Players' Choice Invitational Neighborhood

Welcome to the neighborhood! You may talk in here during the night phase.

Well well well.
Look who it is.

Oh sweet!
Hello there
I’m gonna fall asleep at any moment but cool, I have thoughts I wanna give here

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I’m actually really annoyed the crich wagon flipped out of all of them
But it’s partly my fault because the posts were loading in chunks and instead of just typing my vote immediately I waited too long and the thread closed before i finished typing
Best I couldve done was tie the Ash wagon anyway though

Also I am entirely unconvinced YBW, even as a PR, is not a scum PR

The way he outed that he was a PR was actually super wolfy
Because he went through and pointed out all the draft numbers of what other players had claimed and not just him

Alrighty, I didn’t know it would add you tonight btw, thought it would add you when the day started lmao

Either way, chose you because I’m pretty sure you’re town and you have similar reads to me + in the event I die, anyone else I add will have someone actually useful to talk too lmao

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Oh the hood stays permanently? That’s really good then

Yeah, I didn’t know either until I read my ability again lmao

I literally only picked this ability because it was the only one that wouldn’t be taken.

By the way, if you don’t mind me asking, are you a PR? You don’t have to say if you are if you don’t want to and you don’t have to say which, I’m just asking anyway just in case (also I don’t trust myself to not add a scum to the chat)

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I was gonna answer that truthfully but idk who’s going to get added here lol

My drafting number was around the middle of the list so do what you will with that info

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Well, I’m planning on talking to you about who to add, it’s not like I’m gonna add someone who you don’t want me to add

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This chat is only open during the night, right? Or that’s what it looks like from the opening message

Yeah, Night Only unfortunately

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By the way, I have a feeling that Arctic could be scum

Also just asked, they do get added to this chat so that’s a bit unfortunate

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Hmm, ok
We’re gonna have to be careful then
I remember the one time I was in a hood with two other townies and one wolf, I guess it was Ciconia and Alice open claimed her role and gave control of the puppet account to wolves and got killed for it
So yeah I don’t want a repeat of that lol

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I think his posting definitely improved from how it looked in the first half of the day

What are you thinking, though? Any posts that stood out to you?

Well I wouldn’t say it’s too much to do with his posting, but it’s more mechanical. It’s pretty obvious Arctic got the first choice of a role so why choose the killing role? Why not something like alignment cop that could actually help us? It’s just odd to me that someone at the front of the line would choose a risky role, even if that person is Arctic

I guess we’ll just have to wait to see who he kills tonight since I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s doing

Although I will say the one main thing I find to be scummy about his posting is literally just his want to save CRichard so much