King FOL A Day - Canned

King FOL A Day

Hosted by Mistyx


  • You are expected to follow all Global Rules, as well as applicable Forum Game Rules. If you aren’t sure if a rule is applicable, ask me.

What is King FOL A Day?

King FOL A Day is a music tournament where 16 entrants will compete for victory. Every player will select a character to represent them, and design a list of sources based on that character that they will select music from. The winner of each match will be determined by popularity vote, advancing to the next round of the bracket. Everyone, both participants and spectators, is permitted to vote!

Tournament Structure

The tournament will consist of 16 participants unless there is significantly more attention than expected, in which case we’ll expand to 32. It will be double elimination, so losing a match doesn’t mean you’re out of it immediately!

Signing Up

Upon your signup, I will create a conversation with you where all submissions will take place. You may submit a character (or multiple characters as a team-up) from any piece of media, and we will collaborate on a list of sources that your character can choose songs from. Sources should be related fairly directly to your selected characters. Sample characters and source lists can be found here:

I reserve the right to WOTM signups for any reason, including during the character creation process.


Matches will take place every 24 hours. For the first round only, two matches will take place at a time. (This may be subject to change.) During the 24 hours before your match begins, you will submit two songs from your sources that will be displayed at the beginning of your match. Participants and spectators will vote based on both players’ available sources and chosen tracks. Deadlines will likely be at 8 PM EDT, but variation may occur due to host schedule. Failure to submit tracks on time will result in me selecting tracks for you. I’m happy to do this, but if you’re making me rush to do it, it’s likely that you’ll end up with whatever I thought of first.


Anyone may vote, both participants and spectators, however, there will be restrictions placed on voting.

  • Players participating in a match may not recruit others to vote for them or campaign privately. Private discussion is permitted between non-players.
  • Voting will be public, and any votes on alts will have all relevant accounts disqualified from voting.
  • Voting will close exactly at the deadline, even if the match announcement was slightly late. It will be adjusted for major delays as they come up, but ideally that won’t happen.


Q: When you say character, does it have to be fictional?
A: Nope! Anyone with any connection to music, real or fictional, is a valid option. Just don’t pick yourself. Also no Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul characters. I don’t trust y’all with them.

Q: Are there any other restrictions on characters?
A: Not outright, but I reserve the right to reject submissions for any reason.

Q: So how do teamups work?
A: Team-ups work the same way solo characters do, except instead of one character you design your source list off of it’s multiple. I’m not going to be allowing team-ups without a connection, though, and won’t allow more than two separate origins represented through team-ups.

Q: Is that it? It’s just a music tournament?
A: Mostly, though I do have a few special surprises planned. :)


  1. beancat
  2. Aelin
  3. orangeandblack5
  4. Zorvo
  5. Marluxion
  6. thepigeonnyc
  7. Keldi
  8. Ruby
  9. Aleph
  10. Illwei
  11. Mercenary
  12. DatBird
  13. sulit
  14. Arete

Any further questions ask me I’m not sure if this is comprehensive enough


can you honestly look me in the eyes and tell me i’m not justified on that


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can i, on the other hand, be a metal gear rising character

i mean sure i guess



Assuming this game is about choosing an artist and only using songs specifically done/made by that artist

Do you want me to say the name now?

This game is mine BTW

seems p cool
to watch
i have terrible music taste so this would not go well for me to participate in lmao

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I like music, but I’ve signed up too many games for my own good.

Good luck.

based pairing

this sounds fun, I have no time but I can probably make this work occasionally as long as you’re willing to not put me in rounds on days I physically cannot do

rip jack bros btw

ill try my best

@Zorvo putting you as a maybe for now - i am entirely undecided on whether WOTMing you is appropriate or not for this

it feels rude to do this but also ruder to leave you hanging

i’ll update you as soon as i’ve made a decision

also to everyone who’s posted but hasn’t joined you should play! it’s not very high effort and expanding your music taste looking for stuff is part of the fun of it

mist plz

do you want me to count this as an in? if you’re worried about not making a day you can totally submit in advance without issue

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