New Feature - Disabling Likes

Ever hosted a game and wanted the option to disable the like feature? Now you can!


Select the #likes-disabled tag when creating a new topic and users will be unable to like posts.

How to add tag to new topic

Can I change this for an existing topic?

Yup! You can enable and disable liking posts at any point by changing the tags on your topic. Existing likes will not be removed.

How to add or remove tag from existing topic

Known Issue: Disabling likes removes the heart icon from posts with 1+ like (that you haven’t liked)

This feature has been enabled on this topic.


How could you do my boy Eli dirty like this

manual like

manual dislike

and wind :sob:

Manual like

manual joycat


manual report kat for harassment

they killed eli dear god



If this thread has taught me anything, it’s that disabling likes will inadvertantly make you more funny

I’d like this if I could

I would like that as well, and I’d like your post as well…

And this is why I don’t like this feature :slight_smile:

Don’t disable likes, disable links!

I feel like thread owners should be able to stop individual people from liking their posts, rather than turning off likes for the entire thread. Aren’t likes one of the main reasons we play on a forum in the first place?

The main thing I had in mind when making this feature is disabling likes during the Night phase, to stop players from communicating via likes when they shouldn’t be. It’s against the rules regardless, but somewhat hard to enforce, and most of the time it isn’t reported.

There’s no easy way to make it so specific people can’t like posts without a custom plugin - which we’re currently unable to do.
So this is the Next Best Thing

Also some hosts dislike (lol) the like feature for a multitude of reasons (easy to signal to other players without anybody else knowing, takes away from the talking aspect of the game, etc.) so they should have the option to host without them if they want to - if people don’t want to play without likes they don’t have to join

I doubt it’s something that most hosts utilize for both Day and Night phases, but those who want a more competitive game (ie. invitationals) or hosts who come from sites that don’t have likes (or those who don’t like likes in general) might want to

I treat the forums strictly like social media, I only post to receive likes.

This is an outrage, Chloe.

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