Players' Choice Invitational - "Signups" - Full

Welcome to the Players' Choice Invitational!


Hosted by: @clonedcheese and @Litten
Official Reviewers: @Osieorb18, @DatBird


Follow the Official Forum Mafia and Fortress of Lies Rules, found below. Please make sure you have enough time for this game before you sign up.

How do I join?

Once a user is nominated to play in the game, they may either accept or decline that nomination. That user will then have a chance to nominate another user to take place in the game, regardless of the acceptance of their spot in the game. If they decline, the user may still choose to be a backup in the game. The nomination procrss is currently underway from the old site, and we currently have four nominees that have yet to nominate another user.

The identity of the nominator will only be revealed to the hosts. When nominated, players may choose to play on an alt account. The hosts have final say on the playerlist.

Audience Participation

While signups are underway and through the discussion phase, any individual may privately message the hosts to suggest a theme for the game. During the first 24 hours of the drafting phase, anyone may vote which theme they would like to see in the game. In the case of a tie, the hosts will decide the flavor.


  • Days will be 48 hours long, and night will be 24 hours long. At any time, phase lengths may be changed with unanimous approval.
  • The informed minority faction will get an assigned, optional factional kill. A member of the informed minority may not carry out the night kill if they are performing another night action. The informed minority faction may speak in a private discord server as soon as the drafting phase (described below) is over.
  • To vote, type **/vote player** @(insert host account here). Any votes that do not ping the host is void.
  • Both majority and plurality are in effect.
  • Each player is required to post at least 10 times during the day phase. If a player does not meet this requirement, or does not act during the night when they can without communication, they will be privately issued a prod. Any player that receives 2 prods will be force replaced.
  • The host always reserves the right to slightly modify the drafting order to ensure player enjoyment.

What setup are we playing?

For this game we will be running a “Pick Your Power” game. Every player will have the opportunity to choose a powerful role for themselves, chance permitting!

Setup Details

Prior to the game starting, there will be a drafting period to determine roles.

Draft Details

Once alignments have been dealt out, each player must pick two whole numbers (this is because someone tried to pick pi last time), between 1 and 15.

The ordering algorithm works as follows:

  1. Every player with a unique first number is ordered at the start of the list, from least first number to greatest.
  2. Every player with a non-unique first number is then ordered at the end of the least, from least number of people who chose the first number to greatest.
  3. Within each group of players that chose the first number, every player with a unique second number is ordered at the start of that group, from least second number to greatest.
  4. Every player with a non-unique combination of first and second numbers is ordered at the end of their respective first number group, and their order is randomized.
Here is an example draft:

Let’s say the following players choose the following numbers.

Player A - [4][14]
Player B - [1][8]
Player C - [7][6]
Player D - [7][12]
Player E - [3][4]
Player F - [1][8]
Player G - [1][15]

Applying rule 1, we see that Players A and E chose unique first numbers (4 and 3 respectively). Because 3 < 4, Player E will be placed ahead of Player A at the start of the list.

After rule 1, the list would be as follows (with locked positions shown in bold and italics):
Player E - [3][4]
Player A - [4][14]
Player B - [1][8]
Player C - [7][6]
Player D - [7][12]
Player F - [1][8]
Player G - [1][15]

Applying rule 2, we see that among the non-unique first number choices, Players C and D have chosen the number with the least number of people choosing it (7). They are placed after Players E and A, followed by Players B, F, and G who all chose 1. Note that even though 1 < 7, the players that chose 1 are placed after the players that chose 7 because more players chose 1.

After rule 2, the list would be as follows:
Player E - [3][4]
Player A - [4][14]
Player C - [7][6]
Player D - [7][12]
Player B - [1][8]
Player F - [1][8]
Player G - [1][15]

Then, applying rule 3, within each group, we order the players with unique second letters from least to greatest. Player C is placed ahead of Player D because 6 < 12, and Player G is placed ahead of Players B and F because Player G chose the only unique number among those who chose 1 for their first number.

After rule 3, the list would be as follows:
Player E - [3][4]
Player A - [4][14]
Player C - [7][6]
Player D - [7][12]
Player G - [1][15]
Player B - [1][8]
Player F - [1][8]

Applying rule 4, the ordering of Players B and F will be randomized.

  • Once the drafting is complete, each player will send in the role they would like to play. Only one role from each role pair listed below “Roles and Alignments” will be awarded; for example, there cannot be both a Doctor and a Roleblocker in the game.
  • In the event multiple players select the same role (or the same “pair”), the player highest in the draft order wins the role, whilst the others remain Vanilla.
  • Roles are then distributed.

Any questions regarding the drafting process may be directed to the host account privately. Additionally, there will be a 24-hour discussion phase before the drafting phase, in which no alignments will have been chosen.

The Pre-Game timeline will be as follows:

  • 1/3, at 12pm PST: Begin 24-hour discussion period. At this time, no alignments will have been chosen.
  • 1/4, at 12pm PST: End discussion period, begin 48-hour drafting period. Alignments will be given out at the beginning of this period.
  • 1/6, at 12pm PST: Day 1 begins!

Happy drafting!


The town composition will be as follows:

13 x Uninformed Majority

The Uninformed Majority wins when they eliminate the Informed Minority, including the Uninformed Traitor.

3 x Informed Minority

The Informed Minority wins when the number of Informed Minority, including the Uninformed Traitor, is equal to or greater than the number of Uninformed Majority.

1 x Uninformed Traitor

The Uninformed Traitor is aligned with the Informed Minority, but will not be part of the Informed Minority group chat at the beginning of the game. They will only join the Informed Minority group chat if the Informed Minority can successfully guess their identity.

The Informed Minority will get one guess (as a group) each night. If they guess correctly, the Uninformed Traitor will join their chat.

The Uninformed Traitor will automatically take over the Informed Minority nightkill if all other Informed Minority are killed, before they are found by the Informed Minority; however, they will not be added to the Informed Minority group chat.

The below roles are available to be drafted by the Uninformed Majority, Informed Minority, or the Uninformed Traitor.


Night 3 Vigilante OR Vengeful

Night 3 Vigilante

On Night 3, you may target another player in the game to attempt to kill them.


When you are executed, you may target another player in the game to attempt to kill them.

Motion Detector OR Illusioner

Motion Detector

Each night, you will be told the identities of any player that visited you.


Once per game, at any time, choose a player to kill and a player to be seen as. The player that you choose to be killed will die, and the player you choose to be seen as will show as having killed that player.

Alignment Cop OR Tracker

Alignment Cop

Three times per game, at night, you may choose a target to investigate. You will receive the result of “Uninformed Majority” for both members of the Uninformed Majority and the Uninformed Traitor, “Informed Minority” for members of the Informed Minority, or “No result”.


Each night, you may track a target and learn who they visited.

3-Shot Commuter OR 3-Shot Watcher

3-Shot Commuter

Three times per game, at night, you may commute, rendering yourself unable to be targeted by any actions that phase.

3-Shot Watcher

Three times per game, at night, you may target one player in the game to watch them. If successful, you will learn which players in the game visited them that phase, if anyone.

Doctor OR Roleblocker


Each night phase, you may target one player in the game to heal them. They will be protected from a single kill. You may not target yourself. You may not target the same player two nights in a row.


Each night phase, you may target another player in the game to attempt to block them from performing any night actions.

Universal Backup OR Role Cop

Universal Backup

After the first power role with your alignment dies, you will inherit their role. If the first roles to die are multiple people at night, you will inherit one of those roles randomly. You will also inherit any shots/uses remaining with the role.

Role Cop

Each night phase, you may target one player in the game to investigate them. You will receive either their role name or “No Result”. Goons and Vanilla Townies will return a result of “Vanilla”.

Neighborizer OR Fruit Vendor


Each night, you may choose a neighbor to add to a PM thread (the neighborhood) where they can communicate with you and the other neighbors that you choose on subsequent nights. Neighbors will remain in the neighborhood until they die and you may not remove a neighbor from the neighborhood. Communication between neighbors can only take place at night.

Fruit Vendor

Each night, you may target a player in the game and give them a pineapple. The pineapple does nothing.

Jailkeeper OR Tracker


Each night phase, you may target another player in the game to attempt to jail them, blocking any night actions they might take and protecting them from a single kill.


Each night phase, you may target one player in the game to track them. If successful, you will learn which players in the game they visited that phase, if any.

Governor or Deathproof


You can save a player from elimination by messaging the host in your role card PM. You can only use this ability once. You cannot Pardon yourself. The PM must be received by or immediately after (within 5 minutes) EoD. If you submit your pardon prior to EoD and that person is not eliminated, you will lose your ability to pardon.


You have the ability to survive 1 hit at night OR 1 elimination. This ability automatically takes effect, without additional action by you, if you are eliminated or nightkilled.

The game will begin 1/3/2022.


  1. TBA


  1. TBA

The game has filled and the discussion phase will begin 2022-01-03T20:00:00Z!

If you are a player and need to replace out, please let the hosts know.

If you are not a player and would like to backup or spectate, please let the hosts know as well.

Reminder that you can still suggest the flavor of this game!