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Okay, then you can add me as co-host to get this started :ayaya:

wait wdym cohost requirement

read da rulez

Actually wait did you guys even write that anywhere??? @moderators

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Technically, no:

It’s just that the mods kept insisting everyone on getting one so they won’t have to be stressed out making VCs, responding to players, etc. 24/7.


yeah I asked because I looked to find it and was like “wait a second, this isn’t anywhere!”


Haha yeah, I went looking for it too and couldn’t find it, but I remembered it being a thing :ayaya:

yeah, I don’t think it was ever a rule, so if it’s supposed to be one it should probably be written down?

This is what was said before I remembered it being posted here.

So rule applied to FM games needing co-host

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So it’s only FM games?

To what I know and stated here yes you don’t.

I have messaged a mod on discord for you to make sure and will confirm 100% when I get a reply. Or they will.

Sorry for the delay

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They required Marluna to have a co-host for their Elements misc even though they said they don’t need one, so pretty sure it’s a general rule.

And really it’s a good idea even though it usually seems pointless. We’ve had unexpected situations happen in the past and the mods had to quickly figure out what to do to let the game continue for the benefit of the players.

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Thought the co-host requirement was already in the hosting guide ngl lol
Will add that

But yes, cohosts are required for almost all games, excluding turbos and some miscs

If it has any immediate action processing or votecounts, it needs a cohost

Minority rule should be fine to run without one


what exactly does votecounts mean? i’ve never played FM so idk how the votecount system on this site works

Be sure to like this post and smash that hammer to be notified of all of our future votes


i remember making a suggestion about hosting standards and requirements being outlined in the hosting guide but i’m not sure that ever actually happened

this discussion kinda ties into that so i just remembered but yeah idk what really what happened with that


We are working on it

I think we are actually mostly done?


yeah this one is like actually in the works

I can’t wait to play “WIP (literally just need to write OP)”!

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This is intentional, as it is the most convenient way to let your players know that this is The Most Competitive Game That They’ll Ever Play™ and not random bullshit that you’re throwing at them.