[Guide] Votecounts

Votecount Guide
Plugin created by Ellibereth and Key of Mafia451

I. Starting a game

If you want the votecounter to track votes in a topic, you’ll need to use [alive] tags to describe all the players who can vote/be voted for in your game. This is a host-exclusive tag, meaning it will only be processed if made by the user who created the topic.


@ mention all your players between these tags. Make sure you’ve got the case and spelling right, and don’t add anything to their names - the votecounter will only count votes from the players in those tags, so the usernames have to match exactly. It’s easiest to do this by using the @ drop down’s auto-completion.

After players have died (daykill, vote out + nightkills) and you’re ready to start a new day/game phase, list the remaining living players between alive tags as you ping them, and this will make sure the votecounter doesn’t include dead players.

Changing the list of living players will reset the votecount.

II. Voting

Only players listed as alive will be able to vote (that is, have their vote reflected in the count).

I. Voting

Voting can be done by using [vote][/vote] or [v][/v] tags and naming a target between them.
To easily add tags to your post you can utilize the voting button in the formatting toolbar:

II. Unvoting

Unvote by typing [unvote][/unvote] or [uv][/uv]. Do not put anything between the tags.
You can also press the unvote button in the formatting toolbar:

The votecounter will try to match a vote to an alive player. This is what it will do:

  • Case is ignored, so [vote]pLAYer[/vote] will be correctly attributed to a player in the alive list with the username Player .
  • Spaces are ignored, so [vote]Play er[/vote] will be correctly attributed to a player in the alive list with the username Player .
  • Substrings are accepted, so [vote]Play[/vote] will be correctly attributed to a player in the alive list with the username Player , ASSUMING they are the only one who it’s a substring for. If you’ve also got PlayBall in the list, the vote is ambiguous. It’ll be assigned to one of the two, so it’s up to the host to decide what to do with the ambiguity.

Two scenarios that might come up are players using acronyms or making typos in votes. In that case, the quickest solution is to edit the post the vote was made in to correct all votecounts coming after it. Other options are for the player to make another, correct vote, or for the host to post a manual votecount with the vote corrected (see Manual Votecounts below).

III. Viewing the votecount

The votecount as of a post can be viewed in a modal by selecting the gavel icon on that post. It will show a “Classic Votecount” in this format:

Player3 (2): Player1, Player2

Not Voting (1): Player3

Selecting “Show Player Votes” will show each player’s vote exactly as they made it. If it was made since the host posted the last manual votecount, it will also show the post the vote was made in.

IV. Manual Votecounts

The host can copy the contents of the votecount modal to post it as its own post. Enclosing it in [votecount] tags mean that the votecounter will parse it and accept that as the votecount as at that post. This is a host-exclusive tag, meaning it will only be processed if made by the user who created the topic. For example:

Player3 (2): Player1, Player2

Not Voting (1): Player3

There’s a few reasons a host might want to do this.

First is making corrections. If a player has made a vote which wasn’t matched to an alive player correctly, the host can fix it in the votecount. For example, an incorrect votecount:

Player3 (1): Player1
Palyer3 (1): Player2

Not Voting (1): Player3

In this example, Player2 has typoed their vote for Player3, and so it’s being shown separately. The host can remove the line for “Payler3” and add Player2 to the list voting for Player3, and the votecount will be corrected from the manual votecount onwards.

Secondly, as a game continues, the votecounter will slow down as it parses more and more posts looking for votes. The host posting a manual votecount reduces the number of posts it must process and reduces wait time.


how does editing posts affect this

they took away editing and replaced it with a hammer


oh good its still there
still hate the hammer


Editing should be relatively rare in FM, so even though that relative position change wasn’t directly intended as a feature it is still in our opinion reasonable

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editing a vote changes it in future votecounts

editing any other part of the post doesn’t change anything wrt VCs

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Ofc editing a vote for an advantage is against the rules, and all edits (as well as postnums where votes occur) are public, so it’s very easy to tell if someone changed the player they voted for

Editing votes should only be done in the instance of a typo p much


also don’t we like
never do turbos

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ok and

it was added as a different signups

because they were incredibly hard to host

now turbos are possible


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your family’s death was necessary to sate its bloodlust
i don’t know what the hammer does and honestly i’m too afraid to find out

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there’s enough to where it opens a scrollbar on my phone


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