Super Dark

Hello everyone,

Some of my friends have been working on a new social deduction board game similar to Secret Hitler and Avalon called Super Dark that just launched on Kickstarter earlier today! The game centers around the influence Super PACs and dark money have on modern elections, adding a great new twist on the Mafia/Werewolf-esque social deduction genre that allows all players to stay fully engaged even after everyone’s identity is known.

I have personally participated in playtesting for the game, and even in its early stages it was easy to pick up while being a lot of fun and offering a lot of room for advanced strategies. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes board games, specifically anyone who likes social deduction games, and if it sounds at all interesting to you I highly recommend checking out the game’s Kickstarter page - if you decide to back the project within the next two days, you’ll get a copy of the game for 20% off when it launches next year. I have known the guys making the game for a few years, and am very confident they’ll be able to deliver a fun and polished experience.

If you have any particular questions about the game, feel free to let me know and I can either answer it or pass the question along to the guys actually making the game. I’m personally very excited to receive my own copy, so if any of you are into board games, or have family or friends that are into board games, I’d really appreciate if you’d consider helping get the project funded.



Wait, you helped make that game?

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This looks quite interesting. Are there going to be releases in different languages? I know for a fact an English release is going to be an automatic entry barrier here.

Also, judging by the topic’s name I originally thought you were adding a “darker dark mode” to the site or something like that.


Blackground with black text

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I thought you were introducing a theme called super dark to the forum

all black everything black still haunts people to this day


Just bite the bullet

Add #allblackeverything

In darkness there must also be light.
In light there must also be darkness.
There must be an equilibrium. All dark mode would necessitate an all light mode.


Thats just vaporwave


alllighteverything is called a flashbang and traditionally those are not used in civilian spaces

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It’s not that bad.

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Having played siege, where the game simulates actual flashbangs

It’s bad


Imagine my disappointment, when Super Dark isn’t another choice for interface.

another game to get banned from schools
anyway sounds fun


I can’t, I have aphantasia


Is there currently a digital format that could be playtested?
Checked Tabletop Simulator and didn’t see a table for it.


probably would be on Ludio, can ask but it might not be widely available atm

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I wish my friends were interested in a game like this, I was gonna pledge but then realised I wouldn’t be able to do much with the copy of the game lmao, although it does look fun tbh

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Get different friends (if you are going to go to college this happening is a given)

@Ruby not yet but now that it got funded they want to put it online at some point (again prolly gonna be on Ludio)

I’m in college and my entire friend group is there

There’s like 10 of us so I might pledge anyway just in case

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