Poor Approximations of Catgirls - Thread 1

Mmm I get it, I was having similar feelings earlier. It’s not easy being the odd gal out when people know each other and we’re left being the easy-to-sus since it’s easier to sus ones you don’t have meta on or an emotional connection to. We’ll make it through <3

Do a claim, seems to have worked for me :woman_shrugging:


Nevermind you already did a claim!

okay i didn’t think anyone’s ATE was AI but now i don’t think marshal believes what she’s saying especially after she was the one who tunneled town arete and never considered they were wrong.

i don’t understand how she can genuinely think i’ve played this uncharitably and have no self-awareness of her play being infinitely more restrictive and harmful to the threadstate

this is legitimately just a guilt trip and i’m having none of it

Can you save people with this?


There is a lot of negativity in thread right now and I just want to say it is all being directed poorly because you are ALL wonderful beautiful people. Instead of getting angry at each other we need to face our common enemy: Kyubey.

Now I want to begin this by saying I hate rumours and unconfirmed gossip but I think there is a very real and genuine possibility that Kyubey is actually the antichrist. Again, this isnt a smear campaign, I am just asking questions and I want that to be clear. These are some of the questions we should be asking.

Where was Kyubey when the Corona Virus started? I certainly don’t know where they were and if they can confirm they weren’t in Wuhan planning the whole thing.

Where was Kyubey when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated leading to WW1? I’ve never seen Kyubey even mention there whereabouts at the time.

Has anyone ever seen Judas and Kyubey together? I think not.

Where was Kyubey when the dinosaurs got wiped out? I personally know Kyubey has no respect for life, human or otherwise, and it is AWFULLY convenient no one can place them during the MURDER of the dinosaurs.

Eventually these sort of instances stop becoming “coincedences” which we can ignore and form part of a larger pattern of corruption, evil, and immorality.

I argue it is our responsibility, nay, duty, to force Kyubey to face the consequences of their actions and everyone they have hurt.


I’ve been playing with the assumption that I can, since my role stopper ability stops ALL actions made towards my target.

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i made soup c:

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alana was right just hammer her and give everyone a break for the day

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Did it have carrots?
I like carrots :3

Hey that’s neat!

Ya, no

I’m sorry if I was adding to this. :< I think we’ve just been on at different times this game – otherwise, I totally would’ve tried to include you more in my solving and my usual shenanigans.

@Moonwink who would you scratch from this?


i don’t like carrots in soup though they’re too soft

so i mostly eat around them

can someone who i don’t think is mafia give an opinion on whether or not they think i have played this game restrictively because i genuinely think i have been more willing to work with people than i normally am and i cannot tell if these thoughts are just coming from a place of bias because i suspect both people complaining. if someone else has a problem with me then i’ll try to change my approach but i am not seeing it

also, i am not saying that these players are upset because they are mafia and i caught them, i am saying they are upset because i suspect them (regardless of alignment) and this has warped their perspective such that they feel anything i do has been part of some personal crusade against them

Nah it’s not your fault, I’ve felt alone among strangers a few times but that is to be expected when I I’m not that familiar on FoL and three of the people I’m used to playing with died instantly. ^^’ (I’d say I’m well familiar with you and Marl and nut and Mist and Night and somewhat familiar with a few more so I don’t really know why my brain is doing this!)


Absolutely remove Min from this. I’ll admit that I haven’t read any of their recent stuff, but anytime I have seen them post, I’ve really liked it. That’s probably my strongest townread at the moment.

Maybe remore Milli and Mist, too? I remember liking Illwei very early D1, but they’ve dropped off since then.

I still think Windward could very likely be town for the stuff I talked about earlier.

I’d have to do more reading to remove more.

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i dont think youve been “restrictive” or unfair at all but im probably the most on your side of anyone this game on p much everything so idk how much my support is worth when you want an unbiased pov

like all your stuff is based in analysis and reasoning, not just like shutting down your wolfreads or anything which i admit even i have done

Yeah more people said min was town, I can sheep that.
Windward seems to be town as well, I’m just aware of him having a strong wolf game. He’s probably town though.