Publicly Reviewed Roles Thread

Greetings, I am Brakuren also known as Braixen (or from MU Venti).

I have had the great idea of reviewing any mafia role that is posted in this thread, and if anyone else would like to join in feel free. Also I will write flavor of every role posted here.

Follow the format of

Role Name
Win Condition



Index goes here, it’s coming soon

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Question: Wouldn’t there be some roles which are completely dependent on other roles? Wouldn’t the submitter need to post both roles in that case?

As for a role… I believe this is interesting one:

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Ahh welcome, Venti. :slight_smile: We had that Multiball 19er game together on MU.

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You never said botc was disallowed so:


Role Name: Legion
Alignment: Evil

  • Each night phase, except the first night, a player of the host’s choice dies.
  • An execution fails if only mafia was on the wagon.
  • Around 66% of players are the Legion.

Win Condition: Reach parity with Town.


Did I do this correctly

:star: :star:

Mass checks aren’t really balanced no matter how you try to spin it, I play Genshin impact so 50% is a lot. 50% to clear 5-6 people is crazy and if it ever goes through it’s gg. I guess this is balanced out by the fact that you could receive incorrect results? But it’s gonna be rare.

Mr. Multi Cop had many arms. He roamed the kingdom of suajsnd and he would give everyone a high five at once. One night, Mr. Multi Cop was visited by the devil known as Game Balance and the devil said to him “You are sworn to have all of your checks really on RNG! Hahah enjoy playing in the Casino Mr. Multi-arms because you only have one shot!” Mr. Multi-Cop, now distraught, became an alcoholic, as it was the only way to wash away his sorrows of being an RNG 1 shot role. Nevertheless, Mr. Multi Cop held out hope that he could box in wolves d2 due to his mass check ability.

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What. If this role is in a game doesn’t it just end d1 since 66% is parity, thus fulfilling the win condition?

The Legion, the legion was so good that they won instantly :sunglasses: no one could stand a chance against the epic might of the legion and how cool they were. One day, the legion was like really big and town was like “damn we don’t have parity” and then they lost LOL. That’s like totally cool dawg. So yeah that’s why the legion is the #coolest.

Read it closer

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This isn’t a “destroy yourself” thread


I searched up ‘Ge’ to get you help


(Also wincon in that game for mafia is “reduce the game to 2 players”)

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You gave Legion a 1 star rating but:

You said this.

I am conflicted to let you live or not.

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Also mr intensify here has failed to properly explain Legion so

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Also I screwed up the win condition it’s actually supposed to be “Survive to F2 with atleast one of the players being Legion.”

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I originally debated posting Twister until I decided whether that was morally good or not.

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Intensify I have already told you this is not how to get people into clocktower



Instead I will post Cactus

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Ok, I don’t like clocks

K nvm grabbing the dumbest role I can think of

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Heretic or Politician

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