Super Dark Collaboration Event

Announcing a new collaboration with Super Dark!

To celebrate the start of mass production of Super Dark, a new social deduction board game created by friends of the site @activatedalien and @shakespeare which I originally mentioned back when their Kickstarter launched in this topic, we’ll be having a few events over the coming weeks as we await final copies being shipped out to backers this summer.

Designer AMA
he first part of this collaboration is a game design philosophy explanation and AMA that Alien and Shakespeare will be hosting next weekend! Simply reply to this topic with any questions for them and ping @SuperDark, and they’ll be around for two hours next Saturday starting at 3 PM PDT (2023-04-08T22:00:00Z) to talk about the process they used to design an entirely new social deduction game and to answer every question that has been asked to the best of their ability. Feel free to ask them questions about other social deduction games or forum mafia topics - they’ve both been around the FM community for a long time, with Shakespeare in particular beating both eevee and myself in our Mafia Championships qualifier game way back in Season 5 in 2017.

Forum Dark
The biggest news is that we’ll be hosting as many forum-based games of Super Dark (aka Forum Dark) as we can fill later this month! After you’ve gotten a sense for the designers behind the game, signups for FD1 will open immediately following the AMA. Because Super Dark supports only up to 8 players, we will simply overflow additional signups and create an FD2 and so on as needed until one fails to fill. All games will be hosted by myself, @Arete, and @katze, with Alien and Shakespeare standing by for any rules clarifications to ensure that our forum version is as true to the board game as possible. The OP is being finalized and will be provided later this week, but you can get a sense for the setup by watching the rules video here or reading the full rules document here.

Super Dark Theme
Lastly, due to popular demand (and against my better judgement as a light mode user), we have decided to officially replace Vaporwave (which was deprecated and mostly used by two users who are basically never around anymore anyways) with a new darker dark mode, inspired by Super Dark! Feel free to give the new theme a shot, and be sure to leave any feedback on it in the User Interface Feedback thread, or by DMing me at orangeandblack5#4506.

Video Super Dark
In addition to our events on the forum, Shakespeare and Alien are hard at work adding Super Dark to their online video platform focused on social deduction games,, and have invited all of us to their initial playtests as soon as they’ve ironed out all the kinks to allow the game to be run fully autonomously online. Anybody who is over the age of 13 and is comfortable showing their face on a camera is more than welcome to join in! Keep an eye out for dates and times, which will be announced in the future.

We hope you’re as excited for our second cross-community collaboration event as we are! Feel free to reply with any questions, and if you ended up purchasing a copy of Super Dark, get hyped!


hey orange

I used it on my desktop


literally 1984

The like color is the best part of the theme honestly.


Themes awesome would recommend


:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Thank God Vaporwave is gone. I’m glad no one disagrees with the decision to remove it, and that no one is sobbing in the corner.

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how do i get rid of it

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Go to the themes page on a different device, select the theme you want, and hit the “make default for all my devices” checkbox.

i managed to navigate to profile but for whatever reason all the buttons are gone

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That’s why you need a different device.

yeah that’s what i did


Oh. I can’t help you there.

no it worked

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in my defense i had to see if it was an actual april fools joke or just badly timed


Orange posted it during an unfortunate time, indeed



this image relates to my current experience on this website