Starcraft Overhaul FM - GAME OVER (Mafia Victory)

*end game postcard


You did in the Coliseum game.
We won that!

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Oh, that’s right. However that was off-site. And you should mostly thank sparky even if initially is me who I made windy’s head spin.

i am going to beat you all with a metal bat


Day 6 Final Vote Count

Jaiden (4): Silviu200530, Marluna, Zorvo, Jaiden

Not Voting (2): beancat, CRichardFortressLies

@Jaiden has been executed!

She was...

Night 6 has begun and will end at 2022-11-03T21:00:00Z.

You may now also vote to skip night phase.


@Marluna has been killed!

Her role was...

Day 7 starts and ends at 2022-11-04T21:00:00Z.

Since there are 4 players alive, majority requires 3 votes.


Alright town, we have this game.
I’m leaning towards it being just beancat, though I would prefer everyone checks in before we vote.

Alright Silviu is just town here. There’s no reason for them to bus their partner in LyLo, it makes no sense.

It is currently MYLO. Votes are still locked.

Which means it’s a 50/50 between Zorvo and beancat, though realistically there are more worlds pointing to beancat than Zorvo. If it’s Zorvo after all, then it is what it is. Yet beancat’s treatment of Jaiden feels pretty w/w.
When they posted their PoE, they never mentioned Jaiden at all.

They mention Jaiden gives nothing, yet they don’t call them out on missing multiple nights in a row. Especially missing the Cape90 kill.

Note that Jaiden being missing is inexplicable if this had a town mindset behind it.

kinda hard to bus a target that’s been caught on a bad claim…

feels like this is meant to target me

So, you agree with me that Silviu is town right?

That comment was the day before the Cape death

I was fairly confident Jaiden was town, as I believe were most people before the Cape shit

Ok yet you never mentioned Jaiden shouldn’t have missed multiple night actions in a row. Only Gorta would ever do that.

Right, Jaiden being townread I can understand. Yet not the part where you don’t mention how sus it is to miss multiple nights in a row, even after supposedly softing non-consecutive watcher.

Also, if you want to argue I’m a wolf. Then I just threw away my chance of winning by suggesting to Silviu they should cross vote with them.

we can guess it was LyLo instead of MyLo since it was possible for Jaiden to kill Marluna

sleeping here is probably the best option…

…I don’t remember them bringing up that they tree’d
If you’re accusing me based on what Jaiden said before they died
I wasn’t here…


Tbf I was talking with Marluna, yet it’s clear that Silviu voted Jaiden after I suggested it.