Getting Started With Forum Games

Hello, and welcome to Fortress of Lies! If you’re new here and reading this, you’re probably trying to figure out what our forum games are and how to join one. Worry not, for you’ve come to the right place!

General Organization

Fortress of Lies has several categories relevant to managing, discussing, and playing forum games. They are broken up as follows:

Forum Games

This category, where all forum games are played, contains three subcategories - Signups, Ongoing, and Completed.


This category contains signups for upcoming and ongoing games, with new games opened on a regular basis as old games finish. If you would like to join a game, simply find an open signup and express your interest in playing. Note that there is a dedicated queue for new games to avoid having too many running at one time.


This category contains games that are currently ongoing. Don’t post in ongoing games you aren’t a player in.


This category contains signup and game threads from games that have already ended. Feel free to look through old games or comment on ones that have recently concluded, but please avoid replying to very old games for no reason.

Forum Game Discussion

This category is for everything pertaining to forum games that isn’t a game itself, including guides, discussion, the queue, role and class cards, helpful links, and more! It’s also a great place for any questions you may have about joining or playing forum games.

Helpful Links

Forum Game Rules

This topic contains all of the rules that apply by default to all forum games. Please familiarize yourself with them before joining a game. If you’re confused, feel free to privately message any staff member or the host of your game.

Guide to Using Discourse

This guide explains the basics of browsing and posting on Fortress of Lies, a forum powered by Discourse.

Guide to Using Discourse for Forum Mafia

This guide explains some specific ways to use some of the features of Discourse in the context of a Forum Mafia game.

Guide to Using Votecount Feature

This guide explains our automatic votecount (VC) plugin, including how to vote and view the VC.

Forum Game Queue

This topic contains a list of all current and upcoming forum games.

Queue Discussion Thread

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about the Forum Game Queue, they should go here.

Fortress of Lies Forum Hub

This contains links to most of the important pages on the forum.