Queue Discussion Thread

Wouldn’t bet my life on it. That list isn’t cleaned properly.

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And the WIP section I would describe it as the cemetery of ideas. Ideas stay there forever (usually things aren’t getting removed from the list either)

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If you’d look at Alice or Aelin’s setups I don’t think they’re going to be picked up anytime soon

Seeing as Alice is permabanned, none of her setups are going to be run. Aelin is busy.


Is there any possibility of her returning?
If not, then I want to remove her games from the Queue.

Gasp I got cake

She isn’t coming back, they are safe to remove from the queue. I can grab em actually.


They have been removed o7


rest in peace BASTARD SWORD - Alice’s Super Ultra Mega Nonsensical Bastard Game whose Mechanics and Flavor make no Sense Whatsoever but for Some Fucking Reason Alice wants this Game to be a Balanced Singleball Game with no Conversions. She is Probably High as a Kite but Fuck it, what could Possibly go Wrong so May as Well Join. Plus it’s not Like You’re Using Your Time Productively so in and Play, or in and Slank and when you Get Pushed Just Self-Vote and AtE II: Electric Boogaloo - the Return of the Mafia - the Jester Strikes Back, Much to Icibalus’ Chagrin


Damn, Alice is one of my favourite players to play with

Sucks tbh


Awww man. This is disappointing news.

May as well join

I don’t think she will be joining any time soon

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ChopChop? Wait a minute, was this WIP list stolen?

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Deep FoL Mystery regarding if Seth signed up as ChopChop then his named got chopped

Hehe okay sorry

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I keep reading this one and is making me laugh each time

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Was copied from the old forums

should KFAD be cleared out of the misc queue

Well do you consider it a fad? :wink:

so uh

rest in peace the vanilla queue?


i’d rather play right now but if no one else is gonna run anything i can host some random open assuming people would actually play

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