[Misc] SBPC - Arete wins!

SBPC (Sort By Post Count)

Hosted by @Whysper + @Zone_Q11

Time & Effort

This is a low-effort Misc played over 5 rounds with 24 hours each round. It should only take about 5 minutes each round to submit a list of names, though the first round could take a bit more time. You can be involved in the discussion thread as much or as little as you choose.


While changing the FoL Archive to include user avatars on posts, I was able to gather post counts for users. These are total post counts across all threads (including ToL game threads) during the entire time the site existed.

I thought it might be fun to have a game of guessing how users compared with each other on post counts and then who had the highest post counts overall. :slight_smile:

Game Description

The game will start with an alphabetized list of the top 100 users by post count. The game will be played in rounds where the lower post counts are gradually eliminated until we reach the top 10 users.

Top 100 Users
  1. Aelin
  2. Alice
  3. Amelia
  4. Ami
  5. an_gorta_pratai
  6. Anstreim (anon6348071)
  7. Appelsiini
  8. Apprentice
  9. Arctic
  10. Arete
  11. Ashe
  12. astand
  13. Atlas
  14. ATNoName
  15. bazingaboy
  16. Blizer
  17. BlueStorm
  18. Boss110
  19. Braixen
  20. Captain
  21. Centuries
  22. CheesyKnives
  23. Chloe
  24. ChopChop
  25. clonedcheese
  26. CRichard564
  27. Damafaud
  28. DatBird
  29. eevee
  30. EliThePsycho
  31. Emilia
  32. EVO
  33. Firekitten
  34. Frostwolf103
  35. GamerPoke
  36. Geyde
  37. GGhana
  38. Hippolytus
  39. Htm
  40. Icibalus
  41. Insanity
  42. Intensify
  43. Isaac_Gonzalez
  44. Italy
  45. JakeTheWolfie
  46. Jane
  47. Jazz
  48. katze
  49. KyoDaz
  50. Leafia
  51. Livicus
  52. Luxy
  53. Magnus
  54. Marcus_Doodalee
  55. Margaret
  56. Marluxion
  57. Marshal
  58. MathBlade
  59. MaximusPrime
  60. Memesky
  61. Mercenary
  62. Meteoro
  63. min
  64. Mistyx
  65. Moleland
  66. N.1
  67. Napoleon
  68. Nerbins
  69. Nightingale
  70. NuclearBurrito
  71. orangeandblack5
  72. PoisonedSquid
  73. PokemonKidRyan
  74. Possessed
  75. Priestess (anon97870008)
  76. psychoneirik
  77. Pug
  78. Sam17z
  79. Shurian
  80. Silviu200530
  81. Simon
  82. SirDerpsAlot
  83. Solic
  84. Soulshade55r
  85. SoulShard
  86. sulit
  87. Teleology
  88. TheBlueElixir
  89. thepigeonnyc
  90. Trochilidae
  91. TrustworthyLiberal
  92. Twil1ight
  93. Universal
  94. Vulgard
  95. Wazza
  96. Whammerist
  97. Whysper
  98. WindwardAway
  99. Wolfy
  100. Zone_Q11


Each round, we will eliminate users below a certain post count threshold. I will give the threshold and number of users that fall below it. For example, in Round 1, the threshold is 10k and there are 28 users below this post count.

Then everyone will privately guess which users these are. You get +1 point for a correct guess and -1 point for an incorrect one. You can submit names for up to the number of users specified for the round (28 for Round 1), but you can submit less if you want. There will be 24 hours given for submitting guesses during each round.

After the round deadline, I will post a list of the users that fell below the threshold and calculate points for each player. Then the next round starts with a new threshold and new number of users to guess. The final round will involve guessing the order for the top 10 users. At the end, we will see which players accumulated the most points overall.


Players can freely discuss in the thread what they think about the users and post counts. You should not do any research to directly gather post counts from the FoL Archive. However, you can do minor research, like checking when a certain user joined FoL or if a user was in a certain game and such. If you do research something like this, you should post your findings in the thread for everyone.

The hope is that everyone will have a fun time remembering users and games from the past. There are some names on the list that many people might not recognize, but those that do are encouraged to talk about their memories. :slight_smile:

Player List

Round Links


BTW, I guess I’m required to have a co-host, though it would be just as a backup. I will be doing all the processing and don’t anticipate needing any help. I would simply send you a link to my spreadsheet for just in case something comes up and I can’t continue with the game.

If you don’t plan to join the game but would be willing to serve as backup/co-host, please let me know. Thanks! :slight_smile:



Okay, cool. Thanks. :slight_smile: I’ll send you the link after the game starts.

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I believe these were Maxwell and Anstreim respectively
But I could be wrong

Oh, I was wondering about those. I was surprised anons had that many posts. I’ll look into their games and see if I can confirm those. Thanks!

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I think the second one is Priestess not Anstreim

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First one might be Anstreim

I don’t think Maxwell ever got anonymised?

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one is very likely maxwell

I think he anonymized himself on discord

But not on the forum
I’m not sure

I remember seeing Maxwell’s old account so

backreading through old games to find n1/maxwell account and found this lol




society once again continues the pattern of regression and progression further

nothing ever truly changes

we are our own prisons


when clicking on account


second one is, in fact, priestess


@Whysper anon6348071 is definitely Anstreim

(source: SFoL 62: Regal Lions)