[MISC] Minority Rule - Itemized Insanity [GAME OVER - NO VICTOR]


Welcome, welcome, one and all! Of days past we preach, but could, perhaps, we live those prior participations? The rose-tinted ridiculousness of randomness! What fun! And, for one day alone, I shall go and be the host of this show!

Welcome to the game, MINORITY RULE. This is a MISCELLANEOUS game hosted by @Keldi.


What sort of fun could we have begun without the rules of the game? None!!!

The game goes as so: at the call of the round, in the thread, you will be presented with selections. Be at attention! There will be 1 more choice than the count of the retention. And each thing has a trait of its own, so read close…

At the start of each round, in thread, there will be a LIST. The list has items equal to 1 PLUS the number of participants remaining. There is a guide in this first post below the RULES that describes each possible item and its effects.

Say what you select by private-messaged text to the director. There’s a ticking clock time limit, so take not too long! Or your fate will be tied to the majority’s sway…

PM the host, @Keldi, with your choice BY THE TIME LISTED in the round start post. If you fail to send in a choice by that time, your choice will be defaulted to the MAJORITY.

(Note from the host: if you are Radical or Insane, your vote will default to a random item that will kill you.)

And forget not to forge friendships with your favorite foes! Alliances will carry you to adventurous ascents beyond failure!

You can talk to each other in the THREAD ONLY. This is ADVISED AND ENCOURAGED.

Some of these strange selections bring about STATUS EFFECTS! One at a time, folks! Remember, before the ruling comes the conditions! But not as they apply!

Some items will give you STATUS EFFECTS. There is a guiding list of them BELOW, in this top post. Only one condition applies to a person at a time, and which condition is applied to a person between two effects that could both apply at the same time is UP TO HOST DISCRETION.

Conditions will take effect before the majority is called IN MOST CASES. Conditions will NOT apply on the round a person gains one.

And after abilities and all are applied, all choices are shown to everyone! And, including ties, all those who picked the item with the majority of pickers…


(…As in, are out of the game!)

At the end of the round, AFTER conditions apply, all choices are revealed in thread. Everyone who picked the item(s) with the most picks is ELIMINATED.

And thus, victory comes at a cost- the procedural picking-off of the competition, cruel as it may be, with one alone standing at the end… unless it’s two. Two too! Or maybe you all cut each other down carelessly and let none be…

The game ends when 1 or 2 participants remain at the END of the round. NO winners is also possible, so be careful.

Come one alt, come all alts! Bring 'em in, boys!!!

This is an ALT-FRIENDLY game.

ALL Global Rules and Forum Game Rules apply! Except one. We here at █████████ are considerate of common sense, and have come to decide that Forum Game Rule 16 is not applicable. We get it! This isn’t a game where you can ramble on for hours like I do! Haha. But we DO encourage you to talk to your pals here if you can muster it! We just won’t require it. :slight_smile:

Forum Game Rule 16, about making 15 game-related posts per phase, does NOT apply.

To prove you read the rules, write down a riddle! Here’s mine: when you take a █████ and ████████ and fit a ███████████ on ████████, what do you get? Probably a human rights violation! :slight_smile:

Sorry you had to hear that, my partner’s something of a LUNATIC.


Pray to RNGESUS. Pray that you are SPARED from Its wrath.


Air - A random picker becomes Light.

Alliance - If this item is in the item pool, all sole pickers of items will die.

Arena - If more than one person picks Arena, all but one picker of it, chosen randomly, will die.

Bloodlust - A random picker becomes Murderous.

Cavern - A random picker becomes lost in the CAVERN OF FUN!~ and skips the next round.

Cloak - A random player becomes Cloaked.

Darkness - If this is on the board, all votes and new statuses are hidden for the round. Those who died will be known, and you will know if you have gained a status.

Dilemma - All pickers become Indecisive.

Divide - All who pick this count as half a vote for the round.

Earth - A random picker becomes Heavy.

Evil - A random picker becomes Cursed.

Fear - All pickers become Phobic.

Fire - Pickers with Statuses lose their statuses. Pickers without Statuses die.

Glue - A random picker becomes Sticky.

Greyscale - All pickers become Radical.

Hunter - A random picker becomes a Sniper.

Insanity - A random picker becomes Insane.

Jester - Takes on the effect of a random item.

Kleptomania - All pickers take a status effect from a random non-picker each. If there are not enough status effects outside of this group, the remaining pickers take status effects from each other, instead.

Lonely - A random picker becomes Antisocial.

Liar - Does nothing, but takes on the name of a different item.

Life - If nobody picks this, everyone dies.

Loop - If anyone picks this item, it will be in the item pool next round.

Magnet - A random person who did not pick this will be forced to pick this item.

Multiply - All who pick this count as two votes for the round.

Mystery - A random status effect is applied to every picker.

Normal - No effect.

Origin - A random picker is made to pick a different item.

Poll - One random picker gets to choose one of the items in this pool to be included in the next round.

Prayer - One picker will become Blessed, while the rest will become Cursed.

Radiance - All pickers become Blinded.

Rose - If no one picks this, one person in the majority is spared from dying.

Sacrifice - A random picker will die, and a random player who would have died this round will be spared from dying.

Sanctuary - All pickers of this item cannot die this round unless by being in the majority.

Target - A random picker becomes Targeted.

Unity - If everyone picks this, no one dies this round.

Uranium - At least one person must pick this, or else the round will restart with new items.

Valentine - Two pickers become Lovers.

Ward - Pickers become Warded.

Water - All statuses of pickers are removed.

Wheel of Fortune - If this is the majority pick, one random picker survives. If not, one random picker dies.

Worship - All pickers become Devout.


Antisocial - If you pick an item that more than 1 other person picks, you die.

Blessed - You will be saved from death one time. After you are saved from death, this status is removed.

Blinded - Your next selection will be randomized. This status is removed after it is applied once.

Cloaked - Your vote cannot be seen unless you are part of the majority. Consequently, your vote will not be included in the number tally.

Cursed - You will die next round unless this status is removed or your death is prevented. If you do not die, this status is removed.

Devout - If any player is Devout, there will be one item that can only be picked by Devout players.

Heavy - Your vote counts as 2 votes.

Indecisive - You must pick 2 items. Your choice will be randomized between these two.

Insane - You must pick the majority, or you will die.

Light - Your vote is not counted.

Lovers - Effects that apply to one apply to the other. Picking the same item makes your collective vote count as 1.

Murderous - A random player who picks the same item as you is eliminated.

Phobic - If any player is Phobic, there will be one item that CANNOT be picked by Phobic players.

Radical - You must pick the majority OR the minority, or else you die. You will not die by picking the majority.

Sniper - You may pick one item, and one random picker who chooses it will die. This is a one-use power.

Sticky - Whatever item you pick will return next round. This effect only lasts one round after it is applied.

Targeted - All item and status effects that would pick someone random will pick you. This only applies if you would have been a possible choice anyways.

Warded - You cannot gain a status next round. This status wears off the round after it is applied.

The game will begin on a 24 hour timer at some point after the 12th participant joins the game, during which period any amount of people may continue to join until the timer is up. When exactly depends on my work and sleep schedule.

  1. @Whysper - ELIMINATED [Round 2 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Magnet.]
  2. @Chloe - ELIMINATED [Round 1 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Worship.]
  3. @ElizaThePsycho - ELIMINATED [Round 3 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Magnet.]
  4. @YoubutWorse - ELIMINATED [Round 5 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Divide.]
  5. @Mistyx - ELIMINATED [Round 2 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Magnet.]
  6. @Zorvo - ELIMINATED [Round 1 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Worship.]
  7. @Atlas - ELIMINATED [Round 2 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Sanctuary.]
  8. @Magician - ELIMINATED [Round 5 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Divide.]
  9. @thepigeonnyc - ELIMINATED [Round 1 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Worship.]
  10. @Squirrel2412 - ELIMINATED [Round 2 - Eliminated by the effects of Alliance.]
  11. @Marluxion - ELIMINATED [Round 5 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Divide.]
  12. @JakeTheWolfie - ELIMINATED [Round 2 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Sanctuary.]
  13. @Hippopablompoyeetus - ELIMINATED [Round 1 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Worship.]
  14. @Silviu200530 - ELIMINATED [Round 2 - Eliminated by the effects of Alliance.]
  15. @Marluna - ELIMINATED [Round 2 - Eliminated by the effects of Alliance.]
  16. @Jane - ELIMINATED [Round 5 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Divide.]
  17. @Trochilidae - ELIMINATED [Round 4 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Worship.]
  18. @Amelia - ELIMINATED [Round 1 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Worship.]
  19. @Litten - ELIMINATED [Round 1 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Worship.]
  20. @Blitz - ELIMINATED [Round 2 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Magnet.]
  21. @Rajidae - ELIMINATED [Round 1 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Worship.]
  22. @Arctic - ELIMINATED [Round 2 - Eliminated by the effects of Alliance.]
  23. @orangeandblack5 - ELIMINATED [Round 4 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Worship.]
  24. @DatBird - ELIMINATED [Round 1 - Eliminated by picking the majority pick, Worship.]

0 - Claire de Soleil - DEAD
0 - Claire de Lune - DEAD
0 - █████ - DEAD


Round 1 Begins


Round 2 Begins

Round 3 Begins

Round 4 Begins

Round 5 Begins

Final Results: No Victor








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A man is out in the rain without an umbrella, yet not a single hair on his head is wet. Why?



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Hmm, I’m assuming this is either that he’s wearing a raincoat or that he’s bald. :ayaya:

oh yeah lmao i forgot about my own signup rule. incredible
you know what. if even i can’t remember it exists i’m just not gonna worry about it too much (as in try to follow it but i’m still probably gonna put you in the signups list anyways)
but do read the rules plz


I do like minority rules.


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a ship has 26 sheep and 10 goats, how old is the captain

in purely to sabotage other players


72 Years Old

fun fact: chinese school children actually gave random answers to this seemingly unsolveable question instead of simply concluding it’s impossible. this shows a lack of critical thinking skills in children, and others who answered in a similar way


why chinese specifically

lil’ racist ngl

thats where the riddle was taught to

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Let me show my work!

There is 26 Sheeps and 10 Goats.

In concluding the man who has this many is likely to be an older man.
We don’t know how old these Goats are but what we can assume is there is a mathematical conclusion somewhere within this scenario.
However he is a fact we can conclude, we can conclude the lifespan of both a Sheep and Goat by the logic we know.
Sheep - 10 - 12 Years
Goat 15 - 18 Years

Therefore we can also assume that the man likely didn’t get them all at once and some of the animals are different ages, roughly a 10 year gap.
We can also assume he didn’t get to own them or raise them till he was an adult.
In this scenario he was likely 25 when he first raised them considering we have no mention of their parents or spouses or even kids.
Assuming that to be unknown it probably wasn’t a consideration or a direct involvement within the animals so 25 would make sense cause usually by the time someone is 26 you will have a less involving connection with parents in the sense they are older and less active and what not.
Therefore now let’s remove they already had a 10 more years of raising the animals.
That’s about 36 Years of Age

However I still don’t think that’s correct cause from the context it doesn’t seem surprising and speaking of “context” let’s look into it a bit more.
Since there are 26 Sheep and 10 Goat that adds up to 36 animals the man is raising which in this case is probable the numbers mean something to him cause of the lack of context that was given.

Apply that all together and it appears the man is a 72 year old man that keeps to himself.

thats the number the children mostly said btw


Its for the best I dont play on my main


i thought that was amelia for a solid 5 seconds

You got me

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