[Signups 17/17] AI Upick FM - The End Is Coming

Alright, will the AI use both names, or only one of them?

I thought “AI” meant Alignment Indicative.

The second one is there in case the AI refuses to give me anything that can be worked with

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Cause I enjoy punishment.

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what are the parameters on valid names

e.g. do they actually have to be names

Oh. Alright, I might revise my selections.

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There are no rules on submissions except that they aren’t Amogus
They don’t even have to be names

Like you can put in “Student Debt” or “The Goulash I had 3 weeks ago that is molding in the fridge”

I’m using several different programs so if you find something consistently busted across all of them then good job

What made you discount Among Us immediately?


“Invincible Unkillable Cannot Be Killed Survivor”

Geyde is the imposter, obviously.

I felt like it

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Third Party Bulletproof Miller Vigilante.

Can I send in an image as a name?

Can you link the programs you’re using postgame?


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You’ll be getting my description of it put into the Gen
Involving Geyde is a dangerous endeavor

Will this be considered a bastard game?

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