Queue Discussion Thread

i could try to host something but i do have finals in like 2 weeks so

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i have 17 different popcorn variants ready and they are approaching rapidly to your location


I’d host a vanilla game but um, cough cough I need to co host at least 2 games before I’m eligible again.
It’s my own fault and I deserved it after the hell I put
@eevee through.

Turns out multi-balling and trying to go from my account to the host account back to back was way too much.
The first day I handled almost everything no problem with like not really any help, but after that it was like “where the hell is Zorvo?”.

If I were to host a Vanilla Game or probably any game for that matter it’ll probably be on my Lucky account.

I’ll probably default that account as my hosting account and maybe even my Isolde afterwards as well idk.

I’ll Co-Host

What if you do something like this:

2 Town Shields
2 Town Bodyguards
6 Vanilla Townie

1 Mafia Odd Night Strongman
2 Mafia Goons

I’m working on a vanilla game atm. I’ve put it up for review a few times and taken it back down because I wasn’t personally satisfied with it, before anyone else got back to me. It’s pretty close to completion, though.

Basically Shield is the opposite of Bodyguard.

Bodyguard dies instead of their target.
Shield dies for their target’s target if their target performed a kill.

i can dig up more awful games nobody wants to play

I also have a setup in mind, I just have to see how to balance it.

what is a shield


I’ll try to kickstart the review process this weekend; was on vacation for the past couple of weeks and couldn’t do much reviewing then.


me, someone who has never played a forum mafia and likely never will,


note: this is primarily because i don’t typically do well in non rp games

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rp forum mafia


also i can leak that me and night have something sick coming up soon

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I mean…that’s a great idea, FM you can finally RP.

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I remember that one time evils are in majority and I have to roleplay an evil king.