LFoL 2 - Dead Chat

Dead interaction theoretically still exists

Rip your jester role, btw.

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I have been setup designed.

I’m gonna have to read the rolelist, aren’t I?

The Priest :shield:

Blue Dragon Social
Religious Fervor (Passive) - You start in a neighborhood by yourself. At the end of each night, your neighborhood is cleared.
Channel (Day) - Choose two dead players and add them to your neighborhood. Infinite uses
Purify (Day) - Remove all of the targeted player’s abilities, except for conversion and evil killing abilities. 2 uses
Last Rites (Night) - Use target dead Blue Dragon Non-Killer’s infinite use ability on an alive player. You will only be seen visiting the alive one. You may not use the same corpse more than once - Infinite Uses
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.


I was so excited to survive tonight. I was jailed.

The Paladin :shield:

Blue Dragon Killer

Divine Smite (Day) - Choose a player, and 50% of the time they will die. 1 use

Test Faith (Night) - Determine whether or not the targeted player believes in God. The Priest, Inquisitor, Paladin, Knight, Sheriff, Noble, their Unseen converts, Moon Spirit, and all Cult members believe in God. Infinite uses

Radiant Holiness (Night) - Makes yourself and the target player immune to conversion tonight. If either would be converted, the converter is attacked. 2 uses, unusable until Night 3

Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Dang it, we lost the cop too.

If you don’t mind my asking, how do you know this?

When you’re jailed by the Prince, you get put in a chat with them. They executed me because I voted you while my scumread was also voting for you.

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Damn, looks like Samarie was a hit. I wish I hadn’t chickened out of pushing them on meta. It’s an anon game, we’re not supposed to use meta!

In hindsight, the ATE I dismissed as too heavy for that person was, in fact, a caught-for-the-wrong-reasons situation. Honestly, I fully expected and prepared for Samarie to be executed… I initially moved off their wagon because I wanted to see if I could force someone else in to make the decision and help me get a read on them by association, but when nobody showed and the decision on who to execute was actually put in my hands, I made the wrong choice under pressure. It’s a shame.

It was a situation where… I was willing to let Samarie get executed, it’s why I initially moved onto Pav to four-way tie the wagons rather than pushing over someone else in Samarie’s place, but I was too trolley-problem afraid to take it into my own hands and execute them myself. I need to train myself to get better at making that kind of active decision - I find my reads are often better when I play passively, because I tend to be a chicken when given the reins. A lot of it is not properly trusting myself to make good decisions, and instead falling back on who I’d feel least responsible for misexecuting, which obviously leads one to misexecute a lot of people.

I don’t know how to build that confidence. It’s difficult when lacking that confidence makes me so often act wrong in the first place. I didn’t struggle so much in the past, when I didn’t have such a track record to look back on… I let losses get to me too much, I suppose.

I also ultimately think it’s easy to construe many bad decisions as not having the confidence to go with my “correct instincts” - when I was in the game, I was telling myself “well, you changed your mind on Samarie, going with the town consensus instead would be chickening out”… but it’s not like going for the low-poster was actually a decision borne of confidence rather than cowardice. But I clearly had the knowledge to see Samarie was wolfy, I had been voting them before and changed my mind. Maybe it’s a case of bias and vulnerability to ATE here? Personal bias undoubtedly played a role, let’s be honest. Hmmm… it’s difficult to say. Samarie would’ve been shot tonight, anyway, and got caught the next day, so it’s not as if my bad D1 call cost me the game. I do still feel frustrated about getting myself executed by the jailor, though… I don’t know what I should’ve done there.

It happens. New goal is to figure things out so we can do stuff if we get revived somehow.

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A Samarie ISO seems like a strong step to take.

I am not good at accepting that it happens. Never have been. My fundamental flaws strike again.