PSA - what to do when you lose all your progress on a game because you stored in on fol

If you lost any files on a game that you were planning, and you stored them on a PM on FOL, if you have your email notifications on for things you have watched or private messages, you can check those. It should group them all together. You can’t see what you yourself sent, but you can get another person in the PM to do yours, and you can do anyone else’s


this probably sounds obvious but I am dumb and it took me forever to figure out

maybe you could use it to

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Me who lost all my progress on a PM with only myself.



me who has to rewrite the weapons drawn OP

Goodbye Octuple Threat.

May you forever live on to inspire other stupid setups.


This could have been circumvented if you just shared it with me and Eli :roll_eyes:

No one is allowed to know the inner workings of Octuple Threat.

This is the only thing you’ll ever get to see

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didn’t you like

send a couple cards to me and eli

They’re outdated probably.

the noble one?

Yes slightly outdated.

Thank goodness

And I’m sad this is all I get to see

wait this is huge

does it count edits

Probably not.

Sadly not, because that doesn’t send email notifications

@Zone_Q11 idk if this somehow fixes ur situation

Oh I just realized the reply chains on if you look at what post it is talking about

I saved Rokugan FM 2 in a txt on my computer :)

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