[RP] Interest Check: D&D 5E Campaign

Hi everyone! In the grand tradition of ‘Arete looks at things that have gone poorly in the past and is like "but it’ll go fine this time,’" I’m looking at potentially DMing a D&D 5E campaign for people In The Community, and wanted to get a sense of who would be interested

(if you are reading this you count as In The Community)

Important logistical details:

  • This will be a D&D 5E campaign. If you hate 5E and/or D&D then this is probably not for you.
  • We will probably be starting at level 3 rather than level 1 for reasons (the reasons are that basically all the classes get more interesting at level 3) but if that’s a dealbreaker let me know and we can instead not do that.
  • Individual sessions will happen in a VC and will generally require talking, like, with your actual physical mouth. I am aware that lots of people have valid reasons not to like talking with their actual physical mouths but in my experience “RP, but half the players are VCing and half of them are typing” doesn’t work very well so instead we are going to not do that.
  • I plan to use the scheduling method “I pick a generally-agreeable day of the week and time of day and then sessions happen at that time every week.” Probably the day will be a weekend, or at least weekend-ish. In my experience this works better than the scheduling method “try to find a date and time that works for everyone and have that time move around unpredictably,” but I figure I should warn people in advance.

If you are interested comment below, if possible including the days and times when you will typically be available.


I would enjoy this, albeit my schedule is by far the most atrocious on the forum. I’d be able to start around

Any morning, 8 AM CST - Noon CST
Saturdays, 10 PM CST - Any ungodly hour of the night, until roughly Noon Sunday CST.
Sundays same as saturdays

i realize my hours are super unrealistic to plan around but figure’d i’d still give em in the off chance mornings or late saturdays worked for peeps

Im like also interested but knowing my scheduke I would be more of a hindrance than anything

noooo you can’t just toss 3.5e to the side like that!!!

hehe 5e broader appeal go brrr

i just wanted to say that, ive already got two dnd things going and do not want more

dnd fun

have done an online campaign in the past

would not be opposed

but also

kinda feel like I’m in over my head on free time stuff already and with team mafia coming up that’s only gonna get worse lel

I have interest tbh

Mon-Thurs: 8am PST - Noon PST
Friday: 9:30pm PST - WHEN EVER
Saturday: 8am PST - 5pm PST
Sunday: 8am PST - 3pm PST / 9pm PST - like 3am PST

rough times would have days i could’t go as late obvious cause life stuff and occasionally on weekends i have a one every three month RP which would take prorifdy

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I have interest

If this starts next month I’d be totally free…

Otherwise, I’m completely free all of Friday…and:

Monday: 4:30 pm EST - Midnight
Tuesday: 5 pm EST - Midnight
Wednesday: 8 pm EST - Midnight
Thursday: Probably a no?
Saturday/Sunday: All

I have a few questions:

  1. Homebrew yay or nay?
  2. Is this a module?
  3. Is there a particular way you’re looking to run this (dungeon crawl, rp-focus, mix, etc)?
  4. Is it a point-buy thing or will we roll for stats (important because I kinda have a guilty pleasure for rp-ing really low stat characters)?
  5. 5?

homebrew character stuff … run it by me first (this also applies to anything from official-books-that-I-don’t-own)

homebrew monsters/items/etc. Maybe

homebrew worldbuilding yes obviously what sort of history major do you think I am (this doesn’t really count as homebrew imo but)


but I might steal combat encounters from a module so that I don’t accidentally TPK the party :joy_cat:

I lean RP-focused but I will try to adapt to what the players want

rolling for stats

the standard method that I stole from my old GM is ‘roll 4d6 drop 1 to create a statblock, roll that again to create a second statblock, pick one of the two statblocks and go from there’ which mostly tilts towards characters having high stats but can also be used to deliberately give your character low stats



Dam I can’t participate (I don’t have a microphone) :(

This looks interesting.

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I can’t promise I’ll be available for this for reasons, though I’ll check if it fits schedule and time zone wise.

does that include all of the robots scraping our website to optimize search engines

are you allowing robots to play, arete???

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that’s robophobic

beep boop

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I mean if the DM is a robot…

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this is the way

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This adds to what books do you have?

Just so assuming stuff happens everything can be cleanly layed out from which book it is from if you don’t own it?

Uh oh. We’ll have an army of Keebos descend on this site to complain against us.

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That’s robophobic.
We are not all the same

Also, I’m in my first ever D&D campaign so might be nice to do it with the nerds here too.
Was introduced to a very helpful tool that makes things easier jic a DM or player doesn’t have a certain book.

Known as 5e tools it was nice to just be able to pick everything when making a character for the first time


I am extremely boring and have, like, the “normal ones” (PHB for PC stuff, + DMG and Monster Manual) but if you want to use something from Mordenkainen’s or whatever I’ll almost certainly say yes

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