Need For Speed: Most Wanted SFM - TOWN VICTORIOUS

If I were Hazard or Lucifer I’d have been tempted to just not do anything to see what happens.

That’s too risky though I reckon. Like Vet not alerting N1

I am kinda hoping at least one of them did. If the last wolf no kills again we get one extra lynch.

In fact if I’m in their position, I would bluff that I didn’t use it.

I mean why would I use it? When no kill feels like the smart move on their part?

I didn’t think it was IceT

The lowercase “I’m town” makes me cri evertim

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didn’t I say that the IceT/Leafia interactions looked good for IceT?

y’all didn’t want to vote Jake at all, while Jake would have been the better vote

at least IceT was doing stuff

With full context it didn’t feel enough
And my paranoia of them was high

I did want to look at other slots more but I had no time
And ppl voted Icet over Jake… Even though I was the only one paranoid of them besides Lemon that barely pushed?

Then again Icet made enemies of Lucifer and Wiz, so that’s already 2 votes
And Lemon was down with an Icet vote as well (even though I’m paranoid of them for similar reasons)

Also TMI, but it’s relevant, I have an issue about shortening names when I vote ppl so… CFD’s would be difficult for me.

Yeah i knew this was gonna happen. As soon as wiz pointed out the fact they didnt have to kill it got alot more difficult

I wont lie when i say it took me the whole night phase to decide wether to hold on to the rb or use it

Damnit, who RBed me?

Though… If mafosi really did choose to no-kill
I mean… Why not kill someone that we collectively agree is town?
Wiz just becomes another confirmed person sure, but our items are limited now. You just kill Wiz next.

Oh right. Bcus Lucifer exists. My bad gang :+1::+1:

Btw i have decided i wont tell you guys if i used it or not. But I did know it would have been a no kill today either way

Well at least it was the thought stuck in my head the whole night

Oh yeah @Host_Account_3 wheres mah minigaem