[Signups] GOAT^2 - Cannedze for now

watch yourself

Welcome to GOAT^2!

Hosted by @Chloe, @katze and @DatBird on @goat


Follow the Global Rules and Forum Game Rules

To ensure the game runs smoothly, players who fail to meet the requirement of 15 substantive, on-topic posts will be immediately replaced. Players who zero-post in the first 24 hours of a day phase without informing the hosts in advance may also be replaced (if you must miss the first 24 hours, inform the hosts). These requirements may be adjusted if the day ends early due to majority.

The hosts may or may not utilize WOTM to prohibit players from joining.

THIS GAME HAS A POST CAP. Players can only make up to 150 posts per in-game day. This is lifted 1 hour before EoD.

The Setup

Role List

10x Vanilla Town
2x Town Jack-of-All-Trades
2x Mafia Goon
1x Mafia Roleblocker (Non-consecutive)

Sample Role PMs
JOAT Feedback

“Your target visited [player name] last night!” - if the target player both roleblocked and attacked the same person, they will be seen as visiting them twice.
“Your target visited no one last night!”
“You were roleblocked last night!”

Motion Detect:
“Your target used an action or an action was used on them last night!”
“Your target did not use an action and no actions were used on them!”
“You were roleblocked last night!”

Doctor or no-action:
“You slept peacefully!” (regardless of whether the doctor was successful)


  • Phases will begin and end at 10:00 PM

  • Days are 48 hours unless majority is reached early and nights are 24 hours.

  • Eliminations are majority and plurality.

  • No-elim is a valid vote, and may be hammered to end the day early. In cases where no-elim and another vote are tied at the end of the day, no-elim will have priority in the rand.

  • Tied votes will result in a player being eliminated at random from among the tied players.

  • Self-votes are considered valid votes.

  • Votes are locked in LyLo (eliminate-or-lose) scenarios, but not in MyLo (miseliminate-and-lose) scenarios. That is to say, in situations where town must eliminate correctly or lose, the first vote cast by a given player is final and cannot be changed. LyLo will be announced.

  • All votes must be in the form /vote [name of player] to be considered valid, and all unvotes must be in the form /unvote - **bold** is not required, but does help us find your vote. Until the final 3 hours of the day, votes are only considered valid if you ping the host account.

  • The Mafia factional kill is assigned. If the member performing the factional kill is not specified, the last member to submit a kill will be assumed to be performing it. The factional kill can be performed alongside the Roleblock action.

  • The Mafia factional kill is mandatory. If no factional kill is submitted, the kill will be determined randomly from among living members of the town.

  • The Mafia will communicate through a private Discord server.


  1. Cape90
  2. Zorvo
  3. beancat
  4. eevee
  5. SirDerpsAlot
  6. Porscha
  7. CRichardFortressLies


  1. ElizaThePsycho
  2. mollylikesorigami
  3. BradLand


Spectator/deadchat will be combined, and will be uninformed until a mafia member dies.

  1. Marluna
  2. thepigeonnyc



I’m back bitches



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why is it non consecutive

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does this mean you can’t target a player if you targeted them last night with something else

or is it based on the last target you chose for this ability specifically

probably because that’s how they run it on MU


This is a meme


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yeah im confused with how that works lol

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because chain roleblocks are bad

non consec means you cant target the same player 2 nights in a row not you cant roleblock 2 nights in a row

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wait they can’t kill the person they roleblock the next night?

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:wowee: phrasing

they just cant chain RB

thats all it means


You can’t doc the same person twice in a row

If you doc someone n3 you can’t doc that same person again on n4

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technically if you use a doctor action the last in a chain of three actions you could theoretically Doctor the same person

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thats what the restriction is :wowee: you cannot


what is the host account avatar

do u have a problem with it

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