True Majority FM - Signups (FILLED!)

True Majority FM

Hosted by @Zone_Q11,
co-hosted by @Leafia,
and reviewed by @Arete and @ElizaThePsycho


  1. Follow the Forum Game Rules.
  2. Post a minimum of 10 game related posts per active phase.
  3. Fail to heed the former rules more than twice, and you will be subbed out or modkilled.
  4. I can and might have to add and/or remove rules in the future. Except the first rule.
    Let’s just hope that I won’t have to use this rule.

General Mechanics

  • This is a closed rolemadness.
  • The game starts with Night 0.
  • Day Phases last 48 hours unless majority is reached early. Night Phases last 24 hours.
  • All actions must be submitted in your classcards / role PMs.
  • Mafia members may communicate through Discord during both phases.
  • Factional attacks are optional and assigned.
  • (Only) Informative roles will be informed if their abilities are roleblocked or redirected.
  • The host will announce when XYLO occurs. Roles are hereby taken into account.
  • The game starts when the player list is fully filled.

Special Mechanics

Vote Mechanics

  • Use the latest voting format.
  • True Majority: At any point during day phase, whoever has >50% of all votes will die. If this number is not reached by EOD, all players who has not voted will no longer count towards Majority. If the new number is still not reached, then nobody will be executed.
    (Example: If there are 15 players, then Majority is 8 votes. However, only 9 players are voting, and the top wagon is 5 votes on “Player A”. Considering 6 players did not vote, they will not count towards Majority, so the new Majority requires 5 votes to activate. “Player A” has 5 votes, so “Player A” will be executed.)
  • In case of a tie, a random player from the entire living player list will be executed.
  • [No Exe] is a valid vote, and may be hammered to end the day early.
    –unless [No Exe] is also tied, in which case [No Exe] will take priority.
    (Because of this, mafia parity equals mafia victory.)
  • Self-votes are considered valid votes.
  • Votes are locked in XYLO scenarios.
  • In the event that the sequence of [No Exe → No Death → No Exe] is followed, a random Town will be executed instead.


  1. baker
  2. Hippopablompoyeetus
  3. Frostwolf103
  4. Kiiruma
  5. Apocryphal
  6. Hazardwaste
  7. Zenon
  8. Achromatic
  9. Kabazame
  10. IfGodCouldDie
  11. IcetFeelsPain
  12. tutuu
  13. beancat


  1. Arctic

Uninformed Spectators

  1. Silviu200530 (no. you don’t get informed)
  2. min
  3. ElizaThePsycho (informed cuz reviewer)

Access to informed spectators is enabled when either a mafia has died, or when it is XYLO.


/informed spec!

this is actually gonna give me a heart attack if i sign up.


A Zone rolemadness game cohosted by Leafia and reviewed by Eliza sounds too good not to join


Interesting vote mechanic. Certainly could lead to a few weird f7 lylo scenarios if it ever came to that.


/Allow me to INtroduce myself


It’s a great way to eliminate people who don’t vote. :sunglasses:

Or rather, it is a great way to force everyone to vote, because otherwise nobody would be executed at all. :smiling_imp:



Seems fairly simple. I like the majority rule



Role madness hype



/in. I’ll buy heart attack medicine later


By my new sign up rules i must not sign up for every game anymore

But this one has met my requirement of 3 people i wanna play with existing in it




Also @Zone_Q11 I would like to reserve for like 24~ hours at most a spot for a buddy from gamefaqs who wanted to play here but keeps missing sign ups if you don’t mind? Not sure if he has time right now but want to give him the chance to see this.

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I would recommend this role for mafia.
Ability: Each night, choose 2 players: tomorrow, the 1st player is mad that the 2nd is evil, or both might die.

I would like to /in

I’m new here but I’ve been playing on GameFAQs for a decade. Achromatic will (hopefully) vouch for me!


thats the person I wanted to hold a spot for

welcome my friend

this is the greatest game ever made after april showers lmao