Pokemon Xros Wars Game Over Mafia Victory

Why do I think you’re town? I don’t. But I also want to give you direction to clear yourself so that I don’t misexe you because you froze up to pressure like I did sometimes in Pathologic.

What are your goals right now? Is there anything you want to explore or accomplish right now? Which slot do you have most trouble understanding and who do you think can get you answers? Do you think there’s something in someone’s ISO you want answers for?

Sorry for kind of just spewing questions, but I want to give you a starter pack of questions to answer for now, because you seem to struggle to get answering presently

Did you know I have an evil twin? Yes, and they’re bluffing Philosopher.

That’s all fair enough, and thank you for your effort.

My issue is that I don’t understand any of the slots in this game. I solve off of flips (which we’re very short on, because everyone has two lives), associative reads (which become exponentially more difficult as more players are added to the game, and this one has 16), and reactions to my own behaviour (which are very difficult to gauge when the majority of what my slot’s posted hasn’t been me).

I think I’ve just… found myself out of my depth. It’s been a few months since I’ve properly played a game, and when there’s so much other stress around, it’s difficult to get back into things.

There’s just… not enough material here, and usually when I don’t have enough material, I make something up and see what happens, but already being three votes from execution and having a partner who I feel obligated to protect makes that, uh, high-pressure.

This doesn’t answer any of your questions. It dodges them. I can say that my plan coming into thread, before I chickened out, was to see what would happen with a Dum wagon, because I think he’s interacted with the game in interesting ways and I want to see what would happen if I tried pushing a little there.

I see you’re struggling, and I can see that your meta is kind of neutered by this setup.

What I can however suggest, is ISO’ing Dum for questions to ask and seeing how they react, do you like the responses? Asking questions and seeing how people respond can be very similar to your playstyle with a certain mindset and approach angle.

I hope what I say helps even remotely, and sincerely. Good luck.

I’m not used to finding myself in these kinds of situations, since I tend to be toneread town early in games. Usually, if I’m close to being executed, it’s because I’ve been pushing something myself, and so it feels… productive. Votes on me are inherently votes against someone else. Here, I struggle to see why the votes have materialised… there’s not a particular association people are making that I can say “hey, maybe the wolves are trying to connect a partner and a villager”, there’s not a person that thread could be protecting, I feel like I don’t even know why we’re a top wagon, other than a Sus Iso. I’m not used to being Sus. Except in amongus I’m sus all thetime in amongus on Thursdays every thusrday

And all I can do about it is post self-reflective textwalls, which used to get me townreads, but given I leaned on them heavily as, uh, a mason, I know it won’t do shit. At least I’ve uncovered the source of my lack of reads, even if I know I can’t do anything about it.

I can at least volunteer the self-meta of Nightmare Wolves, where I was in a hydra (albeit a two-account one) and did something pretty similar.

Spare, shitposty iso, didn’t put high effort into things, mostly just went along with Magnus’s reads. We got N1ed, so who knows what would’ve happened otherwise, but like… it’s what I’m doing here, though in this game it’s to even more extreme a degree.

Ouch, you sound like you’re getting neutered by Jaiden’s play, and can’t get out of it anymore. My vote will still stick here, because I still feel like I don’t like what this slot has in the game, but I am saddened that you’re kind of stuck in the crossfire.

I am getting off for now. I am planning to pop in a bit later today to make sure I don’t leave a vote glued to someone who clears themselves later.

You know, the fact that I can’t like posts and instead have to write an actual response to show my appreciation for nice things people say does happen to reveal the trouble I have with sounding sincere. Thank you again, Nokiel.

I did read through Dum’s iso before I got here, and it just feels like there’s not much there. Faking that green on Jar was a super clever move that I think a wolf probably wouldn’t have done without pressure, and glancing back over it, I am starting to feel that the pressure on Dum just wasn’t sufficient for a wolf!him to have done it?

I think it’s probably best that I allow myself to declare Dum town for now, and if there’s later information contradicting that, then I can cross that bridge when it comes. I need anchors.

Usually I’m hesitant to declare a townread without a test vote backing it up (May playstyle moment) to ensure I’m not missing anything major - if I vote someone, fellow townies will scrutinise the case and find me any potential wolftells I miss, and wolves are more likely to have unnatural responses to a vote on a partner, but I’m going to have to abandon that in this particular case. Dum can be town. Time to move forward.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not Jaiden’s fault in the slightest. It’s a result of the fact that I failed to consider that the effort required to be an effective hydra isn’t 50% of the work of going solo, because proper communication still requires dedication and time, things which I have been unable to put into this game due to outside circumstances. Jaiden is the one actually playing the game between us, and I seriously owe her for carrying the slot for the past few days.

Correct. I think you are vastly wrong about my slot.


I can tell this is sincere honesty.


When I’m looking at these wagons, at EoD1, given Dum is a townie… I think that wolves would be willing to go for 2W1H over the Dum flashwagon that almost manifested. Getting 2W1H down one life strikes me as… just, like, the kill the wolves would prefer for the day, since I remember them as a productive and effective slot who would probably have cleared themselves with time.

(Not to imply Dum isn’t - I’m just thinking back to Nightmare Woods where he played great and still had to deal with suspicion throughout the game, IIRC. It’s a matter of others’ inability to read him, not the quality of his own gameplay, which I’ve seen as consistently excellent - the Jar play absolutely proves that, no matter his alignment.)

Looking at that… I think I want to eye KingTroll and Lucyfer’s final swaps. I don’t usually find wolves will quick swap to save a buddy on D1… but to get their preferred townie kill? I can absolutely see something going on there, especially after Neon, who I’m presuming is town (maybe a blindspot, but ehhh, I’ll cross that bridge if/when it comes).

Dum (4): Zorvo, 2Wolves1Hydra, KingTroll, Neon
Stellaluna (3): Rajidae, Olivest, Lucyfer
2Wolves1Hydra (2): LadyLambdaDelta, Jar
Lucyfer (2): Jarek, ElizaThePsycho
Eevee (1): Nokiel
ElizaThePsycho (1): Dum
Zorvo (1): Stellaluna

Not Voting (2): Eevee, Frostwolf103

Here’s what the votecount looked like before those last-minute swaps. KT’s swapping over from Dum, Lucyfer from Stellaluna. That would mean KT would be hypothetically coming over from another townie to get his preferred kill, and Lucyfer… I can see Stellaluna going either way. I’ve been trying to think about the implications of a Lucyfer/Stellaluna world, since I got a few pings from their conversation earlier, and I think this would make sense in one? Moving over from a bus that’s clearly not going over to the townie that scares you more. Hmm.

You definitely can’t but I appreciate the spirit

This along tells me I need to reconsider.

Sorry. Just have to tell it like it is, and I’m very much capable of sounding sincere in self-reflective posts, no matter my alignment. Until I feel cornered then I fuck up

I escaped the suffocation pit.

Here’s EoD2 votecounts. Lucyfer and Stellaluna ending the day on different wagons. If you tell me to think about Stellaluna’s parity cop claim I will fire a mind beam at you from sooooo far away I hate mech and I know those two can make a disruptive fakeclaim it scares me. Anyway hhhhmm looking at the Stellaluna wagon here… I’m not sure wolves would be bussing them through EoD here? It feels unnecessary to keep their wagon alive in this game’s sort of climate. I forget if Jar was around for EoD, but at least Eliza would probably be town in Lucyfer/Stellaluna world.

Jarek (3): Rajidae, KingTroll, Olivest
Jar (2): Dum, Jarek
Eevee (2): Frostwolf103, Stellaluna
Stellaluna (1): Jar
ElizaThePsycho (1): Leafia
Neon (1): ElizaThePsycho

Not Voting (5): Eevee, Nokiel, LadyLambdaDelta, Lucyfer, Neon

Here’s what they looked like at 10 minutes to EoD. Eliza moved to Stellaluna last minute, which I hadn’t noticed right before… Jarek looking like they’re going over here, with two known townies and KingTroll. Jarek’s alignment is a big Weird Thing in this world I’ve been building, and I don’t know what to make of it, because I have to think about the parity cop claim.

Would Stellaluna/Lucyfer make that parity claim to save w!Jarek here?

Bit of an older vote count. Hhhhhhm. There’s insight to be found here, for sure, but I’m not sure I have the connections fully developed in my mind. I think with this kind of spread… the wolves have a sort of superposition of control, where their individual have more influence over the wagons, but they also don’t have a confident array of potential candidates to be voted by the EoD. This is the kind of situation where I can see Stellaluna pulling out the back-pocket parity cop claim in order to exercise more control.

I’m very tired Magnus what’s the suffocation pit again. It sounds like something I’d say as a metaphor

I wouldn’t have died since I still have both my dudes. It’s not about me “going over” because I wouldn’t be dead. Just pointing that out.

You’re right. I was so caught up in the euphoria of socials that I forgot about the tyranny of mechanics