One Step From Eden JK9 - Town wins!


rip jarek

Hi Magnus, thoughts on Bradland?

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Weak response to Jaiden’s scumread, doesn’t want to appear flustered. No longer wanting to appear evil, May says things like this to appear useful:

The most assertive part of this read is “Leafia and Jarek not W/W”, which is utterly meaningless from my perspective. May continues to be extremely neutral on every front.

Yada yada yada.

Questioning others about their reads when you aren’t examining their case is a red flag. Icet didn’t answer these questions in their acknowledgement of this post, May doesn’t seem to follow up on this.

Remember this, because May ended up voting Zorvo at the end of the day.

Doesn’t believe in their own reads.

I will talk about Brad later, but this is not okay from May.

May is doing everything in his power not to make reads.

Not sure where this even came from, and I don’t think it’s even true? May didn’t check or anything, this is not in-character.

This redeems everything, though.

May and Brad are not W/W off this, it’s just too blatant.

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These might not be Brad’s most recent towngame, but there should be enough here to show that Brad looks deeply out of character.


This feels like theatre. This interaction bothers me.

Theatre between Leafia and …the mod?

Brad teamed with Jaiden and trying to push Leafia’s scumread on Furtive would be wild.

What mod? Leafia and Jaiden at the start of D1.

This is even worse in hindsight because Icet’s vote was clearly RVS.

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Asking questions about an RVS vote is suspicious? That’s literally how one proceeds out of the stage, no?

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I didn’t see the summary, my bad

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Oh hey, mindmeld.

I’m pretty sure you know better than this. We skipped RVS in some past games, remember?

Know better than what, Magnus? Sure, going “oh why are you voting here” isn’t generally a super productive question, it drops the facade, but with IceT being new to specifically forum mafia, I thought I could get a good interaction out of that - a scum IceT would probably have been advised to place a vote by a buddy, and so wouldn’t have a super good explanation for #3.

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this feels like theatre
everything else does not

In which case you should’ve made an attempt to repeat your questions to IceT when they completely ignored you.

This was all that was said.

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No, he also said this, which I thought was interesting enough for the time being to not bother pressing on further. He took the opportunity of me asking questions to move off Jarek and onto Eliza.


The whole interaction feels like theatre. Jaiden’s vote on Leafia is just RVS, but Leafia makes up a reason to townread Jaiden for it — “being aggressive”, Leafia knows better —, and Jaiden knows better than to trust Leafia for this reason, and yet Jaiden unvotes and backs off. The locktown thing is a joke, I’m aware, but this doesn’t feel real from either of them.