[Misc] Drabble Duel (Voting Time)

Welcome to Drabble Duel!

In Drabble Duel, players compete to write the best story. But there’s a catch: all stories must be exactly 100 words.

Story Creation

  • I will randomly generate five nouns. (I may WotM out certain nouns at my discretion.)
  • To participate, you must write and privately message me a story that connects to at least one of the nouns in some way. (It can be an indirect connection, and you don’t have to use that exact word in your story.)
  • All stories must be exactly 100 words, no more and no less.
    • Stories will be checked with this site. This may give different results from your word processor!
    • If I notice that you didn’t follow the length requirements, I’ll let you know. However, I might not notice until after the deadline, and I won’t give extensions. It’s a good idea to check whether your story meets the requirements.
  • You can submit up to 3 stories.

Story Voting

  • After the creation period has been open for 72 hours, I will post all of the stories anonymously.

  • Voting will be open for 24 hours. To vote for a story, “like” the message that I posted it in.

    • You can vote for as many stories as you want.
    • You can vote for your own stories.
    • You can’t vote with multiple accounts.
    • You are allowed to vote for all your stories and no one else’s, but this is discouraged and people might make fun of you.
  • You can’t claim which story is yours until voting has finished.


  • After 24 hours, the story with the most likes is the winner.
  • There can be multiple winners.
  • It will be announced who wrote each story.

I will post the words and open the creation period in about 24 hours. Until then, this thread is open for questions.



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beep boop


ten words of wisdom except its 100 words

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can you give an example story

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what do you MEAN i cant like posts in this game

reload the page?

no i mean

a like for a post = a vote for it

Arete sat at their computer. They had just posted sign-ups a few minutes ago, and there were already a few replies. If they wanted everything to run smoothly, they needed to make sure that the players weren’t confused.

They looked at the latest reply from Atlas, who wanted to know if they could give an example story. They nodded; it shouldn’t be too difficult to create one.

They quickly opened up another tab and typed up a story, making sure to follow the length requirement. Then, they tabbed over to the FoL website and posted their story in the thread.


i want this one to win


can you judge this story and see if you would “vote” for it or not, please

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not unless the other stories really sucked


thats harsh
i thought the theming was nice


it’s currently winning so far :man_shrugging:

is there a signup list for this
/in if so

(Ignore that I am about to leave out of town for this weekend. I’ll uh. Definitely remember my password.* *literally took a picture of my password because I deadass forgot it.)

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also i can’t believe i can only write 100 words at a time.

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tee hee

longest singular writing pieces in my google drive rn

no need to sign up, but since you mentioned being interested I’ll try to ping you when the creation period starts