Pathologic Invitational [Accepting backups & spectators]

Welcome to Pathologic Invitational!

Hosted by @Rajidae
Co-hosted by @Chloe

Reviewed by @Zone_Q11 and @Mistyx

"It’s a chilly autumn day in Town. The recent death of the Town’s beloved doctor, Isidor Burakh, has left the townsfolk feeling paranoid. There are rumours going around that he was killed by a Shabnak-adyr - a creature made of clay with bone legs - that is still running rampant, waiting for a chance to attack again. Truly, if you do not have faith in the old Steppe legends, then you must be an outsider. Everyone in the Town knows. The Earth is alive, living, breathing, and the Town breathes with it. Like a singular hive mind, the Town is part of the Earth.

One day, someone is seen standing still next to a house, staring at something.

“How fares your kine, Khayaala?”


Soon enough, there is a whole group gathered in front of the house. Even Artemy Burakh, the Town’s new Menkhu, comes to investigate the commotion. What are these things? Are they coming from the house? No one has an answer. But there is a sense of forthcoming danger at the sight of hundreds and hundreds of tiny black flakes, floating around in the air.


  • Make sure to follow the Global Rules and Forum Game Rules.
  • Host-approved alts are allowed. To play on an alt, the alt’s identity must be made public.
  • Players are required to make at least 10 game-related posts per day phase. Failing to do so will result in a prod. You will be subbed out after 2 prods.
  • There is no post cap. Go wild.
  • The hosts will rule at their own discretion and can add or modify the rules as they see fit.

Setup information

x9 Vanilla Town
x1 Mafia Goon
x1 Mafia Poisonous Goon

  • Mafia doesn’t get an assigned nightkill until the poisoner dies. After this happens, the remaining Mafia Goon gets a mandatory infinite-use nightkill.
  • Mafia has two fake poisons that they can use on a player. The player will be informed of the poison as if it were real, but they will not die from it.
  • Flavor is alignment-indicative. Do not discuss flavor (however cool it might be). Discussing or hinting at your flavor will result in a modkill.
Sample rolecard

Mark Immortell

"He has no past: he is the Theatre incarnate, its spirit materialized in a carbon-based avatar. No one in the town knows where he came from; perhaps he just sprang into existence in the Theatre the same way you get mice where there are pantries. Even if he did actually disembark from some train, valise in hand, nobody saw it happen."

Vanilla Town

Your only powers are your voice and your vote.

You win when all members of the mafia have been eliminated.

Gameplay mechanics

  • SoD/EoD is at 4:00PM UTC by default. This is negotiable if enough players wish to change this
  • Phase length is 36/12
  • Plurality will mainly be used in this game. In case of a tie, the execution will be randed by the hosts
  • Majority comes into effect when the game enters MyLo/LyLo, replacing plurality. The hosts will announce this at the start of the day.
  • In addition to plurality, there will be an optional supermajority mechanic if players want to end the day early. Supermajority will be [X - X/4] rounding up, with X being the number of remaining players. So, for example [6 - 6/4 = 4.5 = 5]
  • Votes are counted until the end of the day phase. Any votes cast afterwards (i.e, before thread lock, after hammer) are not counted
  • Self-voting is not valid. You may choose not to use your vote, but voting for no-elim is not allowed.


  1. Vulgard
  2. Whysper
  3. Arctic
  4. clonedcheese
  5. Nokiel
  6. May
  7. Aelin
  8. Kanave
  9. Lemonfairy
  10. Jar
  11. ElizaThePsycho




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open til rand

so we can talk?


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hey all
im going to ruin your day


feel free to ask questions or discuss stuff

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what does the poisonous goon do

Everyone ping


Hi guys, make sure to read the rules and confirm that you’re still in <3


It’s a poisoner
They can poison a person at night and have 2 fake poisons they can use

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can it be submitted by anyone

in the mafia

e.g. can the regular goon puppet the poisonous goon

Oh, no. Only the poisonous goon can decide who to target. They can both discuss it together though

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what if the poisonous goon doesn’t submit anything

In that case the poison would be randomized among living villagers

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