Paradox Hazard

Hosted by @Zone_Q11
Co-hosted by @CRichardFortressLies and @N.1
Reviewed by @Achromatic and @Luka


  1. Follow the Forum Game Rules.
  2. Post a minimum of 10 game related posts per active phase.
  3. Fail to heed the former rules more than twice, and you will be subbed out or modkilled.
  4. I can and might have to add and/or remove rules in the future. Except the first rule.
    Let’s just hope that I won’t have to use this rule.

General Mechanics

  • This is a closed rolemadness.
  • Day Phases last 48 hours unless majority is reached early. Night Phases last 24 hours.
  • All actions must be submitted in your classcards / role PMs.
  • Mafia members may communicate through Discord during both phases.
  • Factional attacks are optional and assigned.
  • If a player has more than one abilities that they can use on the same phase, then they may not use them simultaneously. (No multi-tasking.)
  • Passive abilities cannot be roleblocked.
  • Only roles with informative abilities will be informed if any of their abilities were roleblocked or redirected.
  • Action deadline is two hours before phase change.
  • The host will announce when XYLO occurs. Roles are hereby not taken to account.
  • The game starts at 2024-04-26T22:00:00Z on Night 0.

Special Mechanics

Anti-Claim Mechanic: Paradox Reaper

Vote Mechanics

  • Use the latest voting format.
  • Plurality: Whoever has the most vote weight at the end of a phase will die.
  • Majority: At any point during day phase, whenever a player has >50% of all (public) votes, the day will end and all votes will be tallied. The player with the highest vote weight will die.
  • In case of a tie, a random player within the tie will be executed.
    –unless [No Exe] is also tied, in which case [No Exe] will take priority.
  • [No Exe] is a valid vote, and may be hammered to end the day early.
  • Self-votes are considered valid votes.
  • Votes are locked in XYLO scenarios.

Living Players

  1. @catbae - Victorious, Mafia Ultimate Roleblocker
  2. @Hazardwaste - Victorious, 3-Shot Modifier

Dead Players

  1. @Frostwolf103 - Executed D1, Town 2-Shot Paranoid Vest Owner
  2. @tutuu - Killed N1, Town 2-Success-Burnout Tunnel Cop
  3. @Marluna - Executed D2, Mafia Deflector
  4. @ash4fun - Killed N2, Town 2-Success-Burnout Paradox Diffuser
  5. @eaves - Executed D3, Town Brainshocker
  6. @Chloe - Killed N3, Town 3-Shot 2-Target Traffic Controller
  7. @Ash - Executed D4, Town Evil Beguiler
  8. @Someone - Endgamed, Town 1-Shot Paradox Caroler
  9. @Leafia - Endgamed, Town Empty Motivator
  10. @bystander - Endgamed, Town Avoider
  11. @Memekingpizza - Endgamed, Town Paradox Officer


  1. @/Wazza


  1. @/LittleLee (?)
  2. @/Litten (uninformed)
  3. @/Geyde (informed)


To re-iterate, Day 1 starts at 2024-04-27T22:00:00Z


Night 0 began 24 minutes ago.

Day 1 starts now, and ends at 2024-04-29T22:00:00Z.


It’s midnight here, so good night.


im town just thought u all should know

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Same here.

Hi Town, I am Frostwolf103

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Like you would admit, if you were mafia…


i am going to TRY (emphasis on try) to not hyperpost and be annoying this game wish me luck
i already feel the pull

Would you admit, if you were mafia?

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I’m Luna.

Hey everybody, I just wanted to come out and say that I’m a wolf this game.

Everybody should VOTE: ash



and so it begins


VOTE: ash4fun

Can confirm.
Wolf chat’s fun.

you weren’t supposed to say that you’re supposed to defend me

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