King of the Castle 2: Litten is King: Game Thread (GAME CANNED)

King of the Castle 2: Litten is King


This is a ROLEPLAY version of King of the Castle 1. A lot of the things will be the same.

Game Structure

  • The game structure will be far more loose than the previous version. Stats may vary far much more, and Schemes or Ambitions may deviate from what they are in the base game.
  • Most notably, @Litten is the King this time around. Treat him as such; he will have his own victory condition, and may have more influence on the game.
  • You are strongly encouraged to roleplay as a member of your faction. You may make private chats as you desire, or even location chats if you so desire, so long as I am included. It is extremely ok to not play to your win condition, as long as it’s still fun, especially if you have an in-character justificaton.
  • I will probably roleplay as advisers. I do not have a win condition, other than making the game fun for everyone.


  • Every event will be semi-improvised. Most of the time, the specific outcome of the event will not be known, more so than the previous version.
  • Please send me your event ideas. Do not send me the voting options, or the outcomes of the votes, but DO send me the general concept of event ideas you have. No guarantees it gets in, of course.


  • The regions/factions will be the same. You may swap teams if you so desire.
  • However, if we reach 20-ish interested players, then I will add two NEW regions. Regions are as follows:
    • The Barons are brash rural lords famous for their belligerence and fondness for hunting. Huzzah!
    • The Counts are ruthless aristocrats steeped in secrecy. Allegations of forbidden rituals are unproven.
    • The Grandees are impassioned duelists known for their strict adherence to honour, etiquette, and the Ninth God.
    • The Chiefs (added region) of the wintry North are known for their pagan religion, their ravenous feasts, and their large axes.
    • The Patricians (added region) are merchants with a high priority for business.


  • Rebellions work pretty much the same way, but they might be slightly less stat-dependant.
  • Claimants will be voted on by the regional members and may change through the game.
  • Stats are no longer confined to 10, but are still confined to being no less than 0.
  • All Wealth has been set to 1000.

Players by Region

Barons Counts Grandees Chiefs Patricians Litten
Zone, Guava, Ruby, Squirrel, snowe Childe, Hazard, Marshal, Ranta Kiiruma, Amelia, Italy, Daeron, Peach Neon, Pandora Someone, Kork, Atlas Litten :crown:


Kingdom Stats :crown: Authority Stability Treasury
5 4 2700 :red_circle: :white_check_mark:
Region Stats :triangular_flag_on_post: Trade Farming Millitary :crown: Faith Defiance
Count Stats 10 12 :purple_circle: :white_check_mark: 6 6 5
Grandee Stats 8 6 5 9 5 :yellow_circle: :white_check_mark:
Baron Stats 6 7 7 8 4
Chief Stats 4 3 7 :large_blue_circle: :white_check_mark: 2 4
Patrician Stats 9 :green_circle::white_check_mark: 4 4 7 4
Username Character Name Wealth
Zone_Q11 :dagger: Zone 1000
guavagudetama Ash Vespertine 1000
Ruby Hope Wintersoul 1000
Squirrel2412 Wilhelm Marzipan 1000
snowe Augustin de Segovia 1000
Childe ??? 1300
Hazardwaste :dagger: Jaspin 1300
Marshal Marissa 1300
Ranta ??? 1300
Kiiruma :dagger: Kael Silvermoon 1000
Amelia Angelic Light 1000
Italy ??? 1000
Daeron Umbriferous Uiora 1000
PrincessPeach Peach Toadstool 1000
N.1 Sigmund Halvard 1000
ImaginaryNeon ??? 1000
Pandora :dagger: Pandora Rabbit 1000
Someone :dagger: Someone 1100
Kanave ??? 1100
Kork ??? 1100
Atlas Ophelia Kreuger 1100

Prologue: Part 1

Six months have passed since Queen Eliza’s abdication. Newly crowned King Litten is meeting with the Spymaster, and will soon meet with the Chancellor.
Spymaster: The Nobles are certainly going to scheme against you, especially with the new additions to the Council. My question is this: When you die, how do you hope the Kingdom will remember you?
Litten: I hope they will remember me as a Conqurer.

King Litten’s Goal :crown: is to raise Millitary as much as possible.


im interested

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Ping me on discord when nec to respond


Prologue: Part 2

Before the next Council meeting, the Chancellor hurredly approaches Litten.
Chancellor: Good news! The Council has approved new articles for letting the North and the Coast into the Council!
Litten: Why weren’t they there before?
Chancellor: Borders were drawn into 3 regions, but each region is now populous enough to have its own borders. Nobles are being sorted into regions again, and the next meeting will contain all 5 regions: the Barons of the March, the Counts of the East, the Grandees of the South, the Chiefs of the North, and the Patricians of the Coast. We will see what new directions this leads the Kingdom!

In the Council chambers, the new Nobles flood in. Many of them propose a new festival to celebrate the legitimization of the new Regions. How should we do it?

Vote: How should we celebrate this momentous occasion?

A: With lots of fanfare and confetti!
B: With a reverent ceremony that honors the Ninth God.
C: Invite lots and lots of foreign dignitaries to our party.
D: This is useless! We shouldn’t have a celebration at all!
E: Throw Litten in the river as celebration.

To vote for an option, simply use the automated votecount and vote for “Option A” or something like that.

In the next vote, the regions’ Claimants will have extra voting power to make up for players, but not in this one.

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where’s the river


We have a long standing tradition of making the king swim! WHERE IS THE TRADITION

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when do i get weapons

Confetti will disrupt the soil balance. This will adversely impact our kingdom’s prosperous farms.

This monarchy has already gone down hill…. Unbelievable

Tradition must be honored. The king must be thrown. It is of utmost importance.


How are we meant to use the river water for rituals when theres no kings essence in their


eventually, folks

As your king, I think it’s absolutely abhorrent that we are not adhering to tradition. As such, I am personally planning on jumping into a river and I will send out invites to nobles, no matter what choice we vote on.


(ask litten)

As a spokesperson for the counts. I would like to state that we will vote E. Throw the king in the river


VOTE: Option E: River


we revolt. The people can not be stopped from tossing our king into the river.

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This king has already over stayed their welcome by destroying such a long standing tradition

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VOTE: Option E: River