One Step From Eden JK9 - Signups (9/9) - Filled!


One Step From Eden Jailkeeper9

Hosted by @Amelia and x on @Serif
Reviewed by @Prophylaxis


Follow the Global Rules as well as the Forum Game Rules

This game has a postcap of 150 posts per in-game day. This is lifted 1 hour before EoD.
The first time this is exceeded by a player, they will receive a warning. The second time, they will be modkilled.

Alts are allowed and do not have to disclose their identity to the hosts.

Setup Information

6x Vanilla Town
1x Town Jailkeeper
2x Mafia Goon

Sample Role PMs
  • Flavor is not AI. Mafia players won’t be given flavor safe claims.

  • The Mafia factional kill is assigned. If the member performing the factional kill is not specified, the last member to submit a kill will be assumed to be performing it. If this isn’t applicable, one member of the Mafia will be chosen randomly.

  • The Mafia factional kill is not mandatory until the Jailkeeper dies. Afterwards, if no factional kill is submitted, the kill will be determined randomly from among living members of the town.

  • The Mafia will communicate through a private Discord server.

Gameplay Information

  • Phases will begin and end at 2023-02-13T21:00:00Z

  • Days are 48 hours unless majority is reached early and nights are 24 hours.

  • Eliminations are majority and plurality.

  • No-elim is a valid vote, and may be hammered to end the day early. In cases where no-elim and another vote are tied at the end of the day, no-elim will have priority in the rand.

  • Tied votes will result in a player being eliminated at random from among the tied players.

  • Self-votes are considered valid votes.

  • Votes are locked in LyLo (eliminate-or-lose) scenarios, but not in MyLo (miseliminate-and-lose) scenarios. That is to say, in situations where town must eliminate correctly or lose, the first vote cast by a given player is final and cannot be changed. LyLo will be announced.

  • Voting will follow this format.


  1. May
  2. ElizaThePsycho
  3. BradLand
  4. Leafia
  5. Zorvo
  6. Jaiden
  7. IcetFeelsPain
  8. Jarek
  9. furtiveglance


  1. Marluxion



Just realized I pinged the x account from omega strikers lmao


Oh yeah I need to rename @X_OS back to something that won’t break the site

Remind me next week

Wait if your cohost isn’t alana who were you trying to ping?

I’m looking for a co host

Just forgor to replace that lmao



ive been waiting for this

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FINALly a vanilla setup i can spit at


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I may be a dumbass


Fixed (hopefully) (time was being weird last I used it)

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Why mot?

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its mafia



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