Rubber Band Mafia Signups (3/13) [Cancelled]

Rubber Band Mafia

An Open Mafia game for 13 players created by @Osieorb18.
Reviewed by @Geyde.
Cohosted (mostly for votecounts) by @Tsumugi and @Chloe


Rules and Expectations

  1. Follow the Global Rules and Forum Game Rules. “This is a game, which is being played for fun. Don’t be a jerk. If you damage the sanctity of the game, you damage the sanctity of your position in future games.”
  2. This is not a Bastard game.
  3. Elimination deadlines will be 48 hours.
  4. Nights will be 24-48 hours at host discretion. Night Actions submitted after 20 hours have passed may or may not be accepted.
  5. In addition to the 15 posts expected by Rule 16 of the Forum Game Rules, you are expected to make at least 5 content posts per 24 hours of the Day phase or communicate to the host that you cannot do so.
  6. Players may not self-vote. In my experience, self-voting goes hand in hand with OGI, gamethrowing, and unenjoyable game states.
  7. Mafia have Daychat. There is no posting requirement for Daychat.
  8. An elimination will occur if a player is being voted by >50% of living players, or if that player has the most votes at the end of the Day and is being voted by ≥33% of living players.
  9. Players may vote for no elimination.
  10. If a tie in votes needs breaking, the first player to reach the relevant number of votes is eliminated.
  11. If no players would be eliminated, no elimination occurs.
  12. The Mafia Factional Nightkill is optional and cannot be carried alongside other actions in XyLO.
  13. If Town chooses not to eliminate a player, then Mafia chooses not to kill a player, and then Town chooses not to eliminate a player, a random Town player will be eliminated.
  14. When you vote, please place it on a separate line and tag the host. If your vote is not counted, please DM/PM the host or attempt again to vote.
Town Role PM


You are a Town Rubber Band.

Each Night, you may privately vote on a player other than you to be protected. This protection only applies if it is not XLo. If that player is not targeted by a kill that Night, they cannot be protected during the following Night. That player’s name will be announced at the start of the following Day.

If you have a 1-shot Doctor (You will not know whether or not you do), your private vote is replaced with use of that 1-shot.

You win the game when no more threats to Town remain, as long as at least one Town is alive.

Confirm receipt and understanding of this role PM by telling me here how many instances of the letter ‘y’ are in it.

Mafia Role PM


Welcome to the game! You are a Mafia Rubber Band.

You have access to the Mafia Factional Chat and Factional Nightkill.

If you are eliminated, your team get a 1-Success Factional Disloyal Vigilante which can be used in addition to the Factional Nightkill.

You win the game when no more threats to Mafia remain, or nothing can prevent this from occurring.

Confirm receipt and understanding of this role PM by telling me here how many instances of the letter ‘y’ are in it. When you do, you will receive access to factional chat and factional actions.

Pulled Tight (/in)

  1. @KurosakiIchogo
  2. @Gorta
  3. @ElizaThePsycho
  4. {Your Name Here}
  5. {Your Name Here}
  6. {Your Name Here}
  7. {Your Name Here}
  8. {Your Name Here}
  9. {Your Name Here}
  10. {Your Name Here}
  11. {Your Name Here}
  12. {Your Name Here}
  13. {Your Name Here}

Dead Inside Already (/dead)

  1. Osie

Wound Up (/replace)

  1. @Aleph
  2. {Your Name Here}
  3. {Your Name Here}

Let Loose (/spectate)

  1. @YoubutWorse
  2. @thepigeonnyc
  3. {Your Name Here}

purely because finals week is coming up



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/dead x_x

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/uniformed spec except as a ghost

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no it says y not what



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I have no self control

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Turns out I do



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(not an in)

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this seems fairly scumsided especially in a lower skill environment

town gets a doc each night but because it’s voted on it’s almost always going to be a consensus town slot since no one is going to waste their doctor-vote on a non-consensus pick since niche choices would not have a realistic chance of being chosen. this is mostly relevant for nights where mafia is eliminated and no one has a 1-shot doctor, and less relevant when the 1-shot doctors get handed out but even then, more often than not the actual-doctor-target will be the same as the voted doctor target because no one will play it as though they have the shot, and like i said before people are less inclined to yolo their shot. so this is basically a doctor 13’er (with the possibility of two doctors in one night) against a 2-shot scum vig

in theory town could play around the chance of doc dodging but this would require that the majority of the town to be meticulous enough which i don’t really see happening here - so basically most nights the doc will end up on the consensus target so doc dodging would be a pretty easy feat (okay i actually just saw that the protected player is both publicly revealed and unable to be protected the next night so doc dodging is almost always possible to pull off here which kinda proves my point further)

what is the point of this feature? fmpov it just makes the game boring by giving wolves a safe option to kill lol

i guess there is some play to be had with the wifom of “why is X still alive despite being a free kill last night??? deepwolf???”

but i feel like more often than not X is going to be like, the most/second most consensus town slot while another consensus town slot is killed the same night and then X just becomes a free pick for mafia the next night


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This should be interesting.

What happens if the onr that was voted to be protected is attacked?

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