Pokemon Xros Wars - Signups (16/16) {CLOSED}

Game Reviewers: Zone Q11 & Osieorb18

Hosts: @Trisscar & @Chihiro

Phase Start will be 11pm EST

Setup Details: Role Madness | Unique Mechanics | Semi Flipless | Majority/Plurality

16 slots

Site Global Rules : Site Forum Rules

My Rules:

  1. I will do my best to never lie to you, but I will give you results as the game demands, and those results may not always be true. You know that role(s) may exist which may reveal false result(s) to abilities of other role(s).
  2. You will most likely not be able to setup-game or flavor-game effectively. Do so at your own risk and with my laughter.
  3. I do not mind if you are not honest about what I have told you in PMs. Keep in mind, though, that my answers to other players’ questions may contradict what you have said in that case.
  4. I expect and uphold basic levels of civility and game integrity. If you willfully cannot uphold those as a player, you probably shouldn’t be playing social games.
  5. Some number of abilities may specify “1-shot”, “2-shot”, “3-shot”, etc. This means that those abilities can only be used that many times during the game unless specified otherwise.

Win Conditions:
Trainers: You win when all Team Rocket members are defeated.
Team Rocket: You win when the number of Team Rocket members is equal to or greater than the trainers.

Day/Twilight Phase:

  • Every day will last 48 hours until the number of alive players is less than or equal to half the number of players. When that is reached, day phases will last 24 hours.
  • Players may talk in the thread during the Day or Twilight phases unless their role specifies otherwise.
  • Players may not vote during the Twilight phase unless their role specifies otherwise.

Night/Dawn Phase:

  • You have 20 hours to submit Night Actions during the Night Phase.
  • There will then be a 4 hour-action resolution phase where I can record and process all night actions. Once day phases start lasting 24 hours there will be no more action resolution phase. At that time I would appreciate it if everyone would submit their actions at least 2 hours before the deadline so I or Trisscar can begin processing the start of the next day.
  • Team Rocket may not holster their weapon
  • Players are not permitted to talk in the thread during the Night or Dawn phases unless their role specifies otherwise.
  • Team Rocket Factional kill is assigned.


  1. Elimination by the majority during the day, plurality EoD. No Elimination is not an option. Tied Elimination results in a random elimination between the tied players

  1. Additionally, please try to make your votes on a new line if possible. This is not required, but it helps me out a lot with visibility. If using a player’s full name when voting to avoid any confusion.
  2. Unvoting is not required before placing a new vote.
  3. Sleep is not an option in this setup
  4. Xylo (Mylo/Lylo) is announced

Chads Hosting Guidelines

  1. You must make at least 3 game-related posts every 24 hours and have a total of 10 before the phase ends or I will consider looking into replacing your slot.
  2. Refrain from excessive AtE (appeals to emotion). Excessive AtE includes, but is not limited to, statements that directly say or imply that something in the game is having a negative impact on someone’s out of game relationships or well-being. Ordinary manipulation is still allowed.
  3. I will be closely monitoring the thread for toxicity, harassment, and excessive ATE. However, please do not hesitate to bring problematic posts to my attention if you believe I missed them.
  4. Alts are allowed, but you must inform the hosts of your identity.

Unique Mechanics

  • Each player will choose one Pokémon to be “out” before the game starts. The other Pokémon will be “benched”.
  • A trainer is not removed from the game until they’re knocked out by losing all their Pokémon. Once this happens they will flip, showing their flavor, alignment, and abilities. A Pokémon dying does not cause their trainer to have anything revealed in this way by default. When a Pokémon faints, the benched Pokémon will be sent out at the beginning of the next Phase.
    • Each trainer has two Pokémon. Each Pokémon has 1 ability.
  • When a person is voted off during the day they will lose the Pokémon they currently have out. This does not reveal the player’s role information unless it is their last Pokémon.
    • The first time a players’ Pokémon faints, the flip will appear like this: “Chads’ Fennekin has Fainted”. The 2nd time a players’ Pokémon faints, you will see their entire role on flip.
  • When Team Rocket targets a player at night with the factional kill, that target loses the Pokémon they currently have out.
  • The victory condition plays out as normal; once Team Rocket outnumbers the Town and there is nothing to stop this they will win. If the town has defeated all of Team Rockets’ forces, Town wins.


  • During the Day Phase, each Player chooses whether or not to swap their Pokémon. If they choose to do so, their Pokémon will swap out at the start of the Night Phase if able, before all action submissions. Once this occurs, they cannot activate or benefit from (unless otherwise stated) any abilities of the previously “out” Pokémon, but may activate abilities of the now currently “out” Pokémon, if able.

Status Ailments (Yes this Pokémon game has status ailments)

  1. Burn: The Pokémon affected by the Burn Status may use killing abilities but they will have no effect. This includes factional kill. Burn can be countered or removed by receiving Freeze. A Pokémon with a burn cannot be swapped out by normal means. This will block kills made by the Pokémon receiving the burn, on the night the burn is received (essentially how a roleblock normally functions).
  2. Freeze: Disables all abilities used by the Pokémon afflicted. Can be countered or removed by receiving a Burn. Does not dissipate on its own, unlike the games.
  3. Paralysis: All affected Pokémons abilities are delayed until the following night of activation. For example: Chad has a Pokémon with paralysis. Chad targets another Pokémon with Tackle on N3. The other Pokémon is not affected by that Tackle until N4.
  4. Poison: If a player doesn’t remove the poison debuff that Pokémon will be removed from the game and they will lose any abilities affiliated with it. The poison will take effect 1 phase cycle later: For example, if poisoned on d2 your Pokémon will faint on d3. The player whose Pokémon is poisoned will receive this message; “(Pokémon Name) has been poisoned, if you don’t find a way to heal them before this (Day Phase) they will be removed from the game, and you will lose any abilities associated with that Pokémon.”
  5. Heal: Removes status ailments on target Pokémon.

Note: Unlike the games, ailments stack. Except in the case of Freeze and Burn, they do not simply override or replace each other.

Example Role PM

Player List

  1. ElizaThePsycho
  2. Stellaluna | nightingale and Mistyx
  3. Zorvo
  4. Olivest | May and Jaiden
  5. Jarek
  6. Neon
  7. Eevee
  8. Lucyfer | @Millium and @lucy
  9. Frostwolf103
  10. Dum
  11. LadyLambdaDelta
  12. 2Wolves1Hydra | Kiiruma and Wolfy
  13. Rajidae
  14. Nokiel
  15. Jar
  16. KingTroll


  1. Leafia
  2. Whysper
  3. Magnus

Spectators (infinite)

  1. Silviu200530





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