tryhards to play)

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posting a lot, posting less, posting more walls, analysing games, all fake news

if u dont wanna tryhard u will not tryhard

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you want to be me

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I mean, you can use online calculators to check the chance of town winning in various setups, and 3v12, what we just played, sits around 25% win chance.!

Of course, “we’re no better than random chance” isn’t exactly a shining compliment of this site’s townplay - if towns are even 10% better at catching wolves, that win chance goes up to 46% - but it’s not as if we’re completely throwing away townsided setups, at least from my 1-game sample size.

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But I’m completely throwing. I’m going to start that accusation. I have clearly thrown every game I’ve played here; there’s no other way I could have lost them all. Open your eyes, people! Ban May for gamethrowing!


Silly Solution: Get more people to wallpost enough such that you can confuse a blue player into thinking you’ve played wall of text for free.

Serious Solution: Well, it’s probably not just that townies aren’t trying hard enough, it might be that what other sites consider “townsided” do not entirely apply to this site for any number of regional reasons, even ones that at first glance don’t seem to be relevant, such as the infini-scroll and its’ features on this site. If I scroll all the way down to the most recent post, then I’ve lost my place and its’ harder for me to go back up and read, minorly disincentivizing a historical look of the game. Additionally, if you do go back to read, your concentration might be fragmented whenever people post, as the forum ever-so-helpfully points out that new posts were made since you last checked.
In my experience, MS provides an (archaic?) solution to this problem by limiting how far you can scroll down before you have to change pages, allowing you to keep up with where you’ve paused reading. Additionally, it’s much easier to not notice when new posts were made, and should you check up on them, there’s an easy way back.

This isn’t to say that one is better than the other, but instead to bring to light the fact that this site isn’t a carbon copy of other sites, even in the most literal sense. It also isn’t to say that the design of the site is the main, or even only, problem. It could and probably is the result of many factors, including site demographic, design philosophy, and game mechanics.

If I had to suggest a serious solution, a good start is to ask players before, during, and after a game what their experience was, how easy or hard they felt the game was to them, and what improvements (even silly or ridiculous improvements) could be made to future games.


if ppl are having fun does it matter that they suck :thinking:



y tho

becuz i said so

i boight an xbox today even tho i duck at games cuz ill have fun

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true story

It was only 180 pounds cuz of blackfridsy

I could write more about this, but I feel like the problem with most villages on this site is that they don’t work well together as a team.

Reads accuracy is where a lot of the focus lies and IMO is overrated.

But really getting into the heads of your fellow villagers and trying to understand where they’re coming from, or ensuring a healthy, non-toxic thread environment, or making sure that your posts are clear, concise and readable, as well as ensuring that they make your thought process and mindset clear - all of these things don’t get as much focus as they should.

Additionally, the tricky thing about this is that the average player needs to raise the standard of their town play. Generally, in mafia, the players most responsible for the outcome of the game are often the ones that don’t know how to play endgame - because the mafia kill the good players early.


proph kinda summarises my thoughts pretty well

i agree that the importance of read accuracy is mostly overstated. in reality the average mafia player has =rand read accuracy, but other sites have much higher town winrates

one thing i’ve noticed is that very few people on this site have the ability to look at a case and say “wow, this is a good case, i will vote this player” and to an extent this is also because very few players on this site have the ability to make convincing cases or present reads in a way that’s digestible to everyone else in the game. so the issue is more of a combination of a lack of cooperation (the point about sheeping) and communication (the point about convincing cases)

also, this is another good point which is mostly overlooked

not only do bad/toxic thread environments make people want to play the game less but usually in situations like this whatever is causing the threadstate to be ass serves as a distraction when people do actually try to engage with the thread

i said this before, but i think the main reason town lost the last game is because no one really took a step back and scrutinised the lesser talked about slots (which were all mafia) because of the dominating arete/prisma/zorvo conflicts. because these conflicts consumed the thread it was extremely hard to not talk about them and the distraction stopped players looking at where the actual wolves were. the players who did look past this (magnus/aro/jarek to name a few) ended up having better reads than the rest of the village


I heard that other sites win more often cuz they kill more wolves than villagers
have we tried this


Yes we already tried to kill litten

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if we no-elim every day then we’ll never kill villagers → profit


buy siege and add me

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0>0 true